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Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty (DMDU)

The 2017 DMDU Workshop was held in Oxford from 13-15 November, at the Oxford Martin School. This is a grand building in the centre of Oxford which used to be the Indian Institute! 535 more words

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The new Aussie battlers: The context and rationale for “challenger” strategies in Australia

This post is featured on Deloitte Australia’s Strategy blog. The blog is co-authored by Kate Huggins, Michael Chen and Samantha Twibill.

Today, it is possible to interact almost exclusively with ‘challenger businesses’ in our day-to-day lives – we can fly with  1,008 more words


Why the intersection of Social Media and AI signals both - promise & peril for Marketers

It’s the classic yin and yang of marketing:

Over the last decade, social media empowered brands to infinitely scale – to amass large audiences, seek virality, and communicate for minimal cost. 520 more words

The religionists are the enemies of liberty, and the friends of liberty attack religion; the high- minded and the noble advocate subjection, and the meanest and most servile minds preach independence; honest and enlightened citizens are opposed to all progress, whilst men without patriotism and without principles are the apostles of civilization and of intelligence.

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Memories of Watts Wacker

I heard recently that futurist Watts Wacker has died. He was a leading thinker from the 1980’s onwards, using a variety of styles and images to help people and organisations think about the future. 884 more words

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The personalized customer experience at scale is the on ramp to smart, effective digital strategy. Marketers should take note.

Marketing Expert John Ellett (Forbes Columnist)  and I recently discussed the findings from an SAP Digital Executive Transformation Study conducted in partnership with Oxford Economics. The report examined the difference between leading companies (top 3%)  who were achieving significant results from their digital transformation efforts by being more profitable while growing faster than their peers ( the remaining 97%) . 473 more words


The future of retail: You ain't seen nothing yet

For some time retail has been “omnichannel” and then “mobile first”. But mobile is moving into the maturity phase.  As one S-curve of adoption slackens off, the next one picks up.  582 more words