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[스포츠 마케팅] 시장세분화 전략

스포츠 마케팅에서 스포츠기업의 상품이나 서비스가 과연 어떤고객층이 주요 소비층이 되고 어떤 고객을 자신의 목표고객으로 설정하는지 어떠한 위치 설정 방법이 스포츠 시장에서 그 스포츠 기업이 유리하게 시장을 점유할 수 있는지 동영상을 통해 확인하시죠!


Lessons Learned from the Closure of Toys ‘R’ Us

Finally, the giant toy-retailing chain store Toys ‘R’ Us is closing. Operating over 60 years across the US and Europe, nearly a thousand of its stores are now being closed as the company could not make enough money to continue its business. 294 more words

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Explanation of the Five Forces Model for Strategy Decisions of Michael Porter

The first fundamental determinant of a firm’s profitability is industry attractiveness. Competitive strategy must grow out of a sophisticated understanding of the rules of competition that determine an industry’s attractiveness. 1,323 more words


Strategic marketing to grow your business from Red Chilli Design

We have been delivering fantastic marketing solutions for many years, and can help businesses with their strategic marketing!

Red Chilli help businesses with their strategic marketing to engage and grow. 167 more words


Sneaker Culture, Social Media and the Genius Behind Air Max Day

I remember the first time I stood in line for sneakers. It was stupid early in the morning, freezing cold outside, and I left my lighter in another jacket (great!) But like everyone else in line – I soldiered it out, made some friends, and even managed to procure a lighter in process. 909 more words

Air Max Day

6 Areas of Modern Marketing Technology

Chapter 5 of The Future of Modern Medicare Marketing

Direct Mail is the workhorse of Medicare marketing.  The 3 to 12 touch direct mail program during AEP and the 4 to 18 touch direct mail programs for those aging in are the de facto go-to strategies and tactics for every Medicare marketing organization.

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Strategic Marketing

Building A Medicare Marketing Technology Road Map

Part 4 of “The Future Of Modern Medicare Marketing” Series

Where do we begin? How can we start? The whole idea of bringing cutting edge modern marketing technology to your antiquated old school Medicare marketing team seems almost impossible. 

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