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When Your Granddaughter Develops A Sudden Accent

Went to the doctor with hubby today, to have what the nurse referred to as a “not bad, just a cute little baby melanoma” removed.  The staff were great, I had a book with me to read, and it all went by pretty quickly and uneventfully.  1,553 more words

On A Personal Note

The Flour Chronicles : 1

There is a delightful scene in the movie Stranger than Fiction where Will Ferrell’s character, Harold Crick, woos the lovely cook Ana Pascal (played by Maggie Gyllenhaal) by bringing her flowers, flours that is. 354 more words


Van versus Parking Structure

For an “epic fail” field trip, combine the following:

  • Oregon Symphony Young People’s Concert tickets
  • Driving rain
  • A ticking clock
  • Bumper-to-bumper downtown traffic
  • The twelve-passenger school van…
  • 396 more words

Stranger Than Fiction: After Dark in the Library

What does happen at the library when the doors have closed and the people have left? Do all the characters contained in our many volumes come out to talk amongst themselves? 166 more words

Book Discussions & Events

Book 7: Stranger than Fiction (February 20)

07. Stranger Than Fiction, Chuck Palahniuk (February 20)
Found at the same time and in the same Book Off shopping experience that yielded the Vonnegut book, I knew I had to read this one, too. 260 more words


Sixteen, Maybe Less

Sixteen, Maybe Less

The play park is empty, children all gone home,

all except for me and you, enjoying the first love we’ve ever known. 93 more words


The Barren Land

During University, one of our task was Flash Fiction – a story in 100 words or less. I found this really difficult, so when I remembered this task it was an idea I was eager to repeat. 157 more words

Stranger Than Fiction