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The Importance of Twitch Chat

One of the most common pieces of advice when it comes to the internet is simply, “don’t read the comments.” Whether it’s arguments about Justin Bieber on YouTube music videos or angry and insensitive comments on an article about a sensitive topic, comment sections can become minefields. 780 more words

Thought Exercise

Netflix built a massive worldwide operation to make Chelsea Handler's dirty jokes land globally

“When life hands you lemons, make lemonade… with vodka.” That’s one of Chelsea Handler’s mantras.

But translating a joke like that into Portuguese, Arabic, and German is a tall order.  346 more words

AT&T Bets on Entertainment to Keep Its Network Busy

There has been a fair amount of confusion over AT&T’s strategy to extend its network both to outer space (with the purchase of DirecTV) and south of the border (with the acquisition of two Mexican wireless services) last year. 559 more words


Netflix saves us from watching six full days worth of TV commercials a year

One of the perks of Netflix is being able to binge-watch shows and movies without advertisements. But no one has really put a value on the time viewers are saving, until now. 335 more words

Spotify's latest plan to crush Apple Music is a lot like Apple Music's plan to crush Spotify

Apple Music has been dabbling with exclusive video content to lure more users to its budding streaming service. The tech giant released its first original TV series… 315 more words