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Rolling Barrage

Rolling Barrage

by Richard Martin

Last week we looked at the “future paradox.” The further into the future one looks, the greater the uncertainty. Parallel with this, the lead time for complex initiatives and plans and the lag time between intentions and realization can sometimes be years. 536 more words


David and Goliath – The Potential Advantages of Smaller Firms

If you find yourself competing against a much larger competitor, be encouraged. They have weaknesses! Just as Goliath did against David!

Part of the challenge for the mega firms is that they don’t easily see their weaknesses. 167 more words

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2017 - Business Un-usual? Series 2 of 4

This week the Effectiveness lab discusses the framework for delivering effective individual new year resolutions

Very aware of the fact that resolutions are abandoned only a few days into the new year, we have to assume that it continues to be ‘2017 business un-usual’ for you.   1,288 more words


5 Types of Social Media Influencers: Classified + Defined

When marketers think about social media influencers, typically they think of two groups of people: celebrities, and internet celebrities.

What these two groups have in common, and what marketers find appealing about them when devising an ‘influencer strategy’ or ‘influencer program’, is that they both have significant social reach. 627 more words

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What to Measure in the Employee Engagement Survey

You’ve finally admitted that you’ve had enough – enough of reading facial expressions, enough of listening carefully for double meaning, enough of second guessing – all in an attempt to figure out the level of # 469 more words

Expect even stranger events in 2017: why citizenship is (nearly) dead.

The impact of globalisation; the rise of ‘false facts’ and of ‘click-journalism’; the widening gap between richest and poorest; the simple desire to give politicians a kicking: all of these have been identified as likely causes for the rise of populism and its most obvious manifestations in the UK EU referendum result and, in the US, the election of Donald Trump. 914 more words

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the S&P after the Trump election raly

Taking numbers from Factset, a very reliable source, the S&P 500 is trading at about 17x estimated 2017 earnings.  That’s based on the assumption of slightly more than 10% eps growth from the S&P components this year–a figure I think is reasonable. 497 more words

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