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The World's Oldest Trees - Strangler Fig

Strangler Fig, Rilke’s Bayon. Siem Reap, Cambodia 2007.

The temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia represent one of man’s most astonishing and enduring architectural achievements. Today, the temples exist in a neglected, semi-ruined state. 39 more words

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Passing a big Strangler Fig through the rainforest yesterday. These beauties germinate in the canopy of their host tree and grow their roots downward, taking over and increasing in size while strangling their host. 19 more words


Florida in Focus: Strangler Figs

Strangler Fig

Even the name sounds awesome, Strangler Fig, is an epiphytic / parasitic plant found throughout the tropical world. The species Ficus aurea found in Florida occurs from Florida through the north-western Caribbean, south to Mexico and Panama. 311 more words

Bangor University

Pop Quiz #2!

Test your knowledge on the flora and fauna growing along UGACR campus trails and throughout the Monteverde Cloud Forest here in Costa Rica. You never know when a trivia night will call for tropical ecology facts… 347 more words

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Blue Serendipity: Mt Glorious Delivers - D'Aguilar National Park

I have a small addiction. It’s not exactly a harmful one, but it can  distract me from working occasionally and result in some frustration. I’ll be  tapping away intently at my laptop until a characteristic fluttering movement in my peripheral vision causes immediate physiological and emotional responses. 1,557 more words


An Unplanned Bushwalk

Yesterday, Dean and I hopped on the ferry and went across the Clarence River to Iluka.  True to what my friend Sue had said, the area is flat and easy-going riding around on a bike.  606 more words

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Gorgeous golden fig

Strangler fig and golden fig are two common names for Ficus aureum. In Latin, Ficus means edible fig. Birds and other wildlife consume the tiny, many-seeded “figs” (pictured above Queens Island). 135 more words

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