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Strategy Management - the new normal (2)

So, if we all agree that we are witnessing a new normal in strategy management, the question has to be: how do we deal with the new normal? 1,583 more words


Directorships are being mis-sold

I’m writing this piece as a layperson, reflecting on the position of Directors of all sizes of companies incorporated in the UK. I don’t hold myself out as a legal expert, nor do I sell Directors insurance, but I do come across Directors every day in the work I deliver, to help companies deliver their intended strategy and convert ideas and vision into practical actions for success. 776 more words

Managing Change

Six steps to successful leadership succession

By Penny de Valk, Associate Director, Equiteq

Leadership succession involving a transition from the founders has its own specific challenges. Founders leave a huge legacy in the business, which in one sense is extremely valuable but can also result in a level of dependency that introduces risk. 845 more words


Strategy management - the new normal (1)

Our last blog defined strategy and ended on a wish that: you all should be able to define strategy.

This blog focuses on the shifting strategy management paradigm – the Effectiveness lab calls it ‘ 998 more words


How IP can make your profits fly

By Adam Blatchford, Associate, Equiteq.

Smart Scaling is all about growing revenues and profits while also building your equity value, as opposed to doing one at the expense of the other. 739 more words

Grow Your Business

How will external forces hinder or help the future of the Wikimedia movement?

What are the key trends and ideas that will influence the success of the Wikimedia movement in the coming 15 years? This is the question we are delving into as we… 861 more words


Structuring Co-Production

In a previous article, I wrote about the value of focusing on barriers and negative opinions when co-producing a service. In this article, I add to this by suggesting a structure of questioning which can be used to improve the chances of effective co-production. 482 more words

Decision Making