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Where do I start?

Data protection can seem overwhelming. For starters, there’s all the complicated legal jargon. Not to mention, a list of rather vague rules – which are often applied differently on a case-by-case basis. 494 more words

Data Protection

Strategy –Finding Your Place

Without a winning strategy your journey has no destination and success would be an accident –they do happen but are unlikely.

At the foundation of strategy is finding a need for a good or service that is either solving a problem or creating a benefit that customers want and will pay enough for you to generate a profit. 376 more words

Parry Sound Succession Plan - Must Read Item

This is a must read item for those of you interested in understanding what is happening in the Town of Parry Sound, and where the Town is headed. 171 more words

Parry Sound

Strategic Plan Data Mining 101

What might prove useful resources to (re)visit as Carroll begins a Strategic Planning Process? Payscale.com’s recent release College/University ROI data base (see below) reminded me of the value of being aware of such resources and of the importance of understanding their value, their assumptions, their limitations, and their potential uses and misuses. 141 more words

Curious David

Χωρίς στρατηγική επιβίωσης η Κύπρος θα τουρκοποιηθεί

Γράφει ο Σάββας Ιακωβίδης

Η ηγεσία μας είναι έμφοβη και αδύναμη ενώπιον της Τουρκίας. Η Κύπρος αντιμετωπίζει σοβαρότατη υπαρξιακή απειλή με ευδιάκριτο, πλέον, τον κίνδυνο της τουρκοποίησης.


Making more of Scotland's land

Hamish Trench, Chief Executive, Scottish Land Commission

At our conference on 28 September we published our first Strategic Plan for the Scottish Land Commission: ‘Making More of Scotland’s Land’ 938 more words


Decision Making Awareness: Red Light / Green Light

Scenario One

You walk up to an intersection and the light is green. You have the right away. As you walk across the intersection a fast-moving car runs the red light and kills you! 597 more words