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Dancing Crickets...

We still have public radio in the UK. BBC is funded by me and other taxpayers and therefore BBC still has public service duties to deliver. 596 more words


Role of purpose and intent in customer success

How do you begin to assess how successful you are likely to be with your customers ahead of the customer success journey?

Taking this approach, perhaps you can even determine if you should embark on the journey or not. 458 more words

Customer Success

Where did my Money go?

As a result of the measures applied for tackling the last financial crisis, entrepreneurial funding have exploded up to  $39.4 billion in Q3’17 according to KPMG. 243 more words


The Purpose of Marketing in a Modern Business

Marketing & Its Function Over Time

Update your social medial. Improve your engagement. Understand the customer/product map.

These are all words that many people hear if they work in the media or marketing industry. 867 more words


Mystic Vale - Strategy

Mystic Vale is a deck-building / card-building game with a truly innovative mechanic and a lot of set up variability. Push your luck, gather your mana and buy more upgrades. 472 more words


Angels Fall First

Secretly for years, Strangely Interactive Ltd has been creating a tactical first-person shooter game set in the space age! Command your infantry from the safety of your flagship or engage in tactical infantry firefights, the choice is yours! 1,056 more words


911 Operator Torrent Download

911 Operator Overview

911 operator is not a game about some kind of epic, dramatic mystery story with tons of action and hidden plot twists. Instead, it tells the story of very real people, who, instead of battling dragons or mutants, have to face very real horrors every day of their real lives. 360 more words

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