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Norie's Kitchen - One Piece Cake 3

Here is an 8″ cake with a Luffy cake topper made out of gumpaste. For the front of the cake I made it look like a treasure map and then incorporated the logo of the Straw Hat Pirates too.

Norie's Kitchen


One Piece’s “Dressrosa” Arc is currently being the longest story arc in the show’s history, well arguably, for the better part. Here’s a tribute to good ol’ Luffy, an old picture with the updated post-CorridaColiseum-tournament costume in ultra high quality.

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Volume 02: Monkey D. Luffy, The Captain

“If I Die Trying, At Least I Tried”

Quote ini diucapkan tokoh utama komik ini, Monkey D.Luffy, yang menunjukkan sifatnya yang pantang menyerah dan tak kenal putus asa. 66 more words

Kaos One Piece

One Piece - Chapter 730 Published

For today, I am really in a blank. I don’t know what to write. Good thing, I checked my email and I saw that one of my favorite manga was updated. 102 more words


One Piece: chapter 595

One Piece; Chapter 595- “Pledge”

Possible message Luffy is trying to send to his crew: ‘We need to get stronger.’ or something close to that so that the separation at Sabaody Archipelago won’t happen again. 382 more words