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The Road of Night and Day (Part 1)

I see things I choose to reject.
Invisible threats telling me secrets. only I know them.
It’s funny irony to be helpless.
So helpless that one has to fight back, 357 more words


Strange Excitement in Summer

I often buy cooked food for lunch at the street corner eatery in our village called Laura’s Sisig or plain “Sisig.” In other months, buying there doesn’t seem special unlike when it’s summer. 490 more words


Strange and wired covers waiting for you

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Vegas hospital sends stillborn babies to laundry by mistake

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Authorities say a Las Vegas hospital mistakenly sent two stillborn babies wrapped in linens to a laundry facility, leading to a grisly surprise for the cleaners. 102 more words


What the hell is that strange atmospheric sound?

Is it aliens or is this person just trolling us hard? Let’s just play it safe and go with aliens.