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The Silent Salesman

Salesman cannot be silent, it simply won’t work unless he/she is already selling a hyped product. So what would you do? Put salespeople round the clock around customers and retailers? 159 more words

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Betting On Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity endorsement is a form of brand or advertising campaign that involves a well known person using their fame to help promote a product or service. 415 more words

Mithun Sridharan

Ask and You Shall Perceive: How the 5 "Ws" Applies To Marketing Strategy

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How

How can the 5 Ws inform marketing strategists to formulate a winning plan? If you’ve ever taken a journalism class, this concept is very familiar to you. 580 more words

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Tribute to Attribution: The Quest for the Holy Grail of Marketing

Marketing attribution has been deemed the holy grail of marketing by many top-level marketers. The ability, or more realistically, the lack of ability to attribute a sale to a specific marketing effort is, at best, an elusive concept. 1,047 more words

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Data Mining for Hidden Treasures (Part 1)

Marguerite Gardiner, the Countess of Blessington, wrote Conversations with Lord Byron in 1834.” In describing the poet, she said “Genius is the gold in the mine; talent is the miner who works and brings it out.” 440 more words

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Making The Most of Modern Marketing Technology

By Scott Levine

“Marketing is purchasing significant marketing-related technology and services from their own capital and expense budgets – both outside the control of the internal IT organization and in conjunction with them” reports Gartner. 606 more words

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"Spring Clean" Your Marketing Tools: 5 Easy Tips

Spring is here and we want to help you re-energize your marketing!

Here are 5 ways to “spring clean” your marketing tools:

1.  Clean your email list  774 more words

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