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The Last Waltz

With only 40 available worldwide, the Last Waltz Strat is going to lead the way in Custom Shop’s most prestigious instruments to date. Luthier extraordinaire Todd Krause has taken the iconic bronze axe of The Band’s Robbie Robertson, and studied it relentlessly to recreate this one of a kind beauty. 263 more words

Limited Edition

All You Need Is Love and Fab Four Licensed Tribute Mini Guitars

It’s been more than a half-century since the Fab Four took over the Ed Sullivan Show and changed the world of music, fashion, movies, politics, and just about every other aspect of our lives. 222 more words

Officially Licensed Mini Guitars By AXE HEAVEN

Fender Stratocaster

Arguably the most iconic and one of the most popular guitars out there, the Fender Stratocaster was a culmination of evolution and design by Leo Fender himself and simply blew away the vast majority of competition for many years. 816 more words

Walsh 'Telepath': Custom Telecaster Style Guitar

“The Fender Telecaster, colloquially known as the Tele /ˈtɛli/, is the world’s first commercially successful solid-body electric guitar. Its simple yet effective design and revolutionary sound broke ground and set trends in electric guitar manufacturing and popular music.”  313 more words

Strat Saturday:

I love the Fender Stratocaster. This took me a long time to realize. Right now in my life I don’t know that I need another guitar. 192 more words

5 Myths Electric Guitar Players Can't Let Go

Myth 1: Tube amps are expensive kit for experts*

When electric guitar really became a mainstream hobby in the mid ’70s, “solid state,” transistor amplifiers were already available, and had a reputation for being more reliable and less expensive that amps using vacuum tubes, as all the older amps had been. 1,365 more words