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Paranoia at 70 mph

I am not a big Jim Carrey fan. That fact does not make me very popular with my peers, but I can’t help it; as much as I admire his comic intelligence (I certainly won’t call it genius), I can’t stand the elasticity of his face. 1,365 more words


A true "flood" light

I guess it depends on what folks around you said as you were growing up or maybe it is the part of the country you were raised in.  116 more words

Raccoon Dogs. For Real.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all–in my line of work, I can say that and mean it–along comes a new species of animal. New to me, anyway. 104 more words


"A Wristwatch Saved Harold Crick."

This was the ending of a beautiful film I just finished watching on my computer- Stranger than fiction.

It is not a new film, I dont know how it has missed me all these years, but just like the taxi drivers say in my homeland,” Better late than never”. 270 more words


Kanye, get this: a woman’s sexual liberation is not an insult

With another round of Twitter beefs being doled out yesterday, this time between Kanye West/Wiz Khalifa/Amber Rose, I’m left feeling unsettled about the ease with which a woman’s sexual liberation becomes the knee-jerk insult. 660 more words

Stranger Than Fiction

The One With Gloucester Road.

In case you hadn’t noticed my posts have been sparse of late. Life and emotions got in the way, and maybe one day, if you are really good, I will tell you that story. 46 more words


The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Starstuff

when i was little, i fell in love with a tall, blonde, seductive man. he was rich, powerful, and had a lot of devoted friends. he was so beautiful that i would have almost thought he was a woman, if not for his deep, throaty voice and pants so tight that they revealed another package altogether. 1,815 more words