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Disney has done streaming before, but its new try could be huge

Disney announced this afternoon that it’s doing the inevitable. It’s launching its own streaming service in 2019, and will pull its movies from Netflix that same year. 572 more words


Review: Okja (2017)

This is a movie that can be taken in a couple of different ways. A lot of people have latched on to its message about industrial farming, using it as an argument for a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle — a view that can be seen as represented in the movie by the Animal Liberation Front, and its most extreme member, Silver, who starves himself out of fear that he’s contributing to exploitation even in agricultural farming systems. 1,086 more words


British Actor’s Indie Film, By Any Name, Hits Amazon Prime

Imagine not knowing your name, age, or where you came from. That’s the challenged faced by Cengiz Dervis’ character in one of the latest flicks to hit Amazon Prime. 418 more words

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Filmmakers See Premium, On-Demand Video As Threat To Movie Theaters

LAS VEGAS (CBS/AP) — Would you pay $40 to watch a movie in the comfort of your own home 10 days after its big-screen release? How about $30 after 45 days? 942 more words


Netflix's most popular original films are awful Adam Sandler comedies

Amid all the critical praise and viewers for shows like Stranger Things and feature-length documentaries like 13th, it turns out the most-watched original movies on Netflix are critically panned, lowbrow Adam Sandler comedies. 394 more words

Netflix Sux (Except for "The...)

You’re in the mood to stream a movie, one that won’t put you to sleep or waste another two irretrievable hours of your ever so finite life. 836 more words


Netflix fail [2017)

This is not a film review.

This is many film reviews.

Or rather, this is a review of Netflix, Inc.

Which, at the present time, is wasting your monthly fees (and mine) on subpar programming. 900 more words

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