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Managing Priorities When You Are Not "Process Oriented"

Using systems to solve problems isn’t the natural approach for every type of individual. There are some of us who are more intuitive and relationship oriented. 486 more words

Prosperity for all Oregonians: Business Oregon releases five year strategic plan

If you’re interested in where the economic development dollars in Oregon are being focused, there’s a new five year strategic plan from Business Oregon that sheds some light on those activities. 236 more words


Role of strategic human resource management in crisis management in Australian greenfield hospital sites: a crisis management theory perspective [Layperson Translation]

This is the ‘official’ Layperson’s edition of a paper I authored with my supervisors earlier this year. I say ‘official’ because I not only authored the paper, but also conducted the research contained within the paper*.  2,164 more words

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8 Tough Questions to Ask About Your Company’s Strategy

(Source: hbr.org)

Companies often fail to address the tough questions about strategy and execution: Are we really clear, as a leadership team, about how we choose to create value in the marketplace? 977 more words

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Steps to Overcoming Uncertainty

First of all, let me sincerely apologise for taking my time in sharing the promised steps on how I overcome uncertainty. I was hoping to put this out sooner but as life would have it I was thrown a curve ball that I really didn’t expect to come my way as fast as it did. 497 more words


Make sure your thinking will support life.

I think real freedom is in deciding what your gut is telling you, after mulling over all the available information–old, new, fully baked, scrambled and fried if necessary; return to sender from whom you purchased, collecting back an exact refund, if you aren’t fully satisfied…until you’re comfortable with the conclusion–including no pressure to conform to someone’s whims. 163 more words


An Enneagram? Sounds painful.

Last night, one of my very closest friends introduced me to the Enneagram (which is a fancy way of saying that she’s just cleared my schedule and given me my next time suck). 648 more words

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