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Big Brother Power Rankings - 7/28

Frank is now gone and I am really sad. It’s crazy after I hated him two weeks ago. I now wish he was still in the game. 500 more words

Reality Tv

Effective Methods of Determining Sales Force Size

In most companies, the sales force is the most critical part of the business; thus determining the sales force size is critical in planning for sales governance. 554 more words

Tantangan Dan Masa Depan Industri Telekomunikasi Dari Perspektif Keuangan

Oleh: Harry Andrian Simbolon, SE, MAk, QIA, Ak, CA, CPA

Sebelum ini perusahaan telekomunikasi (“telco”) di seluruh dunia menikmati pertumbuhan yang terus berkelanjutan, tidak hanya dari sisi pendapatan tetapi biaya inkrementalnya juga. 843 more words


South Australian Government supports local recycling with landfill price signals

By Mike Ritchie – Director, MRA Consulting Group

The decision to increase the levy to $103/t over 4 years will send a strong pricing signal to recyclers and waste generators in South Australia. 395 more words


Take A Load Off

Is it different being a female entrepreneur than a male? Well, never having been a male, I’m not sure of the answer. But having been a female for a very long time (as in always), I know what the experience is like for me. 100 more words


You don't know what you don't know.

Have you ever heard the saying “you don’t know what you don’t know”?

Business as usual isn’t going to cut it in a world where “the new normal” puts the power strongly in the hands of your customers and technological innovations can make you irrelevant overnight. 176 more words

Haves and Have Nots

Last week I had a chance to spend time with a group of CIOs hosted by a well known information technology company. During the course of the 2.5 day session, the host company took some time to tell us about their IT operations and strategy. 200 more words