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#ga2018. So what has reading the Blue Book 2018 taught me.

1. The church doesn’t speak with one voice. the strategic plan in an attempt to achieve this.
I am being taught to speak with a consitant voice to narrate my way of seeing the world and how that affects how I see. 860 more words


#GA2018 WORSHIPPING GOD, INSPIRING FAITH, CONNECTING PEOPLE Strategic Plan 2018 – 2028 - discussion on Monday

These are my immediate thoughts on the publication by the Church of Scotland of the Worshipping God, Inspiring Faith, Connecting People, Strategic plan 2018-2028. (Pages with pictures and short quotes have been missed out.) 957 more words


#GA2018 report 11 - Report of the Ministries Council

Number of deliverances – 32
Length of report – 38

Whats the report about?
Ministries Council look after the ministry of the church, primarily how the church organises itself to do ministry, the training and recruitment of new ministers. 1,054 more words


#GA2018 report 7a - Report of the Council of Assembly Strategic Plan

Number of deliverances – 11 specific
Length of report – 7 specific

Whats the report about?
The Council of Assembly give guidance to everything that isn’t already a part of the four councils or the theological forum. 696 more words


Faculty Handed Short Order for Assessment Data

DYSTOPIA–“Assess this, you bitches!” Director of Assessment Assessment Dr. Numbah Karuncha directed all Dystopia College faculty members in a memorandum issued this afternoon advising them that all faculty-driven, faculty-generated strategic mission plan school program course class learning subjective objective outcome goal terminations for all sections of all courses would be due in one hour. 439 more words

Review (or Create) Your Business Strategy in Spring

You take a hard look at your business at the New Year (or at least you should) and formulate your strategic, but do you review your progress at springtime? 468 more words

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Looking to 2018-19: Jeffco's Budget

Springtime for schools also means budget season. In this post, we’ll take a look at the budget process for the next school year and how that’s shaping up. 584 more words