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Active Fermentation!

It’s been a couple of days, but my yeast are actively fermenting the juice into wine! It smells like yeast in the room I’m working in, and you can hear the CO2. 148 more words


Pitching the yeast

Hello again!  Welcome back! I came back about 24-hours later to a lovely sight:

Looks just like baking yeast, doesn’t it? Of course, each granule of yeast isn’t a single one. 913 more words


Starting Strawberry Wine

First post, oh boy!  Andy (my wife) and I had a lovely trip out to the Chesterfield Berry Farm last weekend. We managed to get out on the first tractor of the season.  797 more words


Strawberry Wine

The choice in those younger days. Great song by Deana Carter also, though they hardly play it anymore.


Bring me some (more) wine... Please!

My proverbial cup has often runneth over in the past few months with interesting, unique and rare wines from all over the world…

There was the once-in-a-lifetime Alaskan Cruise with the very exclusive Ice Wine… 344 more words


Swiss Roll

I’ll admit, I’m more of a bread baker than a pastry artist.  I’m working on expanding my repertoire into all areas of baking.  Here is my first attempt at making a Swiss Roll.  731 more words


New Year Dining & Wining (Without whining)

It’s that time of the year to make wonderful plans and lighten up as the first day of the year dawns. The heart yearns for memorable moments together with families and friends. 665 more words