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Random Stranger

Magritte shifted her weight from one foot to the other while balancing the numerous packages in her arms. She should have known better than to attempt the post office late in the day, but her schedule had ended up involving one catastrophe after another and putting out fire after fire for her staff. 1,258 more words


Real Lust

Entering the suburban home, Janice liked what she saw. Though on a cul-de-sac, it had curb appeal for the neighborhood and had a sloping front yard. 1,598 more words


How well do you think you know someone?

A few evenings ago, my mom and dad had some friends over for dinner. My sister and I joined them as we enjoy conversing with many of our parents friends, and sure enough, the evening was filled with great conversation and laughter. 264 more words

On The Edge Of Everything

strange in our existence

horn echoed louder when a long metal machine getting near. the commuter rail with spotlight flare up brightly in the front seen from her sit. squeaking sound was made by the wheel and rail track when the vehicle breaks the brake and stop. 659 more words


Shit or Get Off the Pot

Things are a hot mess in Atlanta right now. We had a deadly Fourth of July weekend, several children have been shot in the last week, and Covid-19 never really left. 740 more words