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Best Take Care Of Those Crown Jewels - Sheila Fitzpatrick - Ep 17

Data, it’s the new oil, new gold, your Crown Jewels. We’ve all heard these phrases, but it is hard to deny that data is a fantastic asset, companies who know how to mine true value from it have a distinct advantage over their competitors and we are continually creating more of it. 378 more words


Joseph: Fulfilling his promise

The day begins as any other in prison—no hope, no indication that today’s dreariness is going to be any different than any other. Joseph’s sentence is undefined and subject to the whims of Pharaoh. 1,130 more words


Everyday Curators

An obvious take-away from Carr’s The Shallows is that the internet has changed the way we are wired. The internet has rewired our brains and it seems there is no going back. 461 more words


Third Foundation: Opponent Awareness

Learning the foundation of awareness of the other side of the court is a key ingredient to becoming a good player. Once the match starts, most of your attention should be on your opponent’s side of the court. 226 more words


What It Means to be a Strategist

For years, I have called myself a storyteller. Since graduating college, I have found myself in positions where I use a wide variety of communication tactics to reach a goal. 648 more words


When Public Cloud Isn't The Answer - Matt McSpirit - Ep 16

The power, flexibility, scale and simplicity that comes with “cloud” services is something that many of us have embraced.

The ability to deliver quickly and easily, complicated application and platform infrastructures is very appealing, especially for those of us who are continually challenged to deliver solutions to business problems ever more efficiently. 363 more words


Unplugable Leadership

Can you unplug as a leader? I’m not talking about being away from the office, but still tethered to your phone and computer. I’m talking about unplugging . 468 more words