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IF YOU think your morning has got off to a bad start spare a thought for the man whose house was demolished by mistake.

The crew from Daniel’s Demolitions turned up to a house in Bankstown and began tearing the property down.

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Living in a Tragicomedy

There is a fantastic scene from Stranger Than Fiction in which Harold Crick, a tax auditor, tallies the moments of his life in a little notebook.   645 more words


Post-election: Finding solace in fiction when facts weren't enough

In the days following the election, I’ve been a mess.

I’ve slept sporadically, I’ve eaten poorly (if at all), I’ve spent my days floating between varying degrees of anger and debilitating sadness. 856 more words


Don’t Un-Friend. Stand Together!

There’s a lot of chitter-chatter online about the protests that are breaking out in many major cities across our vast nation. And, I’ll admit, burning flags does seem a tad extreme… not to mention the “Not My President” signs. 1,084 more words

Method To The Madness

Stranger Than Fiction (2006)

IRS auditor Harold Crick discovers that he is the leading character of a novel in progress written by an author who is famous for killing off her heroes. 215 more words


Trump Is President

The results are in… Trump is president. I’ve had about 30 hours to process what this means, and how it impacts my dream of America. 874 more words

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