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What Can You Do About Poor Performers?

As a business advisor I see the issue of poor performers come up all the time. If you’re a small to medium-sized business owner you want to be out there growing and developing your business, not mired in staffing problems. 499 more words

Business Advice

A Broader Look at Firms' Corporate Social Performance in 2000-2010

With a strong interest for firms’ relationship with stakeholders and, more broadly, society, we constantly read about how firms address – or not – a wide variety of social issues.

850 more words
Environmental And Social Issues

Scammers chasing customer data on social media

A recurring theme for everyone involved in managing the customer experience is how the number of channels used has dramatically increased in the past few years. 443 more words

Current Affairs

How Do Customers Really Want To Consume Content?

The BBC recently launched a new app called BBC+. It aims to roll together a variety of BBC content all into one place, but some analysts are suggesting that many people are suffering app fatigue. 381 more words

Current Affairs

All Change Please!

I’ve not had a chance to blog recently because I’ve just changed roles to become the CIO of Aviva Ireland and I’m loving it.

I actually decided to re-join financial services, after a 10 year hiatus, in order to get embroiled in FinTech and the rise of InsurTech so that I can help a very traditional company avoid being disrupted by new entrants. 208 more words


The Importance of Data Dashboards

By: Karen Jess

A vehicle dashboard provides vital information: speed, gas left in the tank, engine temperature, etc. This information is important to the driver of the vehicle as nobody wants to be stuck on the side of the road with an empty gas tank. 294 more words


10 reasons why digital transformations are difficult

Digital transformation programs are everywhere. But how many will succeed? Sector after sector, firms have woken up to the potential (and threat) posed by digital. Many have reacted decisively, investing to upgrade channels, automate manual processes or build new digitally enhanced products and services. 1,005 more words