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Lennon and McCartney, Jobs and Wozniak: innovation through trusted sparring partners

Many professional service firms have innovation as a key strategic theme. At the front-end of most innovation processes, is the step of generating fresh, creative, out-of-the-box ideas. 536 more words

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Is 2017 the year the fat smoker quits?

Eleven years ago David Maister published a brilliant article on the barriers to strategic change in professional service firms. In Strategy and the Fat Smoker… 871 more words

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5 takeaways from teaching management at the Melbourne Law School

“The best way to learn is to teach.”

I had the privilege and pleasure to present the Management for Professionals subject on the Melbourne Law Masters program over this past week. 521 more words

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European Union and Iran: Turning the Page?

By Elbay Alibayov

On 25 October, the European Parliament passed a resolution on the EU strategy towards Iran. It is a comprehensive document consisting of five sections under a preamble: (a) political dialogue, (b) trade & economy, (c) sectoral cooperation, (d) regional security, and (e) socio-economic issues, rule of law, democracy and human rights. 2,027 more words

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How to Make Right Decisions in the Age of Uncertainty

The threats and opportunities in the Age of Uncertainty

We live in the Age of Uncertainty. From individuals, to families, communities, social groups, governments, business entities, international organisations—we all live in an environment which is much different from what we used to live in, and increasingly so. 976 more words


(IIb/III) Diplomacy, Development, Defence in Action: 3D Stabilisation Strategy for Iraq

In complex situations, an opportunity often avails itself in totally unexpected places, directions and forms that are not possible to discover or predict by logical computation (whatever artificial intelligence or big data employed), historic cases and experiences or trend extrapolation; this is where professional intuition of managers grounded in talent and years of experience shall drive the decision-making by using decision-making methods that use clues, heuristics and other tools of cognition.
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Five steps to becoming a more agile firm

Most professional service firms have woken up to the reality that if you’re changing slower than your competitive environment you’re going backwards. So the next question is, how do we change, or better still, how do we change faster? 951 more words

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