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Missing Cat: Upir

Reward: My eternal, undying, relentless, obsessive and borderline psychotic love

Stream Of Consciousness


I signed up for more but it seems they lost the paperwork.
I can reason it away.
What’s life but missed words?
I’d cancel early but the fee is too high. 16 more words


It's another post

Wow, two posts in one day!

Note from the editor: That’s not how you start a post. You should have a topic.

This site is going to be all about Organizational Design. 165 more words

Stream Of Consciousness


Happiness doesn’t fall out of the sky and hit you on the head.

You have to yank happiness out of the ichor and decide it has no choice but to be yours. 8 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Angry Letter

Today I don’t believe in magic.

I hate these days.

I’ve lived 27 years of bad news. Getting worse as I go.

Now I can’t eat, can’t run, can’t sleep, can’t record YouTube videos, can’t seem to care about writing or pick a story to tell or find any characters I care about. 1,402 more words

Stream Of Consciousness


the sense of self lost in the dense foliage of shiny plastic trees an aluminium age plastic pressed tightly onto every petroleum based wet dream… 142 more words


Does Game of Thrones exist in a diechotomy?

This page sat blank for at least half an hour. Can I count it as my daily writing?

Frankly I feel a little blank. There’s a pall hanging over the office in stark contrast to the brilliant Spring day out the window. 402 more words

Stream Of Consciousness