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Does your small business have a data collection strategy?

I’ve talked in the past about data and how the big brands are using data to understand their target market better. Smaller brands are now doing the same, that means you and your small business can too. 301 more words


Inventing Basics: Focus, Finance, and Feedback - Part III

The next three blogs will address three topics important to inventors:

  • Focus
  • Finance
  • Feedback

Today’s topic: Feedback

The process of dreaming up an idea, transforming it into an invention, then a product, and getting it into the marketplace is a meticulous, difficult and lengthy process. 439 more words


Big Decisions

We have now grown to a sizeable team of 60+ people. A couple of months ago a large PE firm approached us with an interest to invest in us. 321 more words

Dare To Dream

Once you start to challenge yourself, you will not only find yourself enlightened by the knowledge and progression you are making, but how you are constantly surrounded by others who want to be motivated and pushed as well. 370 more words


Fashion Thinking – 5 Ways To Innovate Your Business Strategy

This Fashion Thinking framework will unleash all kinds of ways to anticipate the new and remix the old.

If your goal is to be an organization that can fluidly and flexibly adapt to complex environments, then consider incorporating elements of Fashion Thinking. 525 more words


Creating the “AT” Moment

What does The Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Gandhi, Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and other superior leaders, teachers and innovators (and potentially you) all have in common? 1,186 more words


Wishful Thinking: Doorkickers

When Did I Put This On The List? 

September 3, 2013.

Why Did I Put This On The List? 

I have fond memories of Rainbow Six, a game primarily concerned with carefully laying out a sequence of instructions for a team of people with guns so that they could shoot people without getting shot themselves. 251 more words