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Street Cred

Listening to Mickey’s friends chat around the kitchen table. Pop culture, movies, podcasts. And googling names and titles as fast as I can. I am totally going to bring this stuff up next week to gain street cred with my younger colleagues at work. 12 more words


"I'm so glad you are part of my family"

It was Cap‘s surprise birthday party last week. The young spring chicken turned 40. It was a great party, mixing in equal parts his boxing life with his non-boxing life. 1,157 more words


Justified - FX's attempt at a network carrying drama......sort of a poor man's Break Bad, or Walk Dead.......

I like Timothy Olyphant. He stars as a federal marshal in a small Kentucky town. He has a bad ass rep as a gun slinging southern boy …….and he goes out of his way to maintain that. 213 more words

Inadvertent Street Cred to Trump

I thought myself very clever the other day, as I thought that the rise in temperatures this year, allegedly making 2015 the hottest on record, coincided with the hot air being spewed by Donald Trump this year, during his campaign for the mastery of the Republican party. 625 more words


Turns out I'm still very vanilla thankyouverymuch

My gym is located in an interesting area of Montreal. As a refresher, in the past 2 years:

  • 2 dudes attempted, and failed, to mug me at the nearby metro station (story…
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That Time When...

Shit just got real, blogging style

As sometimes happens, a reader of my blog will reach out to me. Some missives are impertinent (read the psychoanalysis one dude gave me here… 424 more words

That Time When...