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New Casper Look-a-like Octopod Spooks NOAA Scientists from the Deep

The first operational dive of Okeanos Explorer’s 2016 season got off to a frightful start. At the end of February, NOAA’s remotely operated vehicle (ROV) … 300 more words

Strange Science

The Mad Hatterpillar

The image above may seem a little gruesome if you hear that the pictured caterpillar has a collection of old skulls attached to the top of its own its spiky, irritating-to-the-touch hairs. 393 more words


10 Crazy New Species Discovered in 2015: Dracula Ants, Shape-Shifting Frogs, and Dwarf Dragons

I live in San Francisco and the California Academy of Sciences is one of my favorite places to visit! Who doesn’t love penguins, rainforests, albino alligators, and a rad planetarium all under one roof?? 271 more words


New Species: Glowing 'Ninja Lanternshark' Lights up the Deep Sea

I was taught to not bury the lead, so here goes. This is a ninja lanternshark. That’s right – NINJA + SHARK. This new species of lanternshark is black, stealthy, lives in the deep sea, and oh yeah… it glows. 169 more words


This Insane 'Blue Dragon' Pokemon-Wannabe Sea Slug Packs a Powerful Sting

Australia is home to some pretty gnarly creatures, but I’ve never seen one quite this unsettling. Don’t get me wrong, this alien-like sea slug is oddly beautiful – it just gives me chills.  214 more words

Strange Science

World's First Two-Headed Neon 'Toxic' Sea Slug Discovered in Borneo

This neon two-faced sea slug might look like something you’d find in a sci-fi movie, but it was just found right here on Earth! 🐛 171 more words


First Known Venomous Frogs Uses Spiky Faces To Deliver Deadly Headbutt

Don’t try to butt heads with these little guys – it just might kill you! The first known venomous frogs have been discovered Brazil. They use small spines on their head, and a vicious head thrash, to inject their potent venom. 267 more words