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truth and fiction

Truth would probably be stranger than the fiction that it exists.



Ah, Summer!  That time of year when Mother Nature beckons you outdoors.  The ground is warm, the skies are clear, and all of life seems to be in high spirits. 905 more words


Sick Tyke Expert?

Need some last-minute childcare for your under-the-weather preschoolers? Send ‘em to my house for a safe and quiet day. Anyway that’s what my little granddaughter’s parents did recently, nursery school being out of the question what with the fever they’d seen the night before. 572 more words


Work Place Ning Nongs

Work places are filled with all types!! We cannot choose our family and we cannot choose the personality types that we work with.

This blog is about the types of characters that we work alongside, on a daily basis and how our character can either develop and grow or shrivel and become completely screwed up. 227 more words

Hey Jude

‘Hey Jude’ just came on my Pandora Queen station.. and I remembered reading something about how this was written by Paul McCarthy about John Lennon and his wife who I guess he felt wasn’t being treated the best by John? 211 more words

Celebrity Culture

TICKLED (2016): New Trailer For David Farrier Documentary About A Mysterious Tickling Competition

Today’s trailer is for Tickled, a documentary from David Farrier about a thoroughly bizarre and mysterious ticking completion…

This particular tickling competition story seems like one of those that a person may be perfectly happy to never, ever learn about. 48 more words