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“So, I guess my baby will have to wait. This shouldn’t be so bad, I’ll get to learn and experience a new culture, I think. I love that, especially the fast pace of life in these so called 1st world countries. 1,066 more words



Street Crime is referred to as the Crime that happens on the Street of any Community.

Naturally, the “Street” is considered as “No Man’s” land, “Every man for himself”. 304 more words


Drop, Lock, and Pop it: The Theory of Leg Lock Positioning and Entries.

WARNING: This is exhaustive. This discussion contains no walkthroughs or tutorials on leg locks. It serves as a contextual reference for the orientations and nuances used by the best grapplers to secure leg locks. 2,236 more words


A Game of Poker

Couple of months ago I decided to host Poker parties at home. I had to learn to play poker first as I had only seen it on television or movies earlier. 420 more words


Fill Your Pages

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” (Edith Lovejoy Pierce) 152 more words

Your Window of Opportunity: Lessons to Succeed

Travelling at about 20 km/h one wet morning on my way to work, I noticed that a squirrel shot out of the shrubs and darted across the road like a rocket. 823 more words


Breathe like Rickson.

Breathe like Rickson 

One of the most iconic images of the Choke documentary is Rickson Gracie’s breathing techniques. This documentary is a staple among grapplers. I personally remember the feeling of having seen it in… 843 more words