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Dance Network, an Over-the-Top Streaming Service, to Launch in Fall

Dance Network, a subscription-based streaming-video service devoted to dance programming, will launch in the fall, its backers announced Tuesday.

The service will have tiered pricing: $6.99 a month, $5.99 a month for six months and $4.99 a month for a yearlong subscription. 348 more words


Get your Kaiju on at ShoutTV! Gojira Movie Marathon

Streaming live and FREE on July 18 is one monster movie of epic proportions that only Godzilla will approve of, and quite literally star in! Shout Factory TV has partnered with Famous Monsters to present a Kaiju movie marathon and for the remainder of today, August Ragone is hosting films from the Showa era (1954-75). 645 more words


Hulu May Finally Offer Ad-Free Subscription Option, But It Won't Be Cheap

After years of hoping that consumers would eventually come around to the idea of paying for streaming video content that is still interrupted by obnoxious, repetitive commercials, the folks at Hulu may finally be willing to give folks the option of paying for an ad-free version of the service. 365 more words

Netflix CEO Hints At How He Hopes To Get People To Pay More

With HBO successfully charging $15/month for a streaming service and the $11/month sticker price for Showtime’s new online offering, why does Netflix continue to charge as little as $8/month without running ads like Hulu does (for the same rate) or without the huge online retail business to back it like Amazon Prime? 305 more words

Slingbox Debuts Its M2 Set-Top Box For "Cord-Stretchers," Now Comes With Free Mobile Apps

Slingbox was one of the first companies to re-envision how consumers thought about watching television by introducing hardware that allowed users to view their media remotely over the Internet. 809 more words


HBO Now Finally Launching On Android

Now that Apple’s exclusivity period has come and gone, users of Android devices will finally be able to access HBO Now, the standalone streaming service that lets users access HBO content online without having to pay for a basic cable package (or borrow a friend’s HBO Go password). 127 more words