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RIP Programming, America

The first time I read Mencius Moldbug’s Unqualified Reservations, the style was so familiar, I thought Moldbug was just a friend writing under a pseudonym. 1,082 more words


Switch Pitcher Faces Switch Batter

A strange loop occurred yesterday in Dunedin when switch pitcher of the Toronto Blue Jays Pat Venditte faced switch hitter Antoan Richardson of the Pittsburgh. Reports are that the at-bat is still going on as the two sides cannot decide which side they want to pitch and bat from. 133 more words


the science business

It may very well be confirmation bias, which would be telling, a strange loop or bootstrapping kinda phenomenon rather than some real change out there, but the science business hanky panky finally seems to be getting more attention in mainstream media. 262 more words


Notes from Strange Loop 2015: Day Two


  • lisp
  • own vm
  • compiled using RPython tool chain
  • RPython – reduced python
    • used in PyPy project
    • has own tracing JIT
  • runs on os x, linux, ARM (!)
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Notes from Strange Loop 2015: Day One

Unconventional Programming with Chemical Computing

  • Carin Meier
  • Living Clojure
  • @Cognitect
  • Inspired by Book – unconventional programming paradigms
  • “the grass is computing”
    • all living things process information via chemical reactions on molecular level…
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