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5 Bad Habits To Break Right Now for Weight Loss Success

There is some debate on how long it actually takes to build a healthy habit. Some research shows it takes roughly three weeks to become accustomed to something new, while other studies argue it takes longer or varies on the task to be learned. 514 more words

Weight Loss

8 Painless Tips for National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, when the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reminds everyone to return to the basics of healthy eating. The Academy’s theme this year, “Put Your Best Fork Forward,” emphasizes the importance of little changes in our dietary habits, and how, when put together, those little changes can have a major impact. 565 more words

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Destination models’ brand values related variables

Character and style harmony: many destinations pay special attention to the architectural style and urban aesthetics to guarantee a harmonic urban landscape. This harmony is very appreciated by most upscale tourists, for it is an important requirement to attract the highest spenders. 538 more words

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The destination model as a key factor for competitiveness and sustainability

The competitiveness of a tourism destination is not just a matter of tourism operators’ performance. Instead, the potential of a destination for competing in the travel market is determined from the top government policies regarding urban planning, public services, territory planning –protecting natural interest areas-, and tourism development planning, determining tourism related regulations, license policies, investments in facilities and infrastructures and also cross-destination marketing planning and execution. 368 more words

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Understanding the forces to design strategy


Understanding the five competitive forces that shape industry’s structure is the first step in the strategy design process. Every business should understand the key factors that determine the current profitability, as well as the ones responsible for the profitability shifts at least in the recent past. 7,683 more words

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Changing forces, reshaping profitability

Industry structures tend to be rather stable, though there are usually some adjustments and occasionally some radical disruptions. Change drivers may come from outside or from within the industry: technological disruptions such as the rise of internet and social media, changes in customer needs and rise of new segments, development of new business models, etc. 393 more words

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Factors to consider when analyzing the industry profitability

Beyond analyzing the five competitive forces that shape the industry structure and its long term profitability, there are other factors that are usually analyzed but also overvalued as key indicators when estimating long term profitability. 422 more words

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