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June Fiction Prompts from Electric Literature

In case you’re looking for some pulled-from-the-headlines writing inspiration, check out this “June Fiction Prompts” post from Electric Literature! Not only do they share some ridiculous news stories from the month but they also pair the story to a specific genre, such as “Kitty Body Horror”. 95 more words


Share Your Play

Something is beginning to happen. Last week, you began to explore the ways you play. You looked at the ways you did so as a child, and considered other ways you would like to now. 906 more words


Best Films About Writers

These are not only some of my favorite films about writers and writing, they’re also some of the best films for any movie junkie! As summer rolls around and you might need a writing break, I highly recommend watching these three. 437 more words


Setting off the Ex's House Alarm

Perhaps it’s odd that I still have a house key to my ex’s place, and even odder that when he goes on vacation I check on the house, and look after his kids’ hamsters… but he’s a friend, and it’s not really a big deal.   1,038 more words

Stranger Than Fiction


IMDB Link:  Stranger Than Fiction (2006)

The other day while begrudgingly meandering through an interminable quagmire of housework — as aspiring filmmakers tend to do while their wives are away at “real jobs”, I happened across a recently washed and dried five-dollar bill. 377 more words

Emma Thompson

Gratitude Rant Leads to a Story

I’ve been trying REALLY HARD to shift some focus to some more positive things. Mostly because I can find about a million things or people in a day that drive me around the twist, and if I do focus on them… I’ll just get into this huge downward spiral and feel like $hit.  981 more words

Stranger Than Fiction