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Public transport in LA really isn’t that bad. You can hop on a bus fairly easily, and there is even a metro service. There are always interesting characters on the bus too, so it makes for some great people watching.

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Memory Lanes

Last Saturday, a group of Route 66 roadies that had attended the Gasconade Bridge Rally stopped by Afton Station in northeast Oklahoma to pay their respects to a well-known icon of the Mother Road, Laurel Kane.   755 more words

Shaking Up The Status Quo

WELLLLLPPP….it’s about that time again.

I’m taking my oh-so-lovely 2nd Neuro exam in less than 24 hours. (Testing My Brain On A Test On The Brain…..Take #2! 1,049 more words

Black Man M.D.

Sriracha IRL: Dueling Wallets

“OMGee, I love Sriracha so much, I’d pay just about anything to have it right now!”

Yeah, well, how much you got…?

Now you can check by reaching into your very own Sriracha wallet, where you can keep your money, your driver’s license, and presumably, your Sriracha Fan Club “Lifetime Membership” card…. 245 more words


Street Cred Supremacy Battles

Laughing is a good thing, we all agree on that. I think there should be a daily minimum dosage for laughter set by the state that everybody must achieve. 1,708 more words

Brand Chat

Denzel Curry Stays True To His Unique Flow On 'Imperial'

Florida’s rapper has released a new album today showing us that he hasn’t stopped evolving. Denzel Curry has a unique psychedelic style and an originality both in his flow and his concepts. 139 more words