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Why Board Games Can Improve Your Finances

In an era of ever improving digital content, board games have been relegated to the back of the storage closet, doomed to collect dust.

Even the new Jumanji movie has abandoned the board game concept in favour of a video game. 922 more words

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PAARL 2017 Seminar-Workshop on Strategic Thinking: Shaping the Future of Academic/Research Libraries

Last August 2017, PAARL conducted a 3-day seminar-workshop with the theme: “Strategic Thinking: Shaping the future of Academic/Research Libraries”. It was held in Tagaytay Country Hotel, Tagaytay City, from 23rd to 25th August 2017. 204 more words

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Stop doing tasks

Have you ever noticed that when you take a vacation, or get pulled into a big project unrelated to your normal work, that the work still seems to get done? 622 more words


The crux of Strategic Thinking

The crux of strategic thinking is just one – effective goal setting. In this context, whether you are an employee who wants to make a difference or an entrepreneur who is struggling to penetrate the market. 133 more words


Claiming Your Expertise: How to Choose a Dissertation Topic

This topic is close to my heart, because as a Ph.D. Candidate these are the crossroads that I currently find myself at. I’ve done a little research to save you the time, dear reader, and help you on your journey. 763 more words


Set SMART Writing Goals for 2018

Writers write. If you’ve ever stared the blank page glowing off your laptop screen, I’m sure you’ve heard that before. Stacks of notebooks and legal pads testify to your commitment. 332 more words

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Termite & Pest Control Review Seminole FL Pro2CaLL Termite...

Termite & Pest Control Review Seminole FL Pro2CaLL Termite & Pest Control Service, LLC Seminole… , – Termite & Pest Control Review Seminole FL Pro2CaLL Termite & Pest Control Service, LLC Seminole… 136 more words

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