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How can we make better decisions in organisations?

Is the quality of decisions made in organisations any better now than it was fifty years ago?

We have quicker, faster, better technology – but human nature and the way in which we think and act is still unchanged. 493 more words


Kelly Criterion Strategy On blackjack | affwl.com

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Continuous Improvement: Structure, Teams and Equipment

So, how do we go about this continuous improvement challenge? Do we rush out and buy new equipment or employ a new team, or do we sit down and take a good hard look at ourselves, what we have and how well we’re using it. 665 more words

Systems Thinking

Will Artifact Be Pay-to-Win?

Artifact is an upcoming Dota Trading Card Game (TCG) by Valve set to be released this year. There hasn’t been much information revealed about the gameplay, but we do know that it should simulate a match of Dota (has Heroes, Items, etc). 842 more words


Get away to get ahead

The many benefits of a strategic offsite, and how to not screw it up.

This is a guest blog courtesy of Dr Jason Fox who will be sharing his pioneering leadership and motivation design magic at… 3,084 more words

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The Limits of Autodidacticism

Reading an article about the strange Hitlerian and Nazi fixation with Welteislehre, World Ice Theoryprompted some reflections on Adolph Hitler’s strange legacy of… 514 more words

Jim Langcuster

Challenge Accepted Part 1: The Highlord's Return from Six Angles

So I can start writing a new series, because I have finished not one, but two entire role’s artifact challenges.

The tank challenges are fascinating, and I did use the plural purposefully. 2,197 more words