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Horsing Around

What a stroke of luck!

Just as winter starts to hit and I realise how little exercise I do, someone offers to let me ride their horse! 513 more words

Strategies For Coping

Soaking it all in

I’m not sure whether I’m particularly susceptible to other people’s moods or whether I just allow them to affect me more than your average Joe. I do know, however, that when I’m around people who are dramatic, stressed or angry, I feel exceptionally anxious. 714 more words

Coping Strategies

Finding your inner warrior

I’ve started attending yoga classes once a week at a local community centre. The teacher is in her 30’s, a mother to one and works full-time in her role. 921 more words

Personal Experiences

Rediscovering Reading

When I was a child I had the freedom and time to read whenever I chose. Cue mornings spent in bed until 1pm devouring a book, or rainy days on the sofa and sunny days in the makeshift hammock (a sheet knotted between the bars of the climbing frame) with a novel and a bag of penny sweets. 847 more words

Coping Strategies

Writing as Therapy

I’ve just watched Sheridan Smith in the BBC’s ‘The C Word’. This true-life story is about a women nearing thirty dealing with a diagnosis of breast cancer just a year and a half into her marriage. 750 more words

Coping Strategies

12 Ways to Cope with Loss

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful experiences we are destined to face at one point or another in our lives. Whether you’ve lost someone before and have found ways to persevere, or if you’ve recently lost someone, the aching pain is ever so real. 1,252 more words


A hair brush with fate!

Thanks to a brush with fate, it was not easy for me to know how to address the girls about everything that was happening to their mother. 1,540 more words