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Old earth geology unable to interpret the data correctly

Enlightenment geology quickly developed as a pioneering science . Its vast prehistory ‘disproved’ Genesis, and widespread doubt about the Bible was confirmed by Darwin’s theory […]

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Exploring Capitol Rock, MT

Several weeks ago, I took a road trip with some friends across the northern part of South Dakota as part of a ham radio adventure. When we reached northwestern South Dakota, we were having so much fun that we decided to continue into just across the border into Montana. 1,161 more words


Patterns in the fossil record, part 1

Fossils are remains of organisms or traces of their activity preserved in the rock record. The scientific significance of fossils is truly remarkable, because they represent the only available archive of past forms of life. 1,822 more words


Alaska or Bust!

So, this is my first post! I won’t spend it introducing myself, as I have already done so on my About Me page.

Tomorrow I leave from my home town on the east coast, to fly all the way to Fairbanks to participate in a month long project with the Keck Geology Consortium. 176 more words



To me rocks are the bones of the earth. Everything else is temporary, but rock has a feeling of longevity about it, a connection to the earth that has a strong ‘grounding’ effect. 951 more words


When nihilists are unaware of Biblical history

According to “nihilist”:

A penchant for exaggeration: The bible simply cannot simply tell a story. It exaggerates to the point of being absurd. For example, it describes a flood that is so great in magnitude that the highest land-based mountains are subjmerged .

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In Search of the Golden Spike

            Humans fixate on classification. We are a race that defines terms, locates parameters, dissects systems, and gives name to the world around us. This ability to identify distinction and define difference has been used by geologists to date the Earth and show layers in her sedimentation that help explain the evolution of life. 1,039 more words