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93 pts #wine review: @StratusWines 2012 Red - showcasing the power and elegance of #Niagara

Ottawa, ON

June 2017

Matt’s review:  Stratus Red 2012 – This impressive Niagara-on-the-Lake winery consistently produces some of the finest wines available in Ontario.  2012 was the best growing season the winery had experienced which enabled the grapes to achieve their optimal ripeness thereby contributing to the big and bold style that this red blend exhibits.   128 more words

94 pts #wine review: @StratusWines White 2013 - $38.20 - available @LCBO

Ottawa, ON

May 2017

Matt’s review:

Stratus White represents the finest white wine that this acclaimed Niagara-on-the-Lake winery produces.  Winemaker J-L Groux selects the very best grapes from a handful of varieties to incorporate into this premium white wine, and after countless blends, the best representation of the vintage is showcased in the final assemblage.  165 more words

Panama Canal, Panama

This blog post is brought to you from the entrance of the Panama Canal!

Ironically, I have to use my phone to write this as my international data plan is faster than the ship’s satellite internet. 324 more words

New International Cloud Atlas - beauty of the sky (3 min reading)

“Behind every cloud is another cloud” :)

Dear readers,

For those of you who are interested in weather and meteorology, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has released its new, long-awaited, 327 more words

Unintended Benefit of Traffic Info

Traffic data on your moving map display has a lot of benefits! Yet, like many flight instructors I subscribed to turning it off during maneuvering flight on training flights. 553 more words

For Pilots

RGB Daytime Microphysics

A 2-page Quick Guide (PDF) and an “interactive” (html/5) version describe the fundamental aspects of the Daytime Microphysics RGB Imagery product and they demonstrates color interpretation of the multi-channel imagery. 117 more words

Multispectral (RGB) Imagery

24-hr Microphysics RGB

A 2-page Quick Guide (PDF) describes the fundamental aspects of the 24-hr Microphysics RGB, via EUMETSAT development. This product is closely related to the Nighttime Microphysics (NtMicro) RGB except it uses the 8.7µm channel in the green component instead of the 3.7µm channel in order to avoid the influence of the solar reflectance on the 3.7µm during the day. 111 more words

Multispectral (RGB) Imagery