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He Drummed With Pencils

In second grade, my son’s teacher recommended we get him tested for Attention Deficit Disorder.

We did, and (big surprise) his general practitioner gave him a diagnosis of ADD, the “inattentive” type. 426 more words

My love letter to #ADHD meds — #GetWell2015 (05/21/2015)

In brief: Counterintuitively, being at a newly decently functioning level thanks to ADHD meds, I haven’t been keeping up with this series. Here’s why and what’s happening! 1,092 more words

Katie Speak

Iubiți și câinii vagabonzi?

Domnule ministru Bănicioiu,

O spun, și nu e prima oară când o spun, că mi-ați depășit așteptările când ați fost propus, și-ați preluat, Ministerul Sănătății. E foarte posibil că așteptările mele erau mici, n-am să zic nule, după piruetele predecesorilor dumneavoastră. 1,607 more words


A.D.D. Thursday - The Catch-22

Google defines a Catch 22 as “a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.”

Back when I was first diagnosed with A.D.D., my doctor prescribed Strattera, which works great for me. 302 more words


Kitteh Babysitting and Cleaning Today

Today turned out to be a fantastic day. I was slow to get moving this morning but once I did it was great. For whatever reason I felt the need to do a lot of housework. 84 more words


Things Are Going So So

Even though I didn’t want to (and because it was 6F outside this morning…) I made myself get a walk in today. Even though it’s cold it is very sunny out. 419 more words


Medication Update

This is the one subject I struggle with the most.  It took me three years to be convinced to give it a try.

i beat myself up, had endless sleepless nights and drove my nearest and dearest demented with my doubts.   200 more words