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Le' Notes #8: The theory of airpower

This post discusses the evolution of airpower theory from Giulio Douhet to the age of drones and precision weapons.

Ah, don’t you just love the smell of aviation fuel in the morning? 1,501 more words


Le' Notes #7: Deterrence and Coercion

This post discusses the evolution of deterrence thought from the Cold War to the fourth wave (21st century).

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent – Isaac Asimov, 

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Le' Notes #6: Naval warfare and maritime strategy

This post discusses naval thought and maritime strategy from the three renowned thinkers: Mahan, Corbett, and Till.

Ah, maritime strategy. One of those niche areas where I actually didn’t have to read anything for the week’s lecture since I got the basics down. 1,213 more words


Le' Notes #4: The Politics of Grand Strategy

This post discusses strategy, grand strategy, and the influence of politics on strategy and defining the national interest.

What’s the difference between strategy and grand strategy? 1,004 more words


Le' Notes #3: Direct and Indirect Strategies

This post covers direct and indirect strategies applied in warfare, such as attrition, annihilation, dislocation, and maneuver warfare.

To fight head-on or to circle around and hit them in back? 1,669 more words


SemText #2: Hybrid Warfare - Changing the way we do war?

This SemText discusses how the latest buzzword in military discourse – “hybrid warfare” – changes the way we do war.

I was planning on doing this bit right after the second panel of APPSMO, but I had to prepare some presentations and do some readings. 1,144 more words


Le' Notes #2: The Centre of Gravity

This post discusses the centre of gravity as a concept and the confusion surrounding it, while also pondering whether or not we still need a concept of the COG in modern warfare. 1,625 more words