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Hearthstone - Rank 20 is a weird place...

Rank 20 is a weird place…


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How to build a growth web hosting company? 

9 ways how to make a marketing strategy. The strategy created by writer based on opinion and knowledge from marketing management

1. Research. Calculate the customers need. 173 more words

Successful Strategic Planning

In my last blog post, I wrote about how to improve your strategic thinking skills. While this is a necessary leadership capability, as a leader you are also likely going to engage others to determine the future direction of your department or organization, because: 684 more words


Hearthstone - -1 durability weapon...

-1 durability weapon…

Kibler on stream (a while ago now) got a -1 durability weapon. It was usable but he replaced it to play fair (I'm sure the science people will not be happy, haha!) 20 more words

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Hearthstone - [JainaMage Fan Art] My magic will tear you apart!

My magic will tear you apart!


Slowly making my way through the Hearthstone classes.

More of my characters over here

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Donald Trump Knows What Is Driving The Market Down

Yum brands is tanking because of this.

Nuveen is tanking because of this.

Expect more commentary, people and more stock market pundits saying exactly what is wrong and who is to blame for the stock market falling. 9 more words