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Universal Basic Income and COVID-19

This pandemic is changing society, let’s think about shaping that change

For many across the globe this pandemic has changed the way life is lived in a myriad of ways. 770 more words

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Digital Economy Series: Through what eye do you behold a digitising economy?

In order to answer this article’s question we need to appreciate how our perspectives have developed. For it is important to note that not only do we all have our own biases but our world views aren’t always in synch on any one of a number of issues. 663 more words

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Digital Economy Series: Will a digital utopia finally come to pass for us all?

In July 1893 220 men and women from the relatively new settlement of South Australia decided to start anew and create a utopian society in Paraguay, South America. 697 more words

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“How smart does a Smart City need to be to prosper?”

Figure 1. Thee Horizons (as-is, disruption, will-be)


This article considers change in the context of a Smart City. An understanding of how change can be leveraged is developed through the use of the three horizons model. 2,646 more words

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Digital Economy Series: In a digital world does being faster, better and cheaper still count in business?

Achieving success today

One of the dominant narratives of the business world is that in order to succeed the products you provide either need to be cost competitive, be differentiated in some way, or you need to be quicker to market than others. 707 more words

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Digital Economy Series: "Who and what is holding us back from a fully digital economy?"

Among many responses to the to the unfolding phenomena of a digital economy there are two that stand out. The first, is “yes, we will be enmeshed in a full digital economy by 2050”. 732 more words

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