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We lurch to the end of January. The sunlight gives way to cloud and there is precious little to look at in the park, save for the drama of bare branches. 346 more words

fresh food market

Now that we were in Frankfurt/Main city center, I asked my brother, if the Paulskirche was anywhere near. I have been to the town once before on some business years back, but recall only the – for Germany rather unusual – sight of Mainhattan, which is the local’s nick name for the bunch of highrising towers forming the bank district. 573 more words


National Architect needed for Urban Regeneration

National Architect 10/1/16

I am pleased to hear today that the government has announced plans to renovate 100 of the  ‘worst housing estates’ in Britain and is acknowledging the need for consultation about this. 1,681 more words

reciprocity delayed

Street Furniture, in today’s post.

– photo by Mitch Waxman

The shot above is not what I mean by the term “street furniture,” despite some accuracy in the description for the depiction. 320 more words

New York City

No. 1220: Rick Roberts Way, E15

Rick Roberts Way, London, E15. Photo © Roger Dean 2012

This is a photograph of part of the inscription on a sandstone parish boundary marker just off the High Street, Stratford, E15. 54 more words

London Photography

Cyclists need more situational awareness and training

No more learned an authority than Lord Alan Sugar recently proclaimed that cycling infrastructure is unnecessary because cyclists simply need more situational awareness and training. 1,448 more words

A utility cover that looks rather un-weld

The streets of Vancouver were slick with ice cold rain today (December 23); so much so that it would’ve been easy to imagine how even the utility hole covers were wet and miserable — especially the one that I saw in the alley… 88 more words

Vancouver B.C.