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A Realization, Stranger than Fiction

Joe Kerr and I finished this movie the other night and I can’t help but think…

This is the kind of literature I want to write. 278 more words


Review: Stranger than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction (dir. Marc Forster, 2006) – When Harold Crick hears a voice narrating his life in his head, he is determined to find who the author is, to prevent his potential death. 505 more words


Westsider, Rare

The woman I loved
Chances to have drifted nearby
From across country;
Alights on a section of the city
Typically distant to me
But I happen to be there in evening… 77 more words


O.C.D ain’t a thing it’s a way of life! If you ask me more people should have a strain of OCD injected into their DNA! 333 more words

My Stupid Stuffie Stuff


So some nights are great some are a bit meh sometimes they can be one of those kinda evenings that have you awake from excitement and happiness! 229 more words


Goals: The Transforming

So, as you all can tell, it’s be one heck of a great morning already.  Through my works here(both stories) I will eventually reveal(through personal demonstration) that Alchemy is both real and relevant in modern times.   236 more words


One more step on my road to avoiding perdition!  I awoke to my wife’s alarms.  In my normal fashion, I roused abruptly and insisted the alarm be turned off.  247 more words