Tags » Stratus

29 april, 2015

it was a pretty enough
sunrise — cirrus glowing
pink and warm,
full of possibility.
by afternoon, clouds
impinged the sky
then came
unhinged — 32 more words

26 april, 2015

time passes quickly
and i cherish each day.
how many ways can i say
i love you?
the grey sky snows and rains
as april tries to become may. 46 more words

24 april, 2015

yesterday my field of vision
broke — sight disturbed
by a dizzying, flickering maze
for the second time in four days.
i spend too much time looking up — 61 more words

23 april, 2015

last night, the sun’s red disc
sank through curtains of gauzy grey —
eerie, illumined, elusive.
i could’t get a good picture.
then, it rained all night: a blanket… 82 more words

15 april, 2015

the day began
with nimbostratus
and a foot of heavy snow.
winter’s not quite done.
i stood on the deck,
in the cold, tilted
my head up, held… 45 more words

12 april, 2015

it’s cold, but i wait.
will the sun flush out
these greys? who can say.
i think about how much longer
we have to live — … 53 more words