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Recommended Herd Behavior

I just can’t get away from these cow metaphors. I grew up in the country and worked, for a while, in a dairy. You can learn a lot from cows. 574 more words


Internet of Things, predictive analytics and the future of smart water treatment

Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cloud computing. The buzz has been on the mainstream media for more than three years. IoT is now defined as… 829 more words


Strategic Insight: The "Strong Side" of the Jungle

If you’ve ever heard this term and had no idea what was going on, let me enlighten you.

Back in Season 4’s preseason changes, there was an enormous focus on increasing the strategy around vision control. 499 more words


OODA Your Way to Victory In Malifaux

The OODA loop is something I am a huge fan of. It was drilled into my head when I was in the military and it’s now getting some play in tech/business world as well. 2,100 more words




And the answer was so simple too!

Special thanks to @hesokuri-wars and all others who posted their strategies too! 

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To be fair, the Kara stages in general seem much easier to do than the other Matsu stages. As long as you have at least one maxed out Kara to rely on.

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Hesokuri Wars--Set Stats based On Their Descriptions


Hello, hello! I know that many people cannot read Japanese and therefore cannot read the pros and cons of each specific set for Hesokuri Wars.

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