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My hustle is my business.  I believe in providing value for a company or a person to improve on what they will potentially become.  I get a kick out of seeing people realize their behaviors and make a change. 304 more words


Goal Setting is Not Enough

The world is full of people who know how to set goals. The problem is, the vast majority of them don’t know much about what to do after their goal is set. 347 more words

Why Millennials And Baby Boomers Need Digital Marketing Advice in Small Business

Many millennials continue to align with the digital world. However, there should be a slight concern with some of the baby boomers.

The digital world is growing rapidly. 659 more words


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Saw this post and thought many of my readers would find it worth the share. After all, I know I need a little digital marketing advice (OK, a lot): Entrepreneurial millennials and baby boomers need good, accurate conversations with experts to organize and plan out stages for their ideas efficiently. These sessions should show you how to: Optimize your website using SEO Find keywords and hashtags related to your market Build & Promote your brand Write content and copy Target multiple market niches Write Your Bio Develop your Facebook Business Page Use PR for faster recognition Use Blogging for Content & Copy Use and understand digital language   Read the rest of the post below:

Faith in Action...

With the “Revolution” happening on our campuses we are seeing a chance to really press in with what we’re doing, because we know that God brings true change as He changes hearts. 272 more words

Campus Mission


Cheers to a new month!  :)

The two book topics I had for May were exciting. I had the opportunity to learn so much about… 510 more words

Aim High!

“How high can we go?”

“As high as we want!”

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Lifestyle: A particular way of living. 

To achieve major long-term changes in one’s life it takes more than tricks and tips. It calls for a change in mindset.

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