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What Makes a Good Date?

Recently, I bragged about a great date I had been on, and told him, that even if we didn’t “click” and end up “dating” he still got an “A” for the “best executed date I had been on in YEARS.”  So… What made this date so great? 337 more words

Stranger Than Fiction


I was never a popular kid at school… Always kind of a country kid through and through. So a lot of my experiences resulted from having older friends who were nice enough to take me to horse shows and rodeos on the weekends.  384 more words

Stranger Than Fiction

Weekend Trip

I’ve often said about my travelling to the Sunny South that there is something about being away from home that changes your mood or outlook and how something just feels and flows differently. 434 more words

Stranger Than Fiction

Why Stranger Than Fiction is Amazing

This 2006 dramedy is mind blowing to me. It’s just so quirky and clever, that I’m rather jealous of it. The cinematography, the acting, the casting, the dialogue, it’s all amazing. 1,219 more words

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Stranger Than Fiction - Film Review

A truly brilliant film, fascinating and entertaining, Will Ferrell at his best. I was pleasantly surprised at a plot that was so extreme it had you second guessing most of the way through. 415 more words


The Secret to Success Is Not Making Good Decisions. Its Actually The Complete Opposite.

I envied the man. Every morning, I would stand behind the wooden counter and watch through the glass window as the man stepped out his luxurious car and into the coffee shop. 264 more words

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