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San Juan Strategy

Over the holidays I had the opportunity to play Puerto Rico for the first time. I loved the gameplay, and the economic elements. After that, I looked for it in digital version and found San Juan. 903 more words

Strategy Games

Remember when?.

Remember when Command and Conquer was a thriving series? I remember playing it inside an internet café and the armies being so vast that the game crashed. 305 more words

Total War Warhammer Review

The Total War series has been going on for eighteen years now, an example of excellent and addictive turn based strategy games, accompanied by real time battles against, in my opinion, some of the best Artificial Intelligence (AI) in gaming to date. 1,336 more words


Rivals of Ixalan: Top 10 Best Commander / EDH Cards

The newest set of Magic the Gathering is almost here and with it comes some sweet additions for Commander players. From powerful dinosaurs to the return of a very familiar face, Rivals of Ixalan is shaping up to be a great set. 1,482 more words


Europa Universalis IV: A World Conquest

I have been taking a few liberties with my EUIV blog writing and I have fallen two campaigns behind, so here is my Ottoman World Conquest that I completed in 1.22, I started it just before Third Rome came out and I finished it about a month and a half after, I went through a period of not playing as much EU4, and at the time, this was all I was playing on it. 1,581 more words


Playing Dod - The Detail of Dominions

Dominions is extraordinary in scope. It’s a fantasy game series by Illwinter Games, now in its fifth iteration, that eschews Tolkienesque high fantasy for something steeped in real-world traditions of folklore and myth. 2,120 more words


Total War: Warhammer - Mortal Empires Review – A Great Strategy Undertaking Pays Off

Total War: Warhammer – Mortal Empires
Creative Assembly/SEGA

I’ll say this right off the bat—being a fantasy geek who has played all manner of pen and paper RPGs in the past, I’ve always lusted after a computer game that could emulate the titanic battles showcased in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings saga. 997 more words

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