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Creation Theory - Predictive, Testable Hypothesis 1

A truly scientific hypothesis must be predictive, testable, and any experimental result should be repeatable.

In looking at the sequence of events that I propose happened on the second day of creation there are three hypotheses that can be made, all of which are testable because they are predictive in nature. 1,126 more words


A 'proper' stratigraphic view of the 'Anthropocene'

Readers may recall my occasional rants over the years against the growing bandwagoning for an  ‘Anthropocene‘ epoch at the top of the stratigraphic column… 77 more words

Sedimentology And Stratigraphy

Stratigraphic Premiere

The Prism Saxophone Quartet and pianist Marilyn Nonken have been preparing the premiere of my Stratigraphy for a concert at U Penn this coming Saturday, March 19 at 7:30 pm in Rose Recital Hall. 287 more words

“When did the Anthropocene begin? A mid-twentieth century boundary level is stratigraphically optimal”


Zalasiewicz, J., et al., 2015. Quaternary International, 383, pp. 196-203.




We evaluate the boundary of the Anthropocene geological time interval as an epoch, since it is useful to have a consistent temporal definition for this increasingly used unit, whether the presently informal term is eventually formalized or not. 1,942 more words


New Sculptures

Here are two of my recent sculptures. The dimensions vary but range about 36″-48″ width/height, the second one is about 24″ high.

Artifacts. Techno-fossils. The black of the… 20 more words


Holocene or Anthropocene? What's the big deal?

Ever since seventeenth-century Danish scientist Nicholas Steno first came up with the idea that rock formations were stratified into horizontal layers according to the periods of time they were laid upon one another, geologists have attempted to discern the different geological time scales of the earth. 564 more words