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You said
The stranger the better
I said
Let me give you my life


On Classic Movies In How We Fall

Below is a really fun interview Kiersi from over at The Prolific Novelista did with me!

I’m so excited to have author Kate Brauning and her debut YA novel, … 852 more words

Watch: Kermode Uncut: The Will Ferrell Challenge

Mark Kermode responds to those that said he would be going to see Will Ferrell’s latest movie, Get Hard, with a closed mind. He sets viewers the challenge of naming one actor, director or screenwriter whose entire body of work he hates, because he can’t think of any. 9 more words

Mark Kermode

Top 10: Will Ferrell Performances

I once heard famed comedy writer Larry Gelbart say this of a part he was looking to cast: “I’m looking for someone who can open a door funny as opposed to open a funny door.” In my opinion, few lay claim to the ability to both with equal success. 999 more words


Coming Attractions

Welcome to True Myth

Whether you’re attending the class, following along on your own, or stumbling blindly around the internet like Uncle Billy leaving a party at the Baileys’… I’m glad you’re here. 1,034 more words


The Malevolent Guardian: Coming Soon on DarkWorks…

Some people believe in angels, some believe in demons, and some believe in forces beyond our comprehension.

“The Malevolent Guardian” is a true story of a woman that I personally know that has a paranormal guardian, a jealous, and most malevolent spirit that keeps her from otherwise, living a normal life. 380 more words

DarkWorks Entertainment And Publishing

When Your Granddaughter Develops A Sudden Accent

Went to the doctor with hubby today, to have what the nurse referred to as a “not bad, just a cute little baby melanoma” removed.  The staff were great, I had a book with me to read, and it all went by pretty quickly and uneventfully.  1,553 more words

On A Personal Note