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Today of Thanks

today i am not going to do any work.
today i am going to be grateful
for all life’s blessings.
for this one day i will practice… 50 more words


2014 March 18

EVA Lambert
2001 Space Odyssey Way
Temporal, TX 70000
USA, Earth

18 March 2014

Dear Roo,

You know who I am and that I must take over now. 179 more words

Blogging U: Writing 101

Rosebuds and kisses make for sweet adventures

Attitude is the only difference between an ordeal and an adventure. ~Unknown.  Many times on the road as a child with my mother, she would pull off to the nearest convenience store and return with scribbled directions, and a box of Rosebuds:  the difference between being lost and “on an adventure!” We have continued sharing such adventures through the years, one comedy of errors particularly memorable: Nuevo Vallarta, 2013. 621 more words

Stranger Than Fiction

10 Movies Writers Can Turn to For Inspiration

This article is written by Jan Pressley, more about her below. 

Writing is one of the most challenging, yet satisfying experiences, both emotionally and intellectually. Great works have been born out of moments of great inner turmoil, and moments of great ecstasy, and despite some other art forms being more popular today, a written word still has the same power it always had: to take you into a different world, make you feel and make you think at the same time. 289 more words

And Speaking of Dead People

A few weeks ago, my sister in law and I held a garage sale at a family beach condo. I know, rough life. But if you are going to be at the beach, I recommend you go out TO THE BEACH. 1,841 more words

Recipes For The Unskilled And Lazy

Baseball is stranger than fiction

Fiction for all that it frees the writer to bend the world to our will can still seem a step too far beyond reality when we create a certain situation or a character. 603 more words