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You are at the point of giving up,
but it’s what you wanted, okay not at all cost?
It was a goal right? You really wanted it from the start, right? 175 more words

Self Help

Digital disruption - the block chain and its impact

I am fascinated with what is happening at the moment- every industry, every organisation is on the cusp of significant transformation, largely due to the changes in technology. 159 more words


If a Brand is Built by the Customers - Why do You Need a Brand Strategy?

It is a fact that the strategists inside the office do not create the brands. Brands are created by consumers. 633 more words


Book Review: Unequal Time: Gender, Class, and Family in Employment Schedules

Unequal Time: Gender, Class, and Family in Employment Schedules. By Dan Clawson Naomi Gerstel . New York: The Russell Sage Foundation, 2014. 324 pp. ISBN 978-0-87154-014-0, $35 (Paperback). 251 more words

Organizational Studies

Lululemon, good karma, great social media branding

Lululemon’s strong multi-platform social media strategy around their lifestyle branding has proven to be very successful. Their manifesto of being ‘passionate about sweating every day and wanting the world to know it’ is at the core of their branding mission. 407 more words


Revolution Under Siege Gold

Make the Reds side triumph to save the Soviet Proletarian revolution, or, on the other side, lead the Whites side to victory in order to place the old regime back in power and protect the countries of Europe from the perils of the revolution. 20 more words

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Restricted-RPS is an online multiplayer swindle’emup. Win RPS gambles by using information, teamwork, trickery, betrayal, leading, persuasion and economics.

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