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The average young American binge-watches TV for five hours straight

Binge-watching has hit critical mass in the US, according to a new study.

Nearly three-quarters—73%—of Americans said they binge-watched videos, either on TV or another device, found a  322 more words

Netflix divides its 93 million users around the world into 1,300 "taste communities"

Netflix’s global viewers have a lot more in common than one might think.

A year ago, the global subscription-video service stopped segmenting its members by geography and started treating them as a single, cohesive audience. 369 more words

Binge Boom: Young U.S. Viewers Gulp Down Average of Six TV Episodes per Sitting

Devouring multiple TV episodes in one sitting has increasingly become the way many Americans — especially teens and young adults — experience television.

About 73% of U.S. 459 more words


Netflix is nixing its old star-rating system for one you might use

If you’ve ever felt pressured to distill your feelings about a Netflix show into one of its five star values (five being the highest), Netflix understands. 776 more words

Netflix Might Re-Cut TV Shows and Movies for Mobile Devices

At some point in the future, you could be watching Netflix movies and TV shows that were cut specifically for viewing on your mobile device. 334 more words


Even in countries with cheaper local competitors, Amazon and Netflix are succeeding

There are local, country-specific versions of every startup from Amazon to Uber to Warby Parker, many of which are more successful than their US peers. But in the streaming world, Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Video seem to dominate globally. 595 more words