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These Tiny Fluffy 'Sea Bunny' Slugs Almost Broke the Internet

Who knew sea slugs could be adorable? The ‘sea bunny’ slug, or Jorunna parva, is a species known for its fluffy bunny-like appearance. No wonder it just gave the internet a heart attack! 107 more words


Hades Centipede Discovered in the Deepest, Darkest Caves of Croatia

In Greek mythology Hades is god of the dead and king of the underworld. Now, Hades is the deepest cave-dwelling centipede known to man.

Geophilus hadesi… 225 more words


These Red, White, and Blue Creatures Don't Need July 4th Costumes!

This weekend Americans will be celebrating our country’s independence, but these creatures are one step ahead of us! Check out nature’s version of the good ol’ red, white, and blue 🗽🇺🇸 Happy Fourth of July! 372 more words

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This Video of a Cuttlefish Changing Colors Will Hypnotize You - Plus Fun 'True' Cuttlefish Facts!

Who needs a stress ball when they have this underwater footage? There are few creatures as unique and bizarre as the cuttlefish. This video, filmed by a diver with the Japan Marine Club, features a Pfeffer’s flamboyant cuttlefish, which uses chromatophores — color-changing cells in its skin — to alter its appearance 🐙 70 more words


Seven New Teeny Tiny Mini-Frogs Discovered in Brazil - Some are the Smallest Ever

These newly discovered mini-frogs are so small they barely fit on your fingernail – but, they do come in some flashy colors!

Brachycephalus (Anura: Brachycephalidae) is a remarkable genus of miniaturized frogs that call the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest home. 298 more words


Insane Frog Births: These Babies Greet the World From Mom's Mouth and Mom's BACK!

I’d like to introduce you to two very special amphibians. One gives birth through its mouth, and was brought back from the dead. The other has given me terrifying nightmares since I was a kid. 418 more words


Top 10 Crazy New Species Found in 2014: A Cartwheeling Spider, Neon Sea-Slug, and the Bird From Hell

Scientific American shared a list of the top 10 most interesting new species discovered last year. The fascinating list was published by the International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE) at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry on May 21. 746 more words