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The Perfectionist

And beyond him, aught there was,

Be it the breeze or the shine of the summer,

Spotless with the faces, and soled without flaws…

Coming from a direction, as I look and sigh, 117 more words


You promised me every time

That you would be there

And I waited like always…

We both knew it was a game

Of  hidden truth and spoken lies…

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Luvy, Its seems I’ve been riding the wrong horse!

Immaterial labour - Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

The massive influx of information the Internet easily makes us busy consuming and diving too deep into the magic of the virtual world. Seldom do we stop for a moment to question our position in that world. 769 more words


New World Symphony: Two Divided By One

Brennan found the combination of pulsing lights and throbbing bass addictive. The flashing in his eyes, the pounding in his marrow brought an exquisite, thought-stopping, borderline pain. 960 more words

New World Symphony

New World Symphony: Blind

Cathy had the same dream, over and over. She was in a meadow filled with the songs of thrushes and vireos. Suddenly, the bird songs stopped. 841 more words

New World Symphony

About Strange Love: EPISODES

Strange Love: EPISODES a serialized, multi-media, theatrical dance performance exploring the anatomy and beauty of courtship, intimacy and love, amidst the music of John Coltrane and Miles Davis.  81 more words