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I was recently in Florida for a conference. While at the conference I met up with one of my coworkers. My coworker is a younger guy in his early 20’s, this is his first professional job and first time working a conference. 380 more words


Instagram for Business

Instagram Basics
Why do you as a consumer find yourself attracted to Instagram? Well if you don’t know right off the top let discover some thought patterns and typical behaviour. 1,362 more words

Social Media Marketing

Bi-weekly Update for March 19th, 2018


In the past two weeks, the House of Commons and Senate were not in session while the Ontario Legislature met. The calendar was as follows: 832 more words

First Reading

The first steps in initiating change

I was working with a client a while ago, looking at ways to improve performance of the supply chain and operations. They have been experiencing problems for some time, and their solutions were floundering. 550 more words

Systems Thinking

Exploring New International Markets? Check-Out These 3 Ways

There are different methods and options when determining a marketing and distribution channel for any international market. But, irrespective of the characteristics of the product or service, we know it won’t touch the customer by itself. 743 more words


Open Data: Making raw info interesting to surprising age groups

Municipalities create and collect a lot of data!

Jessica Rayes is at the heart of the “coolest team at the City”, which is making the City of Toronto’s vast amount data available and usable in apps, reports, visualizations and more. 87 more words


Counter Strike: Global Offensive

In my freshmen year in high school, valve released a game on steam called Counter Strike Global Offensive. This game became popular for the next two years where people spent money for cosmetic items. 182 more words