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First Egret of 2017 Comes to Hunt

great to see Ardea alba back in the stream. Got some pretty big frogs and it isn’t even March yet. Hope the frogs continue to grow. 15 more words


Twitch Starts Selling The Games Streamers Play This Spring

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Millions of people watch games being played on Twitch. This spring, they’ll be able to purchase the games they watch directly from the streaming site, with a portion of the revenue going to the on-screen talent. 219 more words


House Dannister Stream Schedule: February 27 - March 5, 2017 (Birthday AMA this week!)

It’s my birthday this week so the schedule is a little zany. I also have changed where the schedule can be found! I’ve started using Speq.me for my streams. 144 more words


Event - DDay Gaming Hosts Charity Raffle

Painter and twitch streamer DDay Gaming will be hosting a special event this coming weekend. Hailing from down under in Melbourne, Dean is an avid painter who focuses on creating a fun and relaxed environment while he paints miniatures and broadcasts them live across the internet. 542 more words


Damn, Netflix Just Pulled Its Biggest Power Move Yet

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Michael Kovac/Getty Images

This is, by far, the biggest move the company has made to date.

As aggressive as Netflix has been when it comes to dropping original TV shows what feels like every other week, it’s easy to forget that the company has big movie ambitions too. 356 more words


After Three Years Speedrunner Finally Beats All 714 NES Games

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Piotr Delgado “The Mexican Runner” Kusielczuk has been trying to beat every NES game ever since 2014, and earlier today he… 279 more words


Why I deserted. For Honor impressions short and long term.

For Honor was one of those games that was never majorly on my radar and i had no intentions of getting for release. However when the time came round i got sucked into the promotion and streams of the game and decided to use a gift card I had to purchase the game. 615 more words