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13 august, 2015

(photo 12 august)

the ground is wet
this morning, the deck
is soaked through.
the clouds last night
bruised into purples,
split open to birth… 88 more words


10 august, 2015

it’s quiet outside,
though storm clouds
organize in the sky —
greys accumulating blues
like i collect you.

when the rain comes,
it is quick and sweet… 13 more words

4 august, 2015

i won’t have much time to write
these next few nights,
so i’ll borrow from favorites.
tonight, it’s dire straights …

and the big wheel keep on turning… 27 more words

"Thunder-Head Clouds"

During my sophomore year of college I decided to take a meteorology class as one of my electives. I thought it would be so cool to know things about the weather– and maybe be able to understand what the meteorologist on television was talking about on the morning television I listen to before I leave the house in the morning. 400 more words