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The Discovery of Shangri-La, the Fountain of Youth, and the World's Oldest Man

By Peter Klika

This story begins in the spring of 1989 when I received a letter from the Chinese Mountaineering Association which opened: “No road, no map, many wild animals, much danger there.” 4,302 more words

Stranger Than Fiction

Witchcraft & Sorcery: Elements of Everyday Life in Traditional Cultures

By Mary Kay Seales

Poor Westerners.

We grow up in a culture devoid of magic. Everything is based on what can be seen and what can be touched. 1,390 more words

Stranger Than Fiction

Abridged 0_1979 Now Out - @abridged030 #StrangerthanFiction

The absolute antedote to this week’s strange fortunes – Abridged – the 0-1979 edition. Love this publication in the largest way. Delighted to have ‘Stranger than Fiction’ as part of this one and loving the facing image by Kourtney Roy from the… 30 more words


Perfect Moments

By Mary Kay Seales

Perfect Moments. That’s what I call those weird mystical time-stop moments when everything you are and everything you dreamed of having or being come together. 705 more words

Stranger Than Fiction

Modern Therapy

I have a therapist. I see her once a week. I used to see her twice a week, but things got busy, and it got expensive, and I got broke. 625 more words


Guilty Displeasures

The Missed Call

It’s Sunday, and I’m on the last sip of my morning coffee. I even ate a banana, packing in my potassium for the day. 1,468 more words