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skyscraping to the sound of starlight

taste of infinity

glitters on lips

smoky silhouettes

congregate in wild whispers

a demon’s tail

glistening ruby red
a whip

of sultry naked movements

raining down… 45 more words


Going on a road trip with Morgan Freeman would be on it for sure

I’m on that bullet point life today. Here are some things I’ve never done:

  • Ridden in a hot air balloon.
  • Wrestled a squid.
  • High fived someone while hanging upside down.
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Stream Of Consciousness

Listen In Silence As The Pitiless Crows Of Space-Time Scatter


I am a tattered sheet

of human parchment,

nailed to the gnarled

and elephantine tree-trunk

of imagination.

None shall ever know

all that I am. 152 more words


Truth Scraps

soundtrack “Master and a Hound” by Gregory Alan Osakoy

everything and everyone is stupid
This life is stupid, death is stupid
Everything that happens between birth and death is stupid… 265 more words

Rant And Rave

Storm in the teacup (quasar)

This is a good example of a galaxy which we know pretty well, but keep probing further into.

Does that make sense to you?

See, it’s a quasar. 74 more words


poem- adding

Such said

This said

Opening griefs

Slamming happiness

No no no.


unexpected dreariness

welcome solitude

The rain washes everything



The Express Elevator To Nowhere

Folks don’t understand
sometimes just how
difficult it is being
one of WordPress’s
least loved blogs.

it takes a
of wasted time… 806 more words