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Happily Never After

Modesty is a curse. It is cast on the words I have to say. It changes the meaning that I intended to convey. It cuts me down unintentionally. 471 more words

Wandering Wordsmith

Exclamation Points are Unprofessional!

APPARENTLY exclamation points are UNPROFESSIONAL!

I work in a professional setting and have been in one for the majority of my working life span.

I use exclamation points all the time. 167 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

spiritual something

as far as little girls went i was not very normal i read
and understood language on a different level i could imagine with my mind’s eye… 228 more words


Mumbles ... conundrum

I am running on about 4 hours of sleep… I am “recovering” from a night of cards and a drink or two with a friend from out of state.  179 more words

Daily Prompts

Tell me that opening line doesn't sound like a dog's internal monologue

Today is a good day. I was jogging, and for the first time ever a fellow jogger waved and smiled at me before I could wave and smile at them. 594 more words

Stream Of Consciousness


I feel so alone.
I’m not detached from reality again – yet.
I’m not dissociating from myself again – yet.

I just feel so utterly alone. 56 more words

Stream of Consciousness 21: Wave

       Ride it .. and let the water spray your face. Let it sway you on your way. You know well that I can`t swim to reach you..so you have to ride your wave to reach my shore. 31 more words