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Weather Modification is Real: Fast Facts

Fast Facts: Did you know that since 1947 at least 110 weather modification bills have been submitted to congress, the majority of which have concerned modifying weather for operations of war? 327 more words

Strange Science

Doctors Pull Live Cockroach From a Woman’s 'Crawling' Skull

A 42-year-old woman named Selvi was fast asleep when she felt something wriggle up her nostril. She went to brush it away from her nose, but it was too late. 222 more words


The Shinobi Kuji-Goshin Ho and Anomalous Cognition (Part 2)

The Kuji-Goshin Ho

The preceptors of Togakure Ryu traditions, such as Hatsumi and Hayes, have enunciated that the functional fundamentals of the Kuji-goshin Ho are related to the notion that the human body includes a subtle energy system consisting of various meridians and reservoirs, which one can learn to intentionally channel (direct) for specific purposes. 423 more words


The Shinobi Kuji-Goshin Ho and Anomalous Cognition (Part 1)

I used to devote much of my spare time to the writings of Stephen K. Hayes, a legend in the martial arts community who once served as the physical security detail for his holiness The Dalai Lama. 494 more words


Lobotomies:Strange Medical History

“Insert the spike in the eye and with two little hits the probe reaches the brain. Now swish. Give it a turn, pull out. Grab the gauze to stop the bleeding.
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Monstrous rays and fraudulent apothecaries

In 1553 the French naturalist Pierre Belon published, in his book on aquatic animals De Aquatilibus, the here shown depiction of what at first glance appears to be a frightening sea-monster. 962 more words

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