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Accidental Gardening

My strawberry wine appears to be sprouting. While interesting, this isn’t exactly what I was going for.

This is still very much a learning process, and today’s lesson is in straining your fruit must thoroughly. 380 more words

A Brewing Operation

I am on a wine kick. I’m not sure where it came from. A year ago my roommate and I made a mostly successful IPA from an ancient graduation gift beer kit.  543 more words

Hump Day: Strawberry and Strawberries... +

June is strawberry season in my neck of Canadaland. It won’t be long now.

I put two everbearing plants in the big box container — aka the crypt — this year. 138 more words


Racking the lees away

Quick update: I decided to get the wine off the large sediment of lees today.

I don’t have a second 1 gallon carboy available, so I racked the wine into the 2 gallon bucked I used for primary fermentation. 103 more words


Active Fermentation!

It’s been a couple of days, but my yeast are actively fermenting the juice into wine! It smells like yeast in the room I’m working in, and you can hear the CO2. 148 more words


Pitching the yeast

Hello again!  Welcome back! I came back about 24-hours later to a lovely sight:

Looks just like baking yeast, doesn’t it? Of course, each granule of yeast isn’t a single one. 913 more words


Starting Strawberry Wine

First post, oh boy!  Andy (my wife) and I had a lovely trip out to the Chesterfield Berry Farm last weekend. We managed to get out on the first tractor of the season.  797 more words