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5 Defensive Behaviors Leaders Provoke

Defensiveness is driven by our ego. A concern for a real or imagined threat to our status or criticism. If a co-worker or boss “make” feel bad remember two points: Feelings aren’t accurate and secondly, no one has any power except that we assign to them. 318 more words


Read These Books!

Best Business Books of 2014: Here is a list from the editors of Strategy and Business. And, of course, we would add to this list EBM CEO Adrian Dearnell’s book on Media Training which you can order on Amazon.com or Fnac.com!


The Death of Numbers-Based Performance Management

Here’s a link  along with accompanying video – to a very interesting piece from Strategy and Business with regard to ineffectiveness of the majority of Performance Management systems in operation in today’s organisations.  137 more words

High Performance

Six Principles for Doing Business in Latam

Strategy and Business published a piece on doing business where governance is weak. They talk about how to succeed in markets that are prone to ethical and legal risks and focus their article on examples in Asia and the Middle East. 358 more words

Latin America

Forget talent and intelligence - Grit gets you success

Talent and intelligence will get you only so far. The key ingredient to success, says Duckworth, is grit. It’s that special something that keeps certain people dedicated to their goal (whether it involves their studies, their projects, their clients, or something else) for the long haul, determined to accomplish what they set out to do. 194 more words