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The Strategic Thinking Crusade

Note from editor: This piece was originally written for an internal publication. Corporate identities have been amended to avoid embarrassment on both sides.

Check out the big brain on Brad, …

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Cognitive Behaviour

Even Our Success Gets in the Way of Our Aspirations

2014 began for me by reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. As the New York Times Review of Books accurately observed, this is “a serious look at the science of habit formation and change.” Part two, … 501 more words

John McCann

You Don't Need to Break Eggs to Look Tough

I recently came across a post about the complex subject of transformational leadership and organizational change. The post talked about the need for leaders to be courageous and not afraid of the potential adverse consequences of bringing innovation into the nonprofit world; you may lose community partners, you may lose staff and you should be ok with that, that was the basic message of the post. 279 more words


The Art of War

Hey you all!

I know I said I will see you guys back on Monday but I completely forgot to share something. As a small group, we had decided to read a book and discuss it on our road trip. 259 more words


The R Word: Making Realistic Plans

A wise man said to me once “you can create plans based on the world as it is, or you can create plans based on the world as you would like it to be, that is what differentiate leaders from revolutionary leaders ” I often think about this when I am working on strategies and tactics; am I going to have a plan that takes into consideration current resources, political landscape and stakeholders and build upon that, or am I going to create a plan that will require some extraordinary changes in current conditions in order to work. 624 more words

Strategic Thinking

Is planning dead?

I wish planning was dead. Then I could force myself to find something new to do for a living.

To my mind, planning is like energy, it can neither be created nor be destroyed. 512 more words

Strategic Thinking