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Strawberry Vodka Revisited

Some of you will remember that back in early July I posted Jane Grigson’s recipe for Strawberry Vodka. A good six weeks on, it has been duly shaken not stirred, kept in a dark, cool place, drained and strained, and here is the result – back in the vodka bottle (not the vase, although the liquid contents do look similar). 128 more words

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Strawberry vodka and the benefits of using a tripod

This story doesn’t begin here, although this is my first ever photograph shot using a tripod (plus a Kodak EasyShare M380 on macro setting). You do not, however, need the tripod for the recipe coming up below, although it could come in handy for balance if you’ve sampled too much of the end product some months hence. 386 more words

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Friday Inspiration

A shorter working week doesn’t always mean the week passes quicker. In my case, it has just resulted in longer hours condensed in fewer days. And when there are deadlines or issues you can’t control, even your time off (sleeping hours) become restless. 118 more words


strawberry vodka ice-lollies

The extraordinarily nice French flatmate left for a sojourn in Argentina, so for now I am living with a wise-cracking American. We have frequent arguments about pronunciation (thorough, amenities, flaw) and lexicon (ice-lolly/popsicle.) If I risk winning, she plays the ace up her sleeve. 351 more words


Strawberry Vodka Champagne Cocktail

It is Thursday…PLUS…I am headed to our Nation’s Capital for a birthday bash (evidence of that next week!); so let’s get our cocktail on! Back I track to the yummy homemade… 74 more words

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RECIPE | Strawberry Basil Spritzer Cocktail

Now that the spring days are turning warmer and warmer, it’s time to transition to lighter, refreshing cocktails to wind down a long day! I’ve been growing fresh basil this spring, so I’m always looking for an opportunity to utilize it in dishes — and even cocktails! 281 more words


Strawberry Vodka Cocktail

I mean, honestly, this is adult Capri Sun. Only you don’t need to puncture any pouch with a straw. Just sip along for a fun ride. 36 more words

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