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Banished - Any suggestions for an exciting Youtube Playthrough?

Any suggestions for an exciting Youtube Playthrough?

Hi! I have a small youtube channel ( Another British Gamer ) , and a while ago I did a Mountain Men Achievement Playthrough on Banished. 46 more words

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Both Hillary and Bernie's Plans for Fighting Islamic State Are Problematic

Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have prioritized the threat of Islamic State (IS) in their presidential platforms, yet Clinton has provided much more detail about how she would tackle the IS problem. 761 more words

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Cities Skylines - Good ways to go from freeways to roads? (via /u/Mathazad)

Good ways to go from freeways to roads?

What is the best way to go from a freeway to a main road? I'd like to have a nice interchange that converts from the Highway roads to the two-ways roads. 20 more words

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What Is Self-Confidence?

What Is Self-Confidence?

Easy to identify, yet probably difficult to define, conceptualize, and measure what does self-confidence mean?

One of the main requirements to success, happiness and reaching your goals is confidence. 616 more words


Cities Skylines - [Q] Zonable Pedestrian Paths? (via /u/IfaqYurmama)

[Q] Zonable Pedestrian Paths?

Is there a seperate mod for that? I recall Traffic++ had it but i dont want that mod, is there a standalone? 12 more words

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Sei pronto per il futuro?? via Insider Pro

10 abilità di cui avrai bisogno nel 2020

Il report “The Future of Jobs” presenta un sondaggio condotto fra i dirigenti di oltre 350 aziende, appartenenti a nove settori industriali di 15 delle più grandi economie del mondo, in cui sono state chieste previsioni su come il progresso tecnologico obbligherà il mercato del lavoro a evolversi. 64 more words