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Trump and Agreements

My scientific background means that I tend to think that decisions should be evidence based, and be formed after analyzing the information available to whoever is making the decision. 788 more words

Bad acts of facilitation

In the last few weeks I have spoken with several people who have shared recent experiences working with a facilitator. In all cases they have said “the facilitator was not very good”. 835 more words


Keeping Score for September and year-to-date

I’ve just updated my Keeping Score page for September, 3Q17 and year-to-date.  IT continues its remarkable run.  Utilities et al continue to falter.


Apple: The X Strategy

In Apple’s most recent keynote on September 19th, the company announced the launch of a new generation of iPhone (the iPhone X) at the same time as upgrading their existing iPhone range with the iPhone 8. 785 more words


O sancta simplicitiatas! In what strange simplification and falsification man lives! One can never cease wondering when once one has got eyes for beholding this marvel!

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“Either it is a well-arranged universe or a chaos huddled together, but still a universe.” – Meditations, Marcus Aurelius


Live Tweeting: Photos and Videos

Photos and videos make your live tweeting more interesting. Take a look at these links regarding using your phone to take great photos and videos, practice a bit in class, then comment on how you used these links to help you. 34 more words