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5 Tips to Better Prepare Yourself for Life After College

College is the perfect environment to encourage growth and development within an individual. However, whether it’s from peer-to-peer interactions or conversations with professors, college students regularly modify their career aspirations and goals.  430 more words

Joan Didion, Californian

Joan Didion seized my attention early, before I wrote for myself.  Assigned “Slouching Towards Bethlehem” in high school, I read with amazement her cool, detached descriptions of things I recognized growing up in California.  1,840 more words

Politics And Political Theory

Pre-Crisis Planning: The Strategic Plan (Part One)

Last week we began the process of talking about Pre-Crisis Planning. Leaving off with the topic of picking a team to manage a crisis, what needs to be noted next is the importance of the Strategic Plan. 807 more words


David Hylton On “STRATCOM” In The Armed Forces

Please note, the term “Strategic Communication” (SC) does not have an “s” at the end, it is not pluralized.

The author, LTC David Hylton, does not review how the concept of SC has been completely bastardized since its introduction and popularization since 9/11/01. 1,005 more words

Information Operations

Russia and Putin Are Winning the Public Relations War

Whether in 2013 when Russia’s President Vladimir Putin successfully pressured the United States not to take action against Assad in Syria, or in 2014 when Russia invaded Crimea with little interference from the West, it remains clear today that… 1,006 more words

Information Operations

Pre-Crisis Management: The Team

It is vital, in order to maintain maximum effectiveness in crisis management and communications, to have a designated order and hierarchy. Few things can derail and destroy an effort to manage a situation like chaos, a question of the chain of command, ineffective communication channels, and a lag in response times. 956 more words


Pre-Crisis Planning: The Exposure Analysis

Yesterday I began a brief, and perhaps rushed, introduction to pre-crisis management procedure. The reason is mostly because it’s amazing to see how few organization take the proper steps to protect themselves from a damaging situation. 912 more words