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Blood and Strawberry Wine

I’ve never been a committed person in my too-long existence.

I’m more of a drifter, cruising from one town to the other, assuming a new identity with each new address. 1,164 more words


The Wattpad Block Party is Winding Down!

The summer edition of the Wattpad Block Party is starting to wind down—have you mingled with your favorite authors yet?

I was invited to participate in this epic event created by USA TODAY Best Selling Author Kelly Anne Blount. 77 more words

Wine Successes and Unsuccesses

The wines are resurfacing! For the past month or so, they’ve been bubbling and settling away in the cellar. Every now and I again I check on them to make sure they haven’t exploded and created an ant paradise. 1,012 more words

Strawberry Wine Heart Pendant

Isn’t this a great piece of vintage jewelry?

How to beat the summer heat

For the last two weeks or more we have been experiencing triple digit temperatures, not unheard of, but record-setting this early in the summer, and for a longer duration than welcome.   188 more words


Accidental Gardening

My strawberry wine appears to be sprouting. While interesting, this isn’t exactly what I was going for.

This is still very much a learning process, and today’s lesson is in straining your fruit must thoroughly. 380 more words