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VIDEO: Enormous Sunfish Dwarfs Nearby Divers

Rare footage of a gigantic sunfish shot in September of 2013 has gone viral – again. I can see why! This crazy video shows a huge sunfish slowly emerging from the deep, surrounded by divers that look tiny in comparison. 182 more words

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Asgardia: The Eye of Horus and the Seed of Life

After perusing the asgardia.space website, it was brought to our attention that some of the symbols incorproated into the conceptual artwork on the site harken to ancient mythologies. 247 more words

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Asgardia: A Nation in Space - Apply for Citizenship Now

Have you ever dreamed about being an astronaut? What about living in space? Well, with the submission of an application you might be able to fulfill any of those lingering childhood ambitions. 266 more words

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12 Crazy Pangolin Facts: Meet the World's Most Hunted Animal

I had never heard of a pangolin before last week. What did I learn? These incredible creatures are the most hunted animal on the planet. They are also totally bizarre. 370 more words


Researchers Postulate: Planetary Alignments Determine Solar Cycles

 “Astrology is the oldest science in the world. It had its origins in the worship of the moon. Through the long nights before any history books were written, generations upon generations of savages sat and contemplated the wondrous and orderly procession of the seasons and the shining stars in the heavens. 411 more words

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Portents of Danger (Diatribes on Genetic Engineering)

Artificial recombinant DNA enzymes, Germ Line Gene Therapy, cloning, these are a small few of the fruits derived from the tree known as bio-technology. Today this particular science receives much adulation and gratitude from the common citizenry for its many promises of a more care-free, hunger free, and choiceful world. 808 more words

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Googly-Eyed Stubby Purple Squid Can’t Be Real Life

If you haven’t smiled yet today, you need to watch this video of researchers aboard Nautilus coming across an adorable googly-eyed cephalopod.

I’m not sure what is better – the actual squid or the crew. 266 more words

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