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What Marketing is About and Why It is Important

Today’s widespread use of social media as a marketing tool is increasingly blurring the distinction between marketing on one side and communication on the other… 562 more words

The Year Ahead Part 2

This is touching on what was told to us in the first lecture we had that I said I would get around to. It’s going to cover a lot of ground taken as notes but I’ll provide the necessary screenshots from the presentation we were given for more context. 1,005 more words

Thesis Film

Market Segmentation. Dos and Don'ts

Identifying market segments is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks for marketers and businesses. Still, market segmentation is of critical importance for a business to gain differential advantage over it competitors (McDonald and Wilson, 2016). 888 more words

Does the ten thousand hour rule apply to Enterprise Architects?

Do some enterprise architects become masters at their discipline without hours of practice, or does it really take 10,000 hours?
Of course 10,000 hours is a long time. 1,173 more words

Enterprise Architecture

Clustering benefits for sustainability

Cluster based destinations may also have many benefits for sustainability. First, adequate cluster development planning makes it also easier to prevent the tourist flows from overflowing the carrying capacity of the environmentally fragile areas, or having negative impacts on the residents’ lives. 325 more words


Use Mock Layoffs for a Well-Oiled Machine

It’s amazing how success can cause numerous blind spots for managers and executives.  The greater the success, the more severe the blind spots.  As an advisor I sometimes poke on these blind spots only to get a reaction like “Hey, we’re doing really well, what’s the problem?”  Well, it can be a big problem for multiple reasons that can backfire on you later if you’re not careful.   828 more words

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