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How I Used A Haircut To Teach My Daughter About Consent

My daughter’s first haircut was over six months in the making. When she was almost two-and-a-half, we began to talk about cutting her hair. She’d sit in the tub, conditioner slathered into her honey-blonde ringlets, as I gently combed the tangles out. 610 more words

What's Happening On College Campuses

Not All Men

The other day my best friend called me because 3 guys with a large dog had just followed her down the street. When they first spoke to her, she told them to leave her alone. 985 more words



Have you ever been catcalled? Or have been told “Hey, sexy”, “Pa – kiss nga”, other unwanted and sexual comments, lingering looks, and winks from strangers? 583 more words


Street Harassment

Story time:  This morning as I was heading into work I stopped by my local coffee shop for a coffee, I’d only had left-over decaf that morning before I left and was still very sleepy.   745 more words

Street Harassment

A few weeks ago I was harassed while walking in the middle of the day in a public space twice in the same week; once for being a woman and once for being transgender. 735 more words


IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Got Catcalled with a Turkey Caller. Twice.

While autumn doesn’t officially start until September 22 each year, we all know everyone considers Labor Day weekend to be the last weekend of summer. White pants and sundresses are now considered fashion faux pas and those of us here in the American south are crafting outfits based on 50-60 something temps in the morning and 80-90 something temps in the afternoon. 1,059 more words


Walk a Mile in my Shoes

I walk everywhere. I walk to work, I walk home from work. I walk into the city centre, I walk out of it. I hike in the countryside, I hike abroad. 1,107 more words