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Mujeres Luchando

Sexism on the streets is serious. It is aggressive, uncomfortable and forms an unwelcome part of the female experience all over the world. This article, ‘Mujeres Luchando’ that I wrote for the Bolivian Express, examines the problem in a Bolivian context through conversations with incredible women from the Mujeres Creando movement, a Bolivian anarco-feminist collective, and also with Solange, a young woman living in La Paz who offered to share her experiences with me. 199 more words


Review: Might Never Happen at King's Head Theatre

We’ve all been there – you’re walking along, thinking your thoughts, and someone calls out, “Cheer up love, it might never happen!” A bit annoying, maybe, but basically harmless, right? 498 more words


This Is What Women Are Forced To Do To Avoid Street Harassment

By: Tara Culp-Ressler

Cross-posted with permission from ThinkProgress here.

The street harassment that plagues U.S. women in public spaces has far-reaching consequences for those women’s personal lives, according to… 765 more words

Rape Culture

Fear the Woman

As a woman I am angry.

As a woman I have to rant.

What gives you the right to treat me differently? What gives you the right to treat my friend, my cousin, my mother differently? 769 more words


Afraid of the Dark

Trigger warning

Chin up.
Shoulders back.
Walk tall.
Look confident.
Hands out of pockets.
Don’t be afraid.
Show no fear.
Hold onto your pepper spray. 230 more words


What Really Goes Through A Woman's Mind After Being Cat-Called

There’s something to say about those who find catcalling an effective way of communicating with a prospective lover. Actually, I’m not even sure these people are hollering in hopes of finding a lover or if it’s just some form of verbal masturbation. 1,041 more words