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Culture - Get This Right

When the culture gets it right it becomes part of the DNA of your Business working hand in hand with your Strategy, it’s the nervous system that connects all people, functions, businesses that accelerates your processes and increases efficiency and productivity. 37 more words

3 Traditional Marketing and PR Initiatives That Still Work

With the advent of social channels, virtual workplaces and mobile customers, traditional marketing initiatives can sometimes seem stale or irrelevant. But the truth of the matter is that the best marketing campaigns combine some of the ever tried and true best marketing practices with new inbound methods, social media channels and digital communications. 717 more words


The Results You Get Are Tied to the Things You Give

What does reciprocity in business mean to you? For most business owners, business is simply the exchange of payment for goods and services, essentially the sale. 605 more words


The Business of Printing for Marketers

Marketing executives admit that jobs printed in-house often pose more trouble than they’re worth, new survey says.

The age-old business dilemma: to outsource or not. Is running an in-house print shop the most cost-effective strategy for your business, or does doing so diminish your core-business focus — at the expense of profitability? 526 more words

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Key Needs for most Data Management Project

Thoughts and Key Strategies for Test Data Management:

Data Acquisition

  • Data Profiling and Distribution
    • Data that includes confidential or sensitive information can still be shared, however.
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Cultural fit, or do you mean no misfit?

I’d love a dollar for every managing partner that says they want to recruit a new person, or acquire a new practice, that has the right cultural fit. 484 more words

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