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In Praise of Thai Street Food

Phad Thai is a popular dish made in Thailand consisting of stir-fried rice noodles, eggs, bean sprouts, chicken or shrimp, and topped with chopped peanuts.  Rumour has it that street vendors make the best Phad Thai so I decide to give it a try on the streets of Pattaya. 1,381 more words


Balut Vendor

Every late afternoon and into the dark night he prowls the streets hawking “balut” (boiled fertilized duck egg), quail eggs, and chicharon, serving as “pulutan” (food or snacks eaten while drinking). 54 more words


Janjajan Ayam Goreng Shihlin, Jajanan Khas dari Taiwan

Kali ini kami nyobain jajanan khas dari Taiwan, namanya Shihlin-Taiwan Street Snack yang berada di Center Point Mall, Medan . Biasanya kalo di negara asalnya sana jajanan ini masuk dalam kategori street food, tapi setelah di-import ke Indonesia, jajanan ini langsung naik kelas jadi mall food hahaha. 176 more words


When My Stomach Leads The Way

Last week I was in Haiti for only four days, and within that short time, I was able to do most of what I wanted to do, though I was not able to eat everything that I wanted. 336 more words

Street Food Mania

Food is a great leveller; irrespective of preferences, it’s a necessity for all, and a luxury for few. This is all the you get if you plan to savour the local cuisine of Jaipur. 54 more words


Long Biên - Ăn gì bây giờ nhỉ?

List này hẹn từ tuần trước nữa mà lo chuẩn bị Tết quá, giờ mới ngoi lên để post được. Chuyển nhà xong thì như người mù, vì tất cả những gì biết về ăn uống ở khu này là quán gà Thắng Xoăn do ông anh 1 lần đưa đi ăn, cũng lâu lắm rùi. 1,819 more words

FOOD ~ Hanoi

A date with Elliot!

What comes to your mind when I spell out ‘Chennai’?   To this question, many of my friends responded with ‘Marina’, ‘Beach’, ‘Idli vada’ and in particular ‘sambar’. 941 more words