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Street Cred

Street Cred
by Michael Romani

To get it; to feel it
To get to the seamless real it
Punching a hole through the wind
Taking the curve around the bend

Through the end of the era of ugly
Turned back to a time of auto beauty
There is something in the art of design
Making this the muscle we refine

Multiple branding
With choices commanding
The feng shui of stream line
Taking the drive to the sunshine

Trusting in that gut instinct
Preventing the brand from going extinct
The aggressive grill is somewhat oversized
As another speed racer's ambition is realized

Street cred with its solid reputation
Returning motors to the helm of nation
But also for the global community
Pinching off that inner racer in you and me

Behind the leathered wheel
We leave behind that all too real
For a world now gone slow motion
Kicking into gear with solid state emotion

In a driver's world there is the road
Endless maps needing to unfold
To tell the story of an All American driver
A teenaged ambition for the middle aged survivor

(c) June 15, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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