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The Unexpected Pleasure of a Friendly Crowd

Being surrounded by strangers isn’t always so bad. There are times when the presence of large numbers of people I have never met and will probably never see again has transformed something kind of neat into a powerful human experience. 211 more words

Being Human

The End Itself.

Often people ask me, How can you write this much?
Some said I always enjoy your writing! And You are maturing in writing. Sometimes people use to tell me my mistakes. 397 more words


Story of Chaos

I don’t know your story and you don’t know mine.

Like people passing by in Grand Central station.

It is common that we will see each other, but not given. 371 more words

No Longer Strangers

“Today is a day for a new hymn!”

That’s a line from a long ago poem that I read somewhere and liked the sentiment enough to pen my own feeble attempt at poetry as response. 490 more words


my clothes smell like you.

songs remind me of you.

when i can’t sleep at night

all i want

is to wrap my arms around you. 179 more words


The generosity of strangers

There are people I’ve never met and will probably never meet that have impacted my life more than many people in my life.

I love that through youtube, newsletters, blogs, instagram and twitter. 51 more words

The Midday Seductress

A regular day relaxing at home is flipped upside down for one man when he answers a mysterious knock at the door. With no expected company, his curiosity guided his will to reveal who it could be. 510 more words