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Early To Bed, and Earlier To Rise

Cynicism crowed along with the rooster. Brows furrowed deep enough to plant kidney beans, canyoned down from his widow’s peak. Heavy socks, clothes pulled on and boots, sleeves rolled and arms slipped into sweater. 66 more words

Flash Fiction

River Weed Clearance

Weed growth in rivers can often occur quite rapidly during the summer. High light levels coupled with warm water and nutrient run off from farmer’s fields all promote a growth spurt. 136 more words


My roaming Soul


Today it’s Quadrille at dVerse, with Mish hosting. The poem has to have exactly 44 words. The word that has to be included in the poem is “rock”. 42 more words


Stream FlatMap Example

FlatMap is intermediate operation in stream process which transforms each element in stream into one/many elements of stream by applying map function.

<R> Stream<R> flatMap(Function<? super T,? 169 more words

Stream Map Example

Map is intermediate operation which will apply transformation operation on each element of the stream. Return type is another stream. The applied function is stateless function. 172 more words


Stream Filter Example

Filter is the intermediate operations and which will return the stream as output.

Stream filter(Predicate predicate)

Returns a stream consisting of the elements of this stream that match the given predicate. 164 more words