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[Movie Review] Stranger Than Fiction


An IRS auditor suddenly finds himself the subject of narration only he can hear: narration that begins to affect his entire life, from his work, to his love-interest, to his death. 220 more words


Legal Dispute ... Over a Comma?

OK, the dispute is really over the lack of a comma–a serial or Oxford comma to be exact. 266 more words

Writing/editing Advice

Why "Little Did He Know" Gives Away Too Much Too Soon

Professor Jules Hilbert: Perhaps you should keep a journal. Write down what she said or something. That’s all I can suggest.
Harold Crick: I can barely remember it all. 824 more words

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In One Day

In one day in 2015, I learned these three things:

  1. I was pregnant.
  2. There were no genetic answers for Tophs’s challenges.
  3. There was a genetic finding we weren’t looking for.
  4. 685 more words

Stranger than Fiction

Picture the scenario– a white, heterosexual single woman on the wrong side of 30 who hates her job and sort of secretly wishes she could have babies so that she can escape from it. 1,504 more words

Single Life

Still 'in shock'

Lately I find myself in the days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months lethargy…when it comes to blogging. Strike that…it’s not lethargy…. just some self imposed radio silence…got stumped…writer’s block brought on by an aghast at observing ‘reality tv on a world stage’. 100 more words

Messed Up