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Stranger than Fiction

Picture the scenario– a white, heterosexual single woman on the wrong side of 30 who hates her job and sort of secretly wishes she could have babies so that she can escape from it. 1,504 more words

Single Life

Still 'in shock'

Lately I find myself in the days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months lethargy…when it comes to blogging. Strike that…it’s not lethargy…. just some self imposed radio silence…got stumped…writer’s block brought on by an aghast at observing ‘reality tv on a world stage’. 100 more words

Messed Up

Movie of the Week: Strange than Fiction

The movie this week is one of those that I have been meaning to watch for along time ever since I saw the trailer on the DVD extras of “Casino Royale” and only came around to watching it very recently when I accidently found the Bluray at my friend’s house. 593 more words

Movie Reviews

Google Is Free: On The Importance Of White Allies Doing Their Own Work

You can find the original version of this here.

I’ve spent the majority of my educational career in classrooms where I’m the only black face. 861 more words


Fourth Wall Revisited: Peeking At The "Script"

My favorite It’s Garry Shandling’s Show began with Garry being told by a psychic that somebody was going to get shot by the end of the episode. 599 more words


Pretty Lights: An Otherworldly Tale

Dora lives on a ranch with her family. They all sleep together in a single room, divided by partitions.

She wakes up one night to use the toilet, and walks out of the building and down the path to the outhouse. 286 more words

True Story

Why I March - Assimilation No More

This Saturday, I will join the Women’s March on Washington in honor of my mamma – Betty Laverne Mekelburg. This weekend marks what would have been her 81st birthday. 501 more words