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10 Things I Used to Like Until I Moved to Austin

Austin has a way of over-doing trends and kind of ruining them.  Also, whatever you are: gluten-free, a single mom, last of the Mohicans, a punk, a Burner, a teasey stripper at a seedy bar, or a polyamorist, you know, people idealize themselves and turn themselves into little socio-political causes, perhaps even with an accompanying cult of personality.  3,733 more words


"Vigorish" In Greece

Rocky: “Break his thumbs”

“Vigorish” does not mean the Greeks are feeling invigorated after their stunning Fifth of July vote against austerity measures. The vigorish, also called “the vig”, is the interest taken by the loan shark. 890 more words

Love-making music = folkloric music

This morning, it was sun-shiny and hot, so I decided to take a long walk through my neighbourhood. I walked past a small square, on a busy boulevard, past an old man playing an accordion on a park bench. 68 more words

That Time When...

Smoking and sales taxes

Anxiety and cigarettes. And pot.

On my way home from the gym, as we were waiting for the metro to arrive, Cap and I discussed my… 691 more words


The children need some clothes
And the mothers need to eat
The money is a problem
They lacking providers
They lack breadwinners
The fathers rotting in jail… 153 more words

Pistols In Poetry

Nineteen Seventy Three

And at the risk of losing whatever street cred I may have accumulated over the years, I’m going to post this anyway because I like it. 104 more words