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18 june, 2015

the sunrise does not disappoint,
but tonight we get a storm —
windy swirl of clouds, loud
thunder, lightning that sends birds
and electrons scattering. 53 more words

stratus opacus

Toronto Island Marina looking North to the city skyline.


10 june, 2015

i almost don’t go to the field.
it’s gloomy out, and i don’t think
there will be any color.
but, 5:35 proves me wrong:
to the north, rain evaporates… 82 more words

9 june, 2015

this morning started clear
and warm, but storms
have been brewing ever since.
the sky’s collecting clouds —
cumulus congest the horizon
and everything else swells… 25 more words

3 june, 2015

it’s been a day
of slanted light,
the sun a hazy halo
hidden by high clouds,
a little bit humid
but pleasant; not quite hot. 43 more words


2 june, 2015

(a modern sonnet)

i drive home through
a swirling storm of blue,
an upside-down ocean
that made me glad
i’m on the ground.
today, someone asked me: 38 more words

1 june, 2015

the sky’s still bruised
from last night’s storms
and the early air
is ripe and warm.
thunder kept me up
though you slept soundly.
from the bedroom window… 31 more words