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The word has to become a silent sound

The new meaning of music takes a lot of time to be created. however that don’t mean is a new style musical, no, it just mean a simple idea of concentration in details and narration and that’s when the story behind the sound become relevant. 17 more words


One month with Netflix

My first free month with Netflix is almost up. So what have I watched and how reliable is the streaming service so far?

So far I have watched (or binged watched) How to Get Away with Murder, Making a Murderer, Jessica Jones, dabbled in Hemlock Grove, and currently trying to get up to speed with the latest season of Bates Motel. 597 more words

Self Updates

Hi Year of Monkey! Hi MSE!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Wish everyone has a happy and healthy Year of Monkey.

It is the fifth day of the new Chinese New Year. It is time to write something new. 393 more words

My top 10 favorite Vines of all time

When Vine launched, it quickly gained attention for the comedy and creativity its users were able to mash into 6 second videos. I was on the bandwagon. 470 more words



Spotify has attracted 75 million active users, of which 20 million are paying subscribers since founded in 2008. The Swendish company, headquartered in London, has expanded its market to… 335 more words


Why Pop Today IS crap

Why are there so many dull, repetitive songs on the radio?

Simply put? There’s no incentive to write good songs.

Song Writing is not a lucrative business, even for the most successful artists. 347 more words

No Fun At Parties

The New Biographical Documentary

Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015) was written and directed by Brett Morgen. Aired on HBO, now available for rent and purchase.

Amy (2015) was directed by Asif Kapadia.

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