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Piscok, an abbreviations of pisang-coklat, roughly translate into “Chocolate Banana”. But Piscok is deep fried banana and melted chocolate wrapped in lumpia skin like dough, different from the choco banana usually found in Japan or America where a banana is freeze-dried and then dipped into chocolate. 96 more words


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I am pretty sure it is originally a Dutch snack, or maybe an Indonesian snack that are formed during the era Netherland invaded this country, judging from the name, Lekker. 137 more words


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Telur Gulung

I used to go “Tsk… tsk…” on people who have no choices but to purchase the expensive version of this snacks. I mean, this snacks should cost really low considering the ingredients that are used to make this : eggs, sometimes fish cake, and oil. 180 more words


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The Bánh Bao Diary

In a recent post I talked about my new found love of bánh bao. The tasty Vietnamese steam bun snack. However, there is one problem with bánh bao – as a (virtual) non-Vietnamese speaker there is no way to know what is inside them. 682 more words


BEDM Day 21: London brunches, bunches of flowers and the best vegan street food in the city

Today I was in London and I was hungry.

Now that sentence sounds like an oxymoron. London is full of delicious vegan eats. Every time I come here I’m like a kid in a candy shop because there’s so much choice! 886 more words

When 2 travellers came to stay

The thing I love about travelling is that you get to meet so many people that you wouldn’t necessarily cross paths with in your day-to-day life. 694 more words


Which food you need to try when you come to Hong Kong

Dim sum, grilled seafood, dried seafood, tofu, exotic fruits, pastries, desserts, soft ice, frest coconut milk, bubble tea…  Although Hong Kong, like every big city, has a great variety of cuisines from everywhere in the world, Hong Kong’s self-accomlished speciality is the Street Food. 1,017 more words