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Once upon a time there was a boy who had a little door in his belly that he could put things inside. He was embarrassed about it and didn’t tell anyone, even his parents. 4,061 more words

Lucky Dip

The Babylonians discovered a strange form of trigonometry

(Source: arstechnica.com)

The Babylonian civilization was at its peak roughly 4,000 years ago, with architecturally advanced cities throughout the region known today as Iraq. Babylonians were especially brilliant with math, and they invented the idea of zero as well as the base 60 number system we still use today to describe time (where there are 60 minutes in an hour). 454 more words


Sheriff: Stop calling 911, ‘body’ is Halloween display

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A Tennessee sheriff’s office is asking people not to call the agency about a “body” trapped under a closed, blood-stained garage door. 122 more words


Health experts warn travelers after meth found in 7-Up in Mexico

PHOENIX, AZ (WCMH) — Medical professionals are warning individuals traveling to Mexico to be vigilant about eating and drinking after several people were poisoned by drinking contaminated bottles of 7-Up. 240 more words


Strange Acoustics: Stay With Me

I’m a huge Sam Smith fan, and was lucky to catch him in concert two years ago. His voice sounds great in my headphones, but seeing his effortless delivery in person gave me a whole new appreciation for his talent. 54 more words


First Post!

I’ve always felt like a misfit – I’m the black sheep of my family; in jobs and life, I always get weird looks or overlooked… I’ve never felt like I really have a niche, though I learned at an early age that I’m a good writer. 211 more words