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Creative Problem-Solving and Taking Action

I often get caught up in a problem. I have a hard time taking action when faced with a barrier. Yes, I know this about myself. 663 more words

Career Development


Dear friends,

A fertile mind is often a product of investment in it. Nourish your mind by reading.

This month, I shall be reading these books, and I also encourage you to join me; or pick out at least three (3) books you would be reading. 36 more words


The Value of a Consistent Response

A consistent response is essential, but sometimes difficult to attain, especially in libraries where a variety of schedules makes it is hard to meet with team members at the same time.  453 more words


Futures Cone - connecting capability and strategy

If you haven’t read Sjef van Geaalen’s piece on the futures cone then you are missing out on a rare blend of insight and humour ( 813 more words

Future Strategic Thinking

The Hidden Ways Organizational Culture can Impact Your Career

I posted this article originally at LocalJobNetwork.com, and now it’s here for you!

A few years ago when I was working in a high energy, informal, friendly, and fun team, I could count on everyone to work well together–with one exception. 823 more words


Save Time with Systems Thinking

I’ve worked with tons of managers, and every one of them has told me they have too much to do. In this podcast I walk listeners through the systems thinking iceberg using a real-world example that helps to make it all relevant and immediately useful. 36 more words

Effective Leadership

WOW! You are so cool, you have a strategy!

Can you think of a question that will never get “NO” as an answer and will get “YES” as the response, every single time? I know of one! 608 more words