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Take a good, hard look at yourself…

There was a specific brand that permeated my adolescence and early twenties that was cooler than cool, awesomer than awesome.  It informed my career choice of communications, all while keeping my skin well moisturised without using products tested on animals. 285 more words

10 PR Tips On How To Create A Strategic PR plan As A Brand

 Many artists,organizations and entrepreneurs think that producing great works,having a website and participating in Social Media is all they have to do to have the world knocking on their door for more. 509 more words


Thai stuffed cuke soup

Hi everyone! It’s your favorite college graduate here. That’s right! I did it. I walked across that field in The Shoe, shook the Dean of Arts and Sciences hand and was on my way. 566 more words


Communications Measurements

So, am I the only one that gets eerie when I hear the word measurement? Well, I have had to get very comfortable in that area because when analyzing data and communications evaluations, measurements are required! 998 more words

Crisis Communications and Social Media

Alright, we are back to discuss another topic, which seems to have gotten a lot of recent activity, crisis communication. This week, we explore how you can implement emerging media into your crisis strategy, and how social media can redeem a bad situation. 911 more words

Blogging as a Strategic Communications Tool

Long gone are the days of the lone blogger, raging against the powers that be, with his duel pistols of a keyboard and a cup of coffee. 450 more words


Partners in Accountability

Throughout this journey, I realized that I’m willing to do a lot of legwork for someone else, operating from the fear of letting another person down. 310 more words

Public Relations