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Street Harassment

First, read this article about street harassment.

I was posting it on Facebook and then realised I had a little more to say about the article. 726 more words


Just Like Music: "Where The Party At", 2001

I wasn’t in Seattle the day I turned twenty-one years old and was unable to spend it with my friends. That didn’t sway my BFF Tisha. 2,037 more words


Silent but deadly.

We all know what “street harassment” is. Most women (men, too!) have faced some kind of harassment once in their life. And we all deal with it differently– some are silent and some are quick to outwit the harasser. 806 more words

Rants And Rambles

Street Harassment From The Perspective of Someone Trying To Be Good

Here is an article I posted on Medium.com¬†over the summer. In this one, I talk about how I objectify the women I see, despite knowing that I shouldn’t. 25 more words


Feminist Friday: My Cake Carrier is Not an Invitation

It’s time for the Fall 2015 edition of Feminist Friday, a seasonal multi-blog open discussion of topics in intersectional feminism. Since starting in 2013, our network of bloggers has covered reproductive rights, education, rape culture, queer rights, and literature, and I’ve personally written posts on my other blog about fan fiction, gendered marketing, and¬† bi erasure in social science research. 1,176 more words


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Feminist Friday discussions are back, and this week Leah's talking about food, gender, and street harassment at I'll Make it Myself. Hop over and join the discussion.

"Pedicure, pedicure, pedicure!" he shouted at me.

It took me a moment to realize that the man was yelling at me while glaring right at my feet. After having spent an hour at the gym and another cleaning my apartment and finishing up some bills, I had showered and ventured out in search of a casual place for a quiet dinner. 832 more words


These Sons Were Not Thrilled To See Their Moms Catcalled

Video producers of the internet have been following up on the famous — or infamous — street harassment experiment that took place just about a year ago. 147 more words