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Is Your Brand Honest?

We’ve all become aware of the recent media incident involving an employee of Hydro One acting inappropriately, resulting in his swift dismissal due to their code of conduct policies. 413 more words

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Somebody once gave me a piece of sage, if then-vague, advice: you can’t manage what you can’t measure. In this Age of (Data) Measurement, I’d argue that while truer words may have been spoken, none have been more critical to marketing success today. 420 more words

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Market Research: Why is it Better Outsourced?

Market Research is essential for companies to determine their target customers’ wants and needs. This also helps businesses find out how customers behave according to their marketing efforts. 368 more words

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How To Create A Compelling Content Marketing Framework (Part II)

In creating a compelling content marketing framework, depending on your position in the organisation, whether you’re an individual contributor at a midsized organization, and not necessarily at the management or executive level, start by having a conversation with the big bosses. 629 more words

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How To Create A Compelling Content Marketing Framework (Part I)

A content marketing framework (a standardized process) is basically something that will allow you to create as close to a close-loop system as your business will let you get. 1,029 more words

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It's Time for Habit Marketing!

Habit can play a great role in sustaining brand loyalty. Habit can be seen as a display of high degree of automaticity in purchase behavior. If so, brands need to see how customers can be “automated” in buying a particular brand than the other. 207 more words

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The Mobile Advertising Frontier

And why mobile over desktop? With nearly 110 million mobile smartphone subscribers and 30 million tablet users in the US, consumers are accessing content anytime, anywhere. 400 more words

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