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How to use the MyRussound App (TM) with a CAV6.6, CAM6.6 or a CAA66

The PCD-FDE1 allows you to use the MyRussound App with your older Russound CAM6.6, CAV6.6, or CAA66. It’s easy to configure and install. Enables Pandora, TuneIn, Siriux XM Radio, Spotify, vTuner, and Airplay when using a DMS-3.1 Media Streamer.

Tidal's splashy debut comes with more style than substance

The fanfare surrounding Jay Z’s $56 million acquisition of high-fidelity streaming music service Tidal reached its apex on Monday when the rapper, his pop star wife Beyoncé, rapper Kanye West, rocker Jack White, and a number of other high-profile recording artists held… 489 more words


Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Yes, good folk, today is the day of Saint Patrick, that saint who converted the Irish to Christianity and banished all the snakes from the Emerald Isle, all while wearing some stylish green robes. 264 more words


The Inspiring Composer Behind the "House of Cards" Theme

We’ve covered a few NPR All Things Considered music interviews in the past: eco-experimental classical composer John Luther Adams and indie rock producer du jour… 273 more words


Five ways Apple can improve Apple TV right now

”Apple TV is perhaps one of the most under-appreciated devices Apple has ever made,” Michael Grothaus writes for Know Your Mobile. “For £99 (or £70 in some places now) users get a small, sleek black box that allows them to rent and play already-purchased content through their TV; stream content from Netflix, Sky News, Vevo, YouTube, ESPN, and more; screencast content from their Mac, iPhone, and iPad to their television; and soon, unleash a torrent of music through their TV when iTunes Radio is released .” 139 more words


The gift of music

This morning on my way to work I heard a KQED Perspective from a guy named Matt Fogelson called The Gift of Music.  He started out discussing how, before streaming audio, music lovers used to give the gift of music to friends and family, and how it was a truly personal and intimate experience.   365 more words


Naim adds Spotify to its network music players

Spotify Connect to be added via firmware upgrade

Naim has just announced that it’s adding Spotify Connect to all its digital music players, allowing Spotify Premium subscribers to select and play music from iOS and Android devices. 222 more words