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A Writers Life is Stranger Than Fiction

People always ask writers where they get their ideas. Most of the time we can’t tell you that. It’s like asking a human how they can walk, or talk, or think, we just do. 315 more words

The Relationship Between Writer and Character (Stranger Than Fiction - SPOILERS)

When you’re writing  the characters for your story or script, more often than not, you will grow to know and love your character, maybe more than anybody you actually know. 782 more words

Film Components

Homo Distractus

A world led astray, faces glued to screens all day,
Where are we going? Is this the right way?

Caught up in endless netflix sessions, 77 more words



Sitting in the car, looking at the friend’s front door, a man’s voice yelled out over the kids’ greetings. Luckily her son was running back to the car, unknowing the friend was still putting on his shoes in the doorway. 346 more words

Daily Prompt

If This Horror Story Doesn't Scare You, You Probably Have Balls Of Steel

Abhishek Mukherjee shares the story that didn’t let him sleep in his college days. It was so goddamn scary we had to share it to spoil all your sleepy nights. 1,141 more words


Bad and Wrong History Lessons: Pirates vs. Samurai

There’s nothing complicated about the system I have here: I write articles based on what I feel like talking about. If I’ve been thinking about writing, you get an article on that; if I’ve been watching anime that’s what I write about; if I come across something that inspires a laborious tirade then I produce a wandering 5,000 word essay on whatever it is that got my attention. 1,218 more words


Today's revelation. 

I’m a professional at taking things to heart. I have always known I am a little sensitive, but I don’t think I realized the scope of this habit. 142 more words

Stranger Than Fiction