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The weirdest thing that ever happened to me

I’m not sure this is definitively the weirdest, but it’s up there. I was wondering how I’d define my weirdest experiences if someone asked, and it struck me that some of the things that might seem weird from the outside (a 300-person orgy in a crumbling central-London mansion for example) actually don’t feel that weird at all. 336 more words


Silence gives consent?

Consent sounds like it’s cut and dried. I say yes or I say no. But contested rape cases, hazily remembered or uncomfortable evenings, or scenes with no safeword point to fuzzier boundaries. 638 more words


Cybersex redux

Many things to write. Let’s start here because I promised part two a while back.

Last summer (a whole year ago, gosh) I had IM sex. 354 more words

Psyche Stuff

Still beating this drum

(And the drum should understand that we’re done when I say we’re done, not before.)

Thinking about sex work from a different point of view: … 22 more words


Daily grind.

About eight months ago I nearly slept with a Thai hooker. It was an interesting experience and de-mystified things a little for me, but it was emotionally negative. 617 more words


Pushing back the foreskin of knowledge

Incongruously, I think the title of this post comes from Judy Blume. It’s certainly a quote from a children’s book – I was young enough to be shocked when I read it. 529 more words

Strange Sexual Encounters

Paying for sex

A guy I met on Saturday was in the middle of bust-up with his girlfriend because he’d been sleeping with prostitutes.

There are lots of reasons why this could end a relationship – deceit, taking risks with sexual health, psych issues – but once, a million years ago, I was the maligned girlfriend and my problem was that the guy was able to compare me directly with someone likely to be much better at sex. 185 more words