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Hope You’re Not Afraid of Spiders, Because This Species Can Change Color!

A species of crab spider has the ability to slowly change color based on its background. More specifically, the female whitebanded crab spider changes from white to yellow (and the reverse) to ambush prey when hunting. 231 more words


Arkansas Man's Kidney Failure Likely Linked to His 16-Glass a Day Iced Tea Habit

An Arkansas man went to the hospital last May complaining of nausea, fatigue, weakness, and body aches. After doctors conducted a kidney biopsy, they realized his kidneys were failing due to a high number of oxalate crystals found in the tissue. 178 more words


This 'Punk Rock' Frog Can Change Its Skin From Spiky To Silky Smooth

We are familiar with amphibians and reptiles that can change color, but this frog can actually change the texture of its skin! This unique feature makes it the only vertebrate known to do so. 162 more words


5 More Real Creatures Named After Your Favorite Sci-Fi & Fantasy Stories

In a previous post, I introduced the importance of a proper scientific for a specific animal species. It is necessary for each described species to have a unique name to avoid confusion. 584 more words


Linda Negata: The Bohr Maker - A Posthuman Fable

Nikko, who was in truth only a program himself, a modern ghost, an electronic entity copied from the mind of his original self, had little patience for Dull Intelligences.

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PEOPLE: Greg Freres on his Early Bally Backglass Prints

Greg Freres’ career in pinball has spanned many companies and job titles, and has seen many ebbs and flows in the popularity of the game.  Yet throughout, he has been able to solidify his place within the very top echelon of pinball’s artistic operatives by adopting a widely varying artistic style while at the same time providing underlying base elements that tie the package together within Mr. 3,739 more words


5 Creatures Named After Your Favorite Sci-Fi & Fantasy Stories

Anytime a new species is discovered, a scientist publishes a description of the species to add it to the official record. This description must be very detailed and accurate to avoid any confusion with similar species. 906 more words