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It's 2016 and I'm Still Scared to Walk the Streets Alone

Today I was followed while I was out for a walk during my short work break. I’m trying to drink less caffeine, so I’ve been walking around whenever I get antsy or sleepy. 624 more words


4 Ways Male Allies Can Support Victims of Street Harassment (Plus 5 Things NOT to Do)

Nothing is more disappointing and hurtful than realizing people you love, care, and respect for, are actually not the allies you thought they were. Recently, I’ve had several experiences with street harassment and when I shared them with my heterosexual cis male friends, they have responded consistently in ways that not only tolerate street harassment but also contributes to rape culture. 969 more words


Pokemon Go Away and Read Some bell hooks (but only kinda)

This article is very short but here it is- the Pokemon article creating a stir:

There are a few issues with this article as it’s more of a vent and therefore doesn’t really express the author’s, Vinter, concerns as adequately as they could have been expressed, but she does raise important concerns that women- especially young women- have while wandering the world alone (or even with people). 432 more words


'I Can’t Imagine What It’s Like For Women', My Street Harassment Story As A Man

Street harassment definitely happens to men. I’ve had several brushes. Admittedly, most of these have happened while wandering through unfamiliar neighborhoods at night. Regardless of where or when, each instance has involved a man making an un-welcomed advance. 981 more words

#tbt: An Open Letter To Cat Callers

So every few Thursdays we’re planning on posting some old blog posts we’ve dug up from previous versions of our website. I realize we posted an “Open Letter” yesterday, but who cares! 431 more words

An Open Letter To

On street-violence on the bodies of womxn

I watched a movie about domestic abuse today and cried.

Before I cried, I scorned the victim for her stupidity and recklessness.

I took part in the culture of victim-blaming because she had stayed with an abusive lover after he beat her again and again. 374 more words