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The Future of Modern Medicare Marketing

Take a short break from the hectic throes of Medicare AEP marketing, kick your feet up, breathe deeply and ponder with me, for a moment about what the future-state of Medicare marketing may be like. 1,652 more words

Strategic Marketing

Walking before Crawling in Business

Most people work in firms with an urge to grow the firm, For instance, myself, have always wanted to be associated with big brands, i therefore purposed to give my best in any task given. 1,220 more words

Strategic Marketing

Mobile Phone Batteries Need to Show Some Innovation

Considering the kind of innovation and advancement that we have seen in mobile phone technologies during the last decade, the same pace may not be seen for mobile phone batteries. 185 more words

Strategic Marketing

Marketing Excellence: Experts views

Marketing Excellence:

Currently, product success in biopharma segment decided by company’s ability to prove satisfactory value in an accessible population. To be commercially workable, product must bring possible grounds to support the value they provide, presenting a positive balance within the clinical and non clinical does good, the financial and therapy burden costs. 684 more words


Packaging Has Strategic Role in Brand Refresh/Renovation

There’s an old marketing adage: when a new brand manager arrives, get ready for a package design change.

While there may be some historical truth to that expression, its use typically conveyed a sarcastic, shallow and derogatory view of marketing. 483 more words