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My 2016 Campaign video

When I ran for the Harbour Square board in 2016, the campaign season was right in the middle of a leadership conference that my department puts on for all of AIA’s new chapter presidents, president-elects, and the chapter staff.  63 more words


College for the 21st century

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When I was in college, one of the iconic Yale experiences was visiting the Yankee Doodle — a greasy spoon at the corner of York and Elm Streets — and taking the Doodle Challenge. 1,408 more words


Building a modern data platform - Availability

In part one we discussed the importance of getting our storage platform right, in part two we look at availability.

The idea that availability is a crucial part of a modern platform was something I first heard from a friend of mine, Michael Cade from Veeam, who introduced me to “availability as part of digital transformation” and how this was changing Veeam’s focus. 926 more words


Sure, it’s all a game.

How joyless, though, when all games are strategic.

Modern history

Selected reference

Moffitt, T.E. et al. (2011). A gradient of self-control predicts health, wealth and public safety.  PNAS, 108(7), 2693-2698. Retrieved February 17, 2018 http://www.pnas.org/content/pnas/108/7/2693.full.pdf


We want similar things

My February board report

Over the two years that I have been on this board, I can honestly say that we have improved tenfold over the toxic and venomous environment that seemed to permeate Harbour Square politics previously. 450 more words


Answer The Why!

Continued from Tuesday’s blog.

There is at least a good dozen books on the shelves today explaining how to tell your story for your business.  They center from writing a story to branding an image.  462 more words