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Lifestyle: A particular way of living. 

To achieve major long-term changes in one’s life it takes more than tricks and tips. It calls for a change in mindset.

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You Should Have Seen What Got Away!

Watching it flop shouldn’t have bothered me.

It did.

I’m not a die-hard fisherman. A fish dying to return to water bothers me. We won’t eat it; it’s catch and release because of all the chemicals leeching into the water. 497 more words

Another Step Back

Today I heard back from a company who interviewed me earlier this week. I didn’t get the job.

This is the second time I’ve applied for a position, reached the second or third stage and failed to progress any further. 203 more words


5+ Ways to See Your Dreams Realized

Welcome to Wednesday. Whatever positive things you long to experience or achieve today…
* See them as real in your mind’s eye: Visualize your new reality – in full color, with specific details. 42 more words


Pass the Hula Hoop


  • Hula Hoop!
  • Bandanas or scarves if needed

Can be played with one large group or multiple smaller groups. Everyone stands in a circle and holds hands. 93 more words


My 5 Goals for 2017

Hi there!

There will be no running recap this week. I went on two runs, a 5 miler in Portland on Sunday and a 4 miler on Wednesday. 1,875 more words


The Critical Art of Delegation

This Christmas was extra special as it was my daughter’s first Christmas. We spend time at our separate families. At my husband’s grandparent’s sock party, we wanted to remember the activity of exchanging stuffed socks with goodies. 437 more words