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Solving the Water Crisis: Researchers Unveil New Material that Efficiently Filters Salt-Ions from Water

A novel material known as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) appears to promise a viable solution for the 2 billion people of the Earth who do not have access to clean drinking water. 83 more words

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"What is Happening to Our World?" - Anonymous

Pessimism is a type of optimism, in that regular exposure of oneself to the darkest of things, makes perceiving the light that much easier…

Exponential growth cannot persist indefinitely… Wake up… 6 more words

Strange Science

USA Today Alludes to the Reality of Climate Modification via Geoengineering

The article starts out within a pretense that geoengineering is not yet occurring, asserting instead that “someday” humans may start modifying their climate with stratospheric aerosols in order to mitigate the negative effects of ‘global warming’. 449 more words

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