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Faith in Action...

With the “Revolution” happening on our campuses we are seeing a chance to really press in with what we’re doing, because we know that God brings true change as He changes hearts. 272 more words

Campus Mission


Cheers to a new month!  :)

The two book topics I had for May were exciting. I had the opportunity to learn so much about… 510 more words

Aim High!

“How high can we go?”

“As high as we want!”

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Lifestyle: A particular way of living. 

To achieve major long-term changes in one’s life it takes more than tricks and tips. It calls for a change in mindset.

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You Should Have Seen What Got Away!

Watching it flop shouldn’t have bothered me.

It did.

I’m not a die-hard fisherman. A fish dying to return to water bothers me. We won’t eat it; it’s catch and release because of all the chemicals leeching into the water. 497 more words

Another Step Back

Today I heard back from a company who interviewed me earlier this week. I didn’t get the job.

This is the second time I’ve applied for a position, reached the second or third stage and failed to progress any further. 203 more words


5+ Ways to See Your Dreams Realized

Welcome to Wednesday. Whatever positive things you long to experience or achieve today…
* See them as real in your mind’s eye: Visualize your new reality – in full color, with specific details. 42 more words