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Cambuslang's cute bike racks revisited

I’ve mentioned the cute car-themed bike racks of Cambuslang before.

I really like them, not only for their appearance, but also because their use of cars as a motif is a nice change from the sort of rabid anti-car hate spouted when SOME cycle fans get a chance. 240 more words


Under Your Feet #01 - Gas

You walk the pavements every single day of your life, but have you ever thought of what lies beneath?

Consider this innocent seeming utility cover with the word GAS embossed on it. 121 more words


Do benches determine where we sit and with whom?

According to my newest article – yes! And the people who get to decide where to put those benches influence our daily life in cities’ public spaces. 154 more words


Boronia Park, Epping

Inspired by European industrial style furniture, the City of Parramatta has collaborated with Street Furniture Australia to bring a custom suite to a refreshed parkland. 541 more words

Street Furniture Australia

Benches and beyond: Taking a closer look at the evolution of street furniture

The rise of outdoor urban recreational spaces has enabled city dwellers to experience the world’s busiest cities optimally. Thanks to city gardens, gyms and other leisure facilities that have resulted from private-public partnerships, people are engaging with their surroundings and each other in exciting new ways. 544 more words