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A New Stratocaster Switching Configuration

Leo Fender got some things dead right and they have stood the test of time.  His Stratocaster* is one of the most versatile sounding electric guitars ever produced and it is still going strong, some sixty years after its first incarnation.  3,330 more words

Music Technology

"Locking" guitar strings on non-locking tuners

How to properly wind strings on a non-locking tuner to make the string “lock” on itself.

Winding Strings Around the Tuning Machines

Step by step guide to restringing your guitar. 115 more words


Begged, Borrowed, Stole #1 - Behringer Vintage Tube Monster VT999

This new feature is gear that I’ve essentially borrowed from peers and students to do a quick review for your amusement. I promise nothing was actually stolen, honest. 1,259 more words


Stratocaster® Setup Guide - Per Fender

Problem Description

How do I set up my Stratocaster® guitar properly? How do I change the strings? How do I adjust the truss rod? How do I set the intonation on my guitar? 2,678 more words


Poll: DIY experience

I’d like to get some feedback from my readers. What is your experience with guitar building and repairs? Are you an expert? Are you afraid to tinker with your guitar? 30 more words

REVIEW: 1994 Made in Japan, Fender Stratocaster

In the 1990’s, Fender commissioned a series of guitars to be built in Japan. These guitars were to be sold at an affordable price due to where they were manufactured, but Fender soon realised that the quality of these guitars was too high for the price they were being sold at and shut down the series pretty quick. 242 more words