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How sustainable is your consultancy’s performance as you prepare for sale?

Selling your business is a long and demanding process that can last anywhere from 4 to 9 months. During this entire time the business needs to continue to show the same growth trajectory as in the years leading up to the sale – all the while dealing with the added demands of compiling the information required by those investigating whether they’d like to make an offer. 537 more words

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Retaining Customer Loyalty on today's Customer Journey Rollercoaster

In his most recent blog, Teleperformance UK & RSA CEO Matt Sims wrote about the changing customer journey and how there has been a dramatic change in the way that customers and companies engage in the past decade. 522 more words

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Are there solutions to the Syrian conflict?

In my last post, I commented that there was a problem for ceasefires without a solution potentially acceptable to both sides: ” they solve nothing, as both sides try to strengthen their positions, and when one side cannot do much more, it is in their interest to restart as quickly as possible.” Since writing that, the ceasefire has disintegrated and the Russians and Assad-loyal troops are resuming operations against the rebels in Aleppo with more vigour than before. 974 more words

The Customer Journey Is More Complex Than Ever

Last week saw the annual Execs in the Know Customer Response Summit take place in Austin, Texas. I was not able to attend, but I know that several of my colleagues from Teleperformance USA were there and… 432 more words

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What does the 4th industrial revolution mean for strategic consultancy?

The 4th industrial revolution has many definitions – what we are using it to mean is:

What do strategic consultants do?

Strategic consultants may specialise in IT, HR, law, finance, marketing, M&A or foresight, but the essential roles in relation to their client organisations are generally thought to be fourfold: 638 more words

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Motivating Teams with Focus

Below is an article published by the company In The Moment (link to their website). In The Moment specialize in coaching, team dynamics and organizational behaviour, and in the excellent article below discuss how project focus plays such a positive influence on performance. 1,044 more words

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Do you exploit change or simply endure it?

Monday STAND TO!

By Richard Martin, Expert in Business Readiness and Exploiting Change

Do you try to mould your future and create the conditions for your success, or do you instead remain passive while others seize the initiative? 387 more words