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you greeted me then ~ as if from a long journey ~ from a far-off land — © Lize Bard @ Haiku out of Africa



this is our first goodbye

filled with laughter and hugs

this is our second hello

constant memories and love

this is our third goodbye

tension pulling at our every word… 28 more words

A small miracle of the App Age: I entrusted my children to a stranger – and they loved it

Excerpt from this article:

In the grand context of human history, what we were doing was outrageous. Nearly everyone who has ever lived would only trust someone they knew to look after their children.

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It was 2007, or what was supposed to be my Junior year at John Marshall High, but like most students in the Los Angeles Unified School District that school-year — 48% according to… 3,112 more words


A Sermon about Hospitality

“Hospitality: A Dangerous Act with Strangers and Angels”

Hebrews 13.2

We have spent a lot of time talking about hospitality. In many ways it is like singing to the choir because we have some real hospitality skills. 1,117 more words

Space Invaders

As an introvert, I don’t typically start conversations. And I almost never start them with strangers (unless I’m trying really hard to be approachable… 188 more words


A Curious Heart

Maybe coincidences happen

But your curiosity is a burden.

I want you to take a moment,

Like I took a year.

Calling out to the old times… 132 more words