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@ToryLanez Creativity Is On A Whole Different Level

Tory Lanez is definitely someone to mention when it comes to creativity and beautiful music. Just heard The Chixtape Compilation and I’m just lost for words. 101 more words


@Tsu_Surf Is a Very Rare Individual When It Comes To Music

Tsu surf is one of the Coldest Artists Alive. Woke up at 4am and was looking for music to listen to. It’s not a lot of music to listen to at 4am. 110 more words


Cycle Roads

Once upon a time no cycle tracks were needed, because there was so little traffic bicycles had the roads to themselves. Then cycle tracks started to be created, first alongside busy roads and later on old railway lines or other random routes into the countryside. 339 more words

Being Connected

After a 3am stream of Kabuki Quantum Fighter, I finally get “speedrunning”

(Source: arstechnica.com)

The industry of people watching other people play video games is serious bucks—and for many people, it’s still seriously confusing. Game-streaming has become a pop-culture line dividing one generation from the next. 1,709 more words



This photo was taken on a 6-hour hike into the forest outside of Greer, Arizona. We hiked along this creek in search of wildlife to photograph. 176 more words

Rintendo's Twitch Channel!

Hi everyone! Please check out and follow my new Twitch channel! I will be doing quiet (for now) playthroughs of games you might be interested in, if you’re the type that likes that kind of thing. 60 more words

How to convert a List into Map Using Java 8

Let’s say you have the following list of bands and you would like to split it into a map according to the length > 6… 247 more words