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It's been a while since I've posted about how Vanilla I am

Hey Nene! Hey Coach! Clearly your work is unfinished, because while you made serious efforts to render me less Vanilla, and a little more hip/urban/ratchet… I am still vibrantly vanilla. 235 more words

That Time When...

NYX Matte Lipstick Swatch In Street Cred

Howdy! Once upon a time, when I didn’t always wear red or nude lipstick, I was a lot more adventurous with the shades that I would purchase. 298 more words


The advantage of a digital trail - fighter style

Those Facebook memories, yo. Sometimes, they annoy. Sometimes, they make me sad. Sometimes, they remind me of struggles past, and how far I’ve come. 561 more words


The Premise

I sat slouched at the back of my 11th grade Creative Writing class in a Bridgewood Catholic high school. As I scribbled nervously in my notebook, I seriously wondered why on Earth I had taken this class in the first place. 1,534 more words

Short Stories

Jay Z given Lavar Ball props for his Big Baller Brand

Jay Z says that he has endorsed¬† Lavar ball’s Big Baller brand sneakers.

Jigga said he bought 3 pairs of shoes. its cool for street cred… 108 more words

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Who knew M&Ms could wrap?

While in Toulouse, FroMan invited me to join him and his friends for supper. I had a great time. Somehow, while discussing Ramadan, multiculturalism and the pros/cons of accommodating vs assimilating vs integrating minorities into society, CAD vs Southern French weather, Trump, kizomba, sleep patterns, work, hair styling, annoying neighbors, I found myself on a rant about how Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time. 632 more words

That Time When...