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Marketing Your Business: You Can’t Rush The Process

Although I am not a marketer, as a business advisor I am often asked what are the most effective ways to market a company. Business owners tend to ask me what tactics they should use to gain the ‘best’ and ‘fastest’ results. 330 more words

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why are higher interest rates good for banks?

There are two factors involved:

behavior of bank managements:  To a considerable degree, commercial banks are able to use changes in interest rates to their money-making advantage.   333 more words

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Are Your Plans "Priced for Perfection"?

by Richard Martin

There’s an oft-repeated dictum in investment: Avoid investments that are priced for perfection. You should avoid stocks and other investments the price of which reflects all the actual and potential “good news” about its value. 531 more words

Relevance Of Military Strategy To Business

Re-using scenarios in strategy

Scenarios are the most powerful vehicles I know for challenging our mental models about the world and lifting he blinkers that limit our creativity and resourcefulness” 603 more words

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5 Steps to Getting Your Business Back on Track

One of the biggest challenges I find many small business owners face is dealing with complacency. When a new business first starts out, owners are overcome with excitement with every forward step. 719 more words

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I'm Too Busy to Plan

by Richard Martin

I’ve often heard this ridiculous statement, inside and outside the military: “We can’t take time to strategize and plan; we’re too busy right now.”But if not now, when? 570 more words

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Flow - The Book

I had some fun earlier this week presenting to a group of Agile enthusiasts about end-to-end product development and I managed to get a plug in for my forthcoming book called: 64 more words