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Is Marketing Planning a Strategic or Tactical Process?

Last week in this blog I complained that too many small and medium-sized enterprises see marketing solely as a tactical exercise. I regularly see small businesses advertising for marketing staff and predominantly the job description focuses on day to day activities such as writing social media content, designing print adverts or entering product content onto websites. 933 more words

Authenticity and Branding

The sense of being honest to customers has tremendous branding value. Particularly when many marketers still suffer with the traditional notion of “selling anything at any cost”, despite having little value of such marketing approach in this age of digital and social platforms. 193 more words

Strategic Marketing

The Inevitability of strategic Wear Out

Regardless of your position in the marketplace; whether you are a market leader, a follower, a challenger or a niche marketer; you need to recognise that over time successful marketing strategies begin to wear out and will need to be replaced.  853 more words

Staying Relevant in a Disruptive Market: A Lesson from Uber and Toyota

Tech innovations have changed and forced evolution to take place in business models. After evolution of profit making models led by social media platforms and subsequently by other e-commerce start-ups, the business model has evolved from simple one-way “revenue minus cost framework” towards a more complex ecosystem of “who is paying what”. 216 more words

Strategic Marketing

Taking a Deeper Look at Your Market

In a recent meeting with a new client, they insisted they had to drive more business from a certain city near their home office. We assured them we would do the necessary research to make sure their marketing was driving the right business for them. 338 more words

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Brands Using Instagram as a Marketing Strategy

Social media is playing a huge role in the way we communicate, especially when it comes to Instagram. Instagram is a  networking service platform that allows users to share edit photo and videos, it’s recently owned by Facebook. 511 more words