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The walk home

I pounced on him, that’s the truth

I lay there against the corner of the sofa, my knees pressed to my shoulders grunting each time Dean thrust himself into me. 2,207 more words



(May 14, 2019) Robert and Maureen McQuillan reflect on one of those unexpected ‘what’s going on’ times…

So… a fortnight ago we had such great interest in something we shared briefly on… 1,792 more words


Pfft, dating

Why is dating in your late 30s so freaking heard. Last year at this time I thought I finally had it figured out, that I met someone just for me. 531 more words


Black Friday

stood anxiously at the bus stop. She had never taken a bus before. As the bus arrived,
she impatiently got to her feet, and hoped she would find a friendly face. 864 more words

Stubborn Mules

The other day my family and I were out and about and we stopped in for lunch at a local fast food restaurant to grab burgers and shakes. 1,221 more words


A stranger's "advice"

“Dtjscjnfrgjvxwf juggnjrxcbhhuhb gghu” said the woman seated two computers away from me at the public library. At least that’s more or less what I heard. I had a wicked cold all week and the resultant congestion had muted my usually normal hearing. 692 more words


The Cafe

“My pretty baby, they killed her on the dance floor, they killed her on the dance floor, they killed her on the dance floor…”

I’m guessing my subconscious came up with those words because for the past few years I’ve been obsessed with missing the healthier, happier, prettier and better person that I used to be. 574 more words