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The Marketing Plan 3.0: Defining target profiles

To fulfil these roles there are many possible candidate profiles, some of which may play many roles at a time. This is actually the goal of the marketing strategies, to engage these targets in playing as many roles as possible, within their limitations. 179 more words

Marketing 3.0

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Defining targets’ roles

Beyond the target tourists, the segmentation strategy formulation should also consider other groups and individuals who are not to become tourists necessarily but are also constituents of the marketing strategies, as they are about to play one or many important roles in the destination development. 164 more words

Marketing 3.0

Enterprise Architecture and Wardley Maps

I had an interesting conversation recently about the use of Wardley maps as part of an Enterprise Architecture and Digital Transformation programme recently. I had looked at using Wardley maps some time ago but now I think it is a good time to incorporate their use into normal Enterprise Architecture/ Business Architecture work. 461 more words

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The Marketing Plan 3.0: Targeting or segmentation strategy

The formulation of the targeting strategy starts by analyzing the profitability of the current targets and the occupancy gaps. First of all, from the results of the Marketing Audit, there should be a table drafted featuring the occupancy rates throughout the year and the percentage of tourists corresponding to each target, indicating for every period the average profitability of every target, as a result of the relation between their expenditure and the associated marketing costs for attracting this target. 469 more words

Marketing 3.0

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Positioning or brand strategy

The positioning or brand strategy defines the identity that the destination intends to project in the outbound markets, as a way to synthetically communicate the destination’s main attributes, create an expectation in the mind of the potential tourists and set itself apart from competitors. 361 more words

Marketing 3.0

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Drafting strategy goals

The mission statement has to be turned into a set of goals to orient the strategy formulation and into a set of specific and measurable objectives to optimize the organizational efforts. 235 more words

Marketing 3.0

Developing Long-Lasting, Trusted Client Relationships

How many of your clients think of you as being essential to their growth and profits?

How many of them see you as a cost to be carefully managed? 251 more words

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