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Starcraft 2

Starcraft is a highly skill/strategy based game that is kinda difficult to describe itself. In Starcraft there are three races: The Zerg, The Protoss, and The Terran. 486 more words


HearthStone is a card-bases strategy game that is one of Blizzard free to play games. It was released march 11, 2014. Hearthstone is a pretty basic card game  sept with a few twists. 83 more words

Europa Universalis IV: Songhai Will Not Die

So having finished my Portugal/Spain game, I’m still very much obsessed with Europa Universalis IV, it’s like the game I spent my whole life wanting and I don’t foresee myself getting tired of it for a long while yet. 2,212 more words

Strategy Games

Mastermind! (again)

There’s No One More Mindful Than Me Here, You Could Even Say I’m The Mastermind!

Okay, I know that’s a bad line, but we actually already wrote a post about this game which you can read… 893 more words


Board Game Review: Munchkin

When strategy is your go to, action packed, door kicking, monster slaying action game is the game for you. Make a hero and show off your trove to your friends and become the greatest hero. 131 more words



Number of Players: 2-4

Year of Publication: 2000

Creator(s):  Bernard Tavitian (designer) and Alan D. Hoch (artist) 739 more words


Let's Play With My Heart [part 5]

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Part 4 of the ongoing “stream of conscious” audio copy of this blog – while playing Dota 2! 74 more words

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