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The Aftermath of Street Harassment

Yesterday I was walking home from an appointment. The boys were at camp and preschool, I was enjoying a leisurely walk home alone. Headphones in, phone out, reading through my email. 1,214 more words


From 3-23-17

A story from a 20-something female friend: “I was walking down the street and men on the corners yelled, ‘ow ow!’ and ‘you’re beautiful, mami!’ as I passed. They also made kissy-faces. Ugh.”

The Realities of Cat Calling

Last Friday night, I had dinner at a small Mexican restaurant on St. Clair West. Sitting at a table next to me was a group of 5 women who were out on what I presumed to be a girls’ night out. 729 more words

Summer Vulnerability & Male Entitlement

CW: street harassment / let me know if this should be CW for other things

The summer often makes me feel increasingly vulnerable, no that’s not quite it. 1,556 more words


Sexual Harassment. I'm done.

For the record, street harassment and sexual harassment in public spaces is not cool.  Existing in public does not equal consent.  Being a femme person trying to live your life does not equal consent.  1,083 more words



So we are walking on some busy pavement when some guy who is seemingly drunk starts harassing us subtly because we didn’t return his advances. The man even changes the direction he was walking towards and starts talking stridently and hurling insults towards us. 417 more words


Hey, I am not my hair!

You know what I really hate? Titles. I read somewhere that people give titles or descriptions to things they can’t understand so that they may feel comfortable with the thought or existence of such things. 550 more words