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25 july, 2015

(a modern sonnet)

i spend most of the day reading
under the cloud-colored sky.
words are grains of sand
that sit on my tongue,
and stories are the irritation… 53 more words

23 july, 2015

this morning’s downpour
clogged gutters, flooded streets,
and i thought about how
you love a summer storm,
how thunder and lightning
surprise and delight you. 41 more words

22 july, 2015

we get rain,
and we need it.
the plume of smoke
that loomed
to the north
has died down
though other fires
bloom across the state. 31 more words


Minha parte favorita

Fiquei tentando descobrir
um jeito de esquecer você
Passei um tempo imaginando em
como deixar você ir

Alguém sabiamente me disse:
ninguém é melhor que ninguém… 62 more words


15 july, 2015

the swallows are gone —
mom, dad, babies —
and all that’s left
in the birdhouse
is the feathers
they borrowed
from other birds
to build their nest. 65 more words

14 july, 2015

borrowing from ee cummings
(and remembering betty
as storms scoot around us tonight).

and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you… 63 more words