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Making it as a New Artist

The things Trent touched on are all true and relevant for an upcoming artist. When you first start creating music you shouldn’t be at all worried about the money. 174 more words


Tech. Generation

As an artist these days you have to strategize what you do and when you do it. When you first start releasing music you should make sure to have a presence on some form of social media. 45 more words


For the Fans

You can connect with fans in numerous ways. I’ve seen games made, if you beat the game you get the link for the artists album. I also saw someone on youtube offering all of his unreleased music in exchange for any amount of money donated to his patreon. 46 more words


Just One Step Ahead

I don’t think I’d be very good at chess, even if I found someone with the patience to teach me how to play. I find it very hard to strategize. 310 more words


The Importance of an Online Presence and Completing a Social Media Audit

Why Social Media?

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have access to, especially when you know how to use it effectively. 469 more words


Cherishing Your Visions

Admittedly, I slapped a couple girls across the face as an enraged adolescent,

Turned my anger into motivation; saw women’s divinity–what a blessing.

I’ve done many things I’m ashamed about, 294 more words