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How to fix stratus commands throwing errors

When attempting to run stratus ESXi applications in the Ftsys appliance e.g. /opt/ft/bin/ftsmaint(To show the health of all the server’s components) or esxcli mpm storage list( to monitor the Hard disks of the stratus servers are in_sync) 158 more words

4 march, 2015

an early fog
settles and drifts
in the open wound
of my heart. i blow
into my hands, catch
my breath there,
wait for the sun… 29 more words

2 march, 2015

how to be (blue), how to
try (pink). who to love (you).
how to feel (true). hearts
will bend (break). all this
give (take). how to think
(clear), how to speak (dear).

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Clouds

We have been learning about clouds as part of the Science unit in the 1st grade class I work in. It has been a lot of fun as each day we get to document what kind of clouds are in the sky outside our windows. 113 more words

Sunday Stills Challenge

28 february, 2015

a storm, you and i.
no one can stop
what happens
when hearts collide.
still, i could disappear
into this volatile sky,
let it swallow me… 20 more words

27 february, 2015

sunrise, stratus, contrail.
it is hard not to gaze
into such pretty blues,
even as pinks grow and bloom.
i never know if the next second… 42 more words

The Hawk

Stratus clouds are my favorite because they are closest to the heavens.

If I could be any animal I wish, I would be a bird. 15 more words