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BBYAC April 2015 - Let them eat cake! Stratigraphy session

In our April session we learned all about stratigraphy – that’s all the different layers in the soil that helps us to understand how archaeological sites developed, the age of different layers and helps us to tell the story of what happened. 372 more words

What is an Open Area Excavation? - Basse Yutz Bronze Wine Flagons, Moselle, France - Hacilar, Turkey

What is an Open Area Excavation?

An Open area excavation, (also called open excavation, or stripping) is where a large area is stripped of its topsoil and the underlying archaeology is exposed. 919 more words

What Is Archaeology

Geopic of the week: Bioturbation

Pictured above is clay and sand of the Nacatoch Formation of southern Arkansas.  The clay beds, which stand slightly in relief, have been churned, and the sand has numerous cylindrical structures of various sizes.  112 more words

GeoPic Of The Week

Blindness to Worldviews

Dear hijas,

In picking back up in my review of Dr. John K. Reed’s book “Rocks Aren’t Clocks: A Critique of the Geologic Timescale”, I love these particular quotes from Chapter 6 titled ‘Unreliable Clocks': 270 more words


The Painfully Seated Camel

Camels often sit down mighty painfully. Perhaps their joints creak. Perhaps early oiling might prevent permanently hazardous aging. Or perhaps these sentences are just simple mnemonics and we are trying to remember the names of the geological periods.  878 more words


What is Battlefield Archaeology? - Romeo and Juliet Burial - Petra, Jordan

What is Battlefield Archaeology?

Battlefield archaeology is the study of areas where battles have taken place. This can be in a city, town, along a river, near the coast or in open areas and fields. 959 more words

What Is Archaeology

Evolution and the Fossil Record

The fossil record is probably one of the biggest problems for evolutionist, the theory of evolution predicts certain results to be found in the fossil record. 455 more words