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The Death Of Electronic Retail

We live in a world of on demand content and online purchasing. This has had a direct effect on physical retail stores, particularly those that sell physical copies of content and electronics. 132 more words


6 Thanksgiving Movies You Can Stream Instead Of Talking To Your In-Laws

So your mother-in-law is asking you again, whether she’ll ever be a grandmother. Your options include feigning a disaster in another room, straight up ignoring her or claiming you have to go to the bathroom, again. 410 more words

How do you watch TV?

In the 60’s color TV was the latest and greatest wow factor and the TV Guide was the vital to magazine navigate our way through our few choices. 547 more words

Streaming: The Lazarus Effect

I had wanted to see this movie in the theater, but my DH doesn’t like scary movies. In light of Halloween arriving soon, our tradition is to watch scary movies. 186 more words

Amateur Movie Critic

Stream TV, Movies, Video Online Free

So you’ve heard your friends and family talking about how they cut their cable bill. Wondering if it’s something that you should do? Cable TV packages can add up to be quite costly these days. 416 more words

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Happy Halloween: 10 Great Horror Movies Streaming on Netflix

A single, working mother finds that her inner rage has manifested into a demon haunting the duplex where she lives with her autistic son. 506 more words


Celebrate Its 30th Anniversary By Streaming The 'Back To The Future' Trilogy For Free

As much fun as it is to follow “Today Is The Day Marty McFly Went To The Future” — a Tumblr that Photoshops the date and time of Marty’s trip to 2015 as the current date — this month actually… 253 more words