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In The News

The following aren’t the most important of the headlines I’ve read in the last few days, but they did catch my attention.


ICE CUBES UP $1.25 MILLION PER CUBE… 1,116 more words


The Story of a Yellow Jacket, an Ambulance Ride, and Uber

What a long, strange trip it was…

Here I am, catching a little cat nap in my favorite comfie chair when I was awoken from my dreamlike slumber by what felt like Tinkerbelle jabbing me with a mini fire poke in my tush!  555 more words


The Horse Story

Everyone has a moment that completely alters the way they view the world. Here’s mine (but no big deal).

In June 2014, I went to Ireland for a month-long study abroad. 660 more words

Stranger Than Fiction

Three writing lessons from snow country.

I live in Northern, California and this means that I am not rugged. I will admit this freely. It the temps drop below fifty I am not certain of my survival, and I am only vaguely familiar with the concept of snow. 373 more words

dear miss pedler: gus.

In order to share this, we had to upgrade our account. I sought counsel to determine if the investment was worth the ability to vlog. 71 more words

Stranger Than Fiction

Tuesday's taste

I was going to post a piece in defense of overthinking.

then I thought about it.

Instead, please enjoy this funny letter I received years ago from a best friend’s younger sister  

Stranger Than Fiction

Little Red Flame

The little red flame beckons you, like a promising rose doomed to wilt, alluring in its symbology and the tacky veneer of potential.

The little red flame brightens, and you’re reminded of a moth. 916 more words