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Sphere of Influence

The renowned historical simulation returns as “Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence”. Become a Warring States Warlord and work your way towards unification. 27 more words


Prepare for battle!

There is nothing worse than failing to prepare and increasing your readiness when you have the time and fair warning.

I’ve just developed a quick aide-mémoire to increase readiness. 237 more words


24 fallacies & Strategy

Imagine having spent a lot of time and resources in order to make an important change or making a new product or service fly. Then out of nowhere comes an opportunist with the most obvious logical fallacies you can think of. 150 more words


Guild News - Dungeons

We finally were able to get together to run dungeons completely as a guild. Last night, jzhnutz led ellasniper, SacrificedRabit and ArghaNoah through Darkshade Caverns, Elden Hollow and Wayrest Sewers. 45 more words

Elder Scrolls Online

Trophy Farming


Climbing trophies, while difficult at times, can be quite rewarding.  Breaking Crystal League (2000 trophies) not only awards 250 gems, but allows you to earn 35,000 elixir and gold, as well as 100 dark elixir, with each victory while in that range.   366 more words


My Co-Worker is my Spouse

Any relationship takes hard work, compromise, plus the average argument. But then we come upon that one couple who is working in the same office. Yes, everyone knows that couple! 801 more words


Simplest difference between Strategy and Tactics

As a advertising executive or more precisely digital strategist,  i have worked with various agencies and clients both international and national. One thing is common among all is that they all say the same thing what is our strategy for the next week/month, and on multiple occasions i have tried to convey them that strategy is one time what you are asking is either a plan, a campaign idea and it’s execution or some tactics for achieving our strategic objective. 128 more words