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Closing the Gap

How often have your great strategic campaigns fallen into a black hole for lack of execution? What are you doing wrong? A new book publisher by HBR Press has five ideas to help.

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Thought Leadership

Savvy Saturday January 30, 2016

“Looking from afar – from present to past, from exile to homeland, from island back to mainland, mountain-top at lowland – results not in vision’s diffusion but in its sharpening; not in memory’s dispersal but in its plenishment.”

― Robert Macfarlane, Landmarks


Branding VS Brand Strategy

You may have dozens of broadcast commercials, press releases, logos, websites and posters to promote your brand. But if there’s no brand strategy behind all that, you’re wasting your money.

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Thought Leadership

Reading Into Social Media

Everyone uses some sort of social media these days, but how can you actually benefit from all this tweeting and posting? Social media can offer you the pulse of your customers if you know how and what to measure. 17 more words