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ADV180 Assignment 2 Mini Essay 3

Organising idea

It is crucial that every brand needs a strong organising idea to convey the core message behind it. Based on this, they create advertising campaigns. 464 more words

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ADV 180 Assignment 1:Insect Campaign

‘Time to Evolve’ Campaign evaluation and report

The Brief

Product / Service

The latest cuisine in western culture

Business Objective

To change consumers eating habits, opening their eyes to the scarcity of the world’s food supply. 1,339 more words

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ADV180 Assignment 2: 5 mini essays

Preventing Failure: Apple Watch

            It has been a year since Apple released their latest product, the Apple Watch (24th April 2015), and I am yet to see one on someone’s wrist. 2,397 more words

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Assignment 5 - (5) Tone of Voice (Insects)

Hi new-bees,

Our friends at the hive have been working tirelessly; day and night to make our delicious honey coated pollen and bee bites.

Buzzing along, these busy-bees dance to and fro from flowers and blossoms, sipping out what we call nectar, a sugary juice they then use to make their heavenly honey and pollen. 163 more words

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Assignment 2: (4) Competition - Dominoes vs Pizza Hut

Competition is something which is essential in a capitalist economy, it pushes for better quality for the consumers and it means that brands cannot get complacent and not further push their business goals. 449 more words

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Assignment 2 - (3) Organising Idea (Finishizer)

The original photo would display powerful men in Germany in the time of World War II showing their following for their leader Adolf Hitler. He was of course a horrible man who proceed with genocide of over 10 million Jewish lives. 422 more words

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Assignment 2 - (2) Target Market (Famous Grouse)

“As my grandpappy once said, “Global warming won’t bother me, because I don’t drink my whiskey on the rocks—I drink it straight out of the bottle.” Wisely put, grandpappy, wisely put.” 468 more words

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