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Leading the way

Leadership styles rise and fall in popularity and consequence with ‎the issues of the day, competitive influences, and evolving organizational priorities. There are the decisive, get-the-job-done-no-matter-what types, who charge forward and sometimes leave people feeling ignored, threatened or bewildered. 403 more words


Getting to the right audience is tougher than ever despite strong interest in local news

The old adage that all news is local remains just as true today as it did before the advent of the internet and mobile devices. 443 more words


Introducing TNC Pacific Consulting

If you are looking to do business (of any kind) in Vanuatu or elsewhere in the Pacific, I can save you time, money and effort by making a suite of business concierge services available before you arrive, while you are in country and once you have returned home. 77 more words


So, you want to write a press release

Great! The press release is one of the oldest and most powerful tools known to strategic communicators. But powerful tools are also pretty easy to mishandle. 459 more words

Press Releases

The Ego Trip

The Ego Trip can come from a faculty member, student or — god forbid — dean. Often modeled as an op-ed but rarely acknowledged as such, The Ego Trip comes with an expectation that it will be treated like any other press release coming out of your office. 650 more words

Press Releases

Sarah Larvor

Title: Global Head of Strategic Communications and Brand Strategy

Company: National Grid plc

Location: London, U.K.

Initially, Sarah Larvor became involved in her profession 21 years ago because she started a career in internal communications which piqued her interest in how people behave and interact. 143 more words


Four tips to become mentally fit

Have you ever wondered how to make sure you stay sharp? There are some things you can do to ensure it!

Time can be a bitter foe. 776 more words

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