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Bridging gaps in your Qualifications

Bridging gaps in your qualifications:

A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are for. They have to sail out in the sea, do new things, gather experience and show their credibility by safely reaching the shore on the other side. 896 more words

Happy Decision Week!!!

We are a little more than halfway through the year and it is definitely time to start making some decisions. If you’re anything like me, you tend to over analyze a lot of things in your life and often have decision paralysis. 129 more words

Cool Math Games – Develop Your Strategic Thinking!

Welcome you all to Cool Math Games! It’s time to savor a wide range of free online games, fun educational resources, and even interactive learning activities that will surely engage players worldwide while they enter the playing field. 192 more words

Coaster Racer

The Winning Strategy

Want to know how to win a race? It’s simple. Pick a distance where your average speed is faster. For instance, most of my colleagues are quick, very quick over a couple of kilometres leaving me at the back of the pack. 467 more words

Future Strategic Thinking

Cricket Captain - the hardest job in the leadership business


Perhaps it is just my love for the game, or maybe it’s the effect of an all too rare mini heatwave in London and the start of a new Ashes series today, but it occurred to me that of all the leadership positions there are in the world, perhaps the most challenging has to be that of the captain of a cricket team. 522 more words

Strategy Revolution: Generating Value Innovations

Kebuntuan industri saat ini adalah perihal ketidakmampuan perusahaan dalam menciptakan permintaan baru dan memperluas pangsa pasar, konsep Blue Ocean Strategy (Kim dan Mauborgne, 2004) menawarkan suatu kerangka kerja baru dalam menciptakan kebuntuan industri dengan menciptakan ceruk pasar yang belum tersentuh dan mengubah peta kompetisi saat ini untuk penciptaan nilai inovatif dan tentu saja permintaan pasar. 819 more words


How to Destroy Leadership Initiative and Power

Thursday is for Vision

You are reading a book and a statement is made that makes you want to shout “hallelujah” and maybe dance a jig. 621 more words

Thursday Is For Discipleship