Tags » Stratus

19 may, 2015

a blustery tuesday
of clouds blowing
the sky’s mind.
or is it the other way
around? they both
seem full of sighs —
at the mercy… 37 more words

18 may, 2015

a wide swath of stratus
blankets the morning,
and the sky’s
a purple swatch.
the wind groans
and i sink deeper
into my coat.
day breaks… 40 more words

17 may, 2015

lavender light
penetrates the clouds
and ice crystals
turn their bases green.
the sky drops out of itself
to touch the ground.
it rains and snow and hails; 43 more words

16 May, 2015

(a modern sonnet)

all day it’s stratus
and rain dripping by.
the sky spill tears
from its blue-grey-green eyes.
the larch and aspen
and cottonwoods… 34 more words

15 may, 2015

the sky’s been volatile
all day — a mix of blues
and greys, no single thing
getting a say. this morning
low cumulus moved south… 47 more words

14 may, 2015

day three of clouds
like these, cascading
over the bridgers,
hugging curves
and openings.
i remember
that the field
will be wet
and wear boots. 31 more words

13 may, 2015

i wake early
to waves of clouds
crashing over
the mountains, a fog
that sits snug
to the ground.
the sun comes up
with pearly light, 49 more words