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26 march, 2015

as skies go,
it’s not the most
interesting sky,
but it floats
over me, around me,
manages to rattle
me. i open myself
to it, inhale, find… 31 more words

25 march, 2015

i fall for this sky —
purples and greys
speeding by — everytime.
the sun crashes through,
as blinding and bright
as you, and my pulse… 64 more words

23 march, 2015

i woke up too early,
stumbled around
in the dark,
bumped into things.
my thoughts got
caught on you:
the shadow of your hip,
how your stomach… 45 more words

21 march, 2015

the sunrise
did have color
but this
is the sky
i choose —
the one
i give myself to
like i’ve given myself
to you. i believe… 22 more words

It's away! FlyQ EFB 1.5 Released by Apple

It’s fair to say that I’m a very happy camper today.  FlyQ EFB, version 1.5, was just released by Apple!

You should be able to… 410 more words

18 march, 2015

(a modern sonnet)

an early fog lifts
to deliver purples
that ripple and shift,
a narrow wedge of blue
that delights me —
spellbinds me — like you do. 34 more words

2015-03-18 An Ode to My First Car

As I hang in limbo between purchasing a new van and selling my old car, I look back to the almost 9 years I’ve had the vehicle and all the memories associated with it. 6,836 more words

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