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Lobotomies:Strange Medical History

“Insert the spike in the eye and with two little hits the probe reaches the brain. Now swish. Give it a turn, pull out. Grab the gauze to stop the bleeding.
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Monstrous rays and fraudulent apothecaries

In 1553 the French naturalist Pierre Belon published, in his book on aquatic animals De Aquatilibus, the here shown depiction of what at first glance appears to be a frightening sea-monster. 962 more words

Conrad Gessner

The Potential of Genetic Engineering

Ever wanted to construct a micro-biome that could produce insulin for your diabetes? Do you take pride in swapping luminescence genes into various sundry bacteria for the purpose of warning you against poisoned food? 438 more words

Strange Science

Magical Thinking the Psychological Case Against Magic

Magical Thinking the Psychological Case Against Magic

Virginia Carraway Stark

Magical Thinking is a term used by psychologists and psychiatrists to refer to an erroneous idea that what someone’s actions or thoughts are has a direct impact on the world around them. 2,927 more words


Former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp Exposes 9/11 and Geo-Engineering

In a riveting presentation, former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp exposes the reality of climate engineering as well as offering an aside concerning the events of 9/11. 237 more words


VIDEO: Enormous Sunfish Dwarfs Nearby Divers

Rare footage of a gigantic sunfish shot in September of 2013 has gone viral – again. I can see why! This crazy video shows a huge sunfish slowly emerging from the deep, surrounded by divers that look tiny in comparison. 182 more words

Strange Science

Asgardia: The Eye of Horus and the Seed of Life

After perusing the asgardia.space website, it was brought to our attention that some of the symbols incorproated into the conceptual artwork on the site harken to ancient mythologies. 247 more words

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