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Sneak Peek: Carcassonne

That’s right, we’ll be reviewing the perennial classic board game, Carcassonne! This board game first came out in 2000 and was designed by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, and it has captivated board gamers for the last 15 years. 74 more words

Fortress America: Defend the Homeland!

Are you searching for a board game that your friends or family can play during bonding night? Then you should definitely try Fortress America! It’s a must-have for anyone who is into war movies or war games. 27 more words


Intro to Tabletop Gaming

I really enjoy tabletop games. “Jen, don’t you mean board games? Isn’t that the same thing?” Well, no, not exactly. A board game is typically a game where some kind of game board is involved, but a tabletop game is basically any kind of game that can be played on a table. 745 more words

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Druid's Prerogative Session 4

So after cracking out on Pillars of Eternity for the week, I was thinking I needed to post something, and I’ve been feeling like I was neglecting the Druid’s Prerogative AAR a bit (hells, I played a second game of Dominions in the middle of the writing the first three sessions just so I could play casually without having to write about it – they’re two different kinds of fun).  67 more words


Total War:Attila (PC) review

First a little note about the DLC controversy. I am ignoring all the DLC drama that happened with this game, and writing a review about the game itself. 1,494 more words



Some video games are not entirely for entertainments sake. Believe it or not, most games really do help people solve their real-life problems such as financial, family planning, proper education, and even business. 834 more words