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Above the clouds

This is why I like hiking. Yeah, it’s all healthy and stuff, too, but on these rare occasions when you can walk above the clouds…well, forget airplanes. 59 more words


Capgras delusion

she brushed her hair slowly asking questions to the
air i sat and i doodled in my math book algebra was not my friend although in… 474 more words


Blame the Mailman

When did you decide that I wasn’t invited? What was it that I did that pushed you to this decision, Was it something I could have fixed, Were you set in deciding against it? 511 more words

Wandering Wordsmith


before the
sleep comes in the place where the parrots crow and gangrene defaults for a
beauty mark of the ones who cant afford the trip into the stars that shine on… 205 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

iPod, iSaw, iCompared

It’s 2019. I did not expect that I’d be struggling to buy an mp3 player.

My ipod classic shat the bed, and it’s gonna cost $450 to fix. 755 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

SoCS - because turkey math is hard

At the moment I’ve got two snoozing dogs and a kid watching The 100 who’s over the moon because they loaded two new seasons on Netflix. 396 more words

Blog Event

As always, my survival method is to beer and grin it

Let’s get at it.

Holy hell I drank a lot last night. I’m lucky that I got to the work party several hours late. Had I arrived at 2pm, with an open bar, I’m sure I’d be in worse condition today. 625 more words

Stream Of Consciousness