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A misty moisty morning

The old nursery rhyme that shares its title with this blog goes, if my memory from my childhood serves me correctly:

A misty moisty morning, 487 more words

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wetly settling on the hill
a cloud browses on bracken
then one by one
consumes the trees

Four and Twenty 6,4


From an Airplane at Night

We are seen here
not as we see
ourselves but as the gods see
us: not walking
under a face or an elephant floating
between us and the moon, but… 32 more words



Who wants to be left out?

I’m still stuck. I am tired and I am getting used to all of the signs.

I was always right behind you. 15 more words


RGB Nighttime Microphysics (Interactive Quick Guide)

A 2-page reference (PDF) and an “interactive” (html/5) web object describes the fundamental aspects of the Nighttime Microphysics (NtMicro) RGB Imagery product and it demonstrates color interpretation of the multi-channel imagery. 128 more words

Multispectral (RGB) Imagery



When was the last time you looked up the sky and wondered at the clouds? Not only at their shapes that can resemble many things and inspire children and future tellers, but at their height and size and thickness, structure and movement. 1,757 more words


5th September 1822. Cloudy Today.

‘Is there enough blue in the sky to make a Dutchman a pair of trousers’?: Old Saying.

Today John Constable wrote on the back of one of his cloud studies: ‘5th of September 1822. 396 more words