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Starting conversations: Street harassment

Starting conversations: Street harassment
This month Jessie Lawson walked around Dalston asking passers-by about Street Harassment, then she spoke to Kelsey from Hollaback LDN – an anti-street harassment organisation.


Why You Need To Leave Runners Alone

I was running on the sidewalk of a busy street when it happened. A car honked at me. It might’ve been someone I knew who was trying to get my attention. 366 more words

How Erasmus girls face street harassment in Antwerp

During my stay Journey in Antwerp (Belgium), Erasmus people made a worrying observation… 104 more words


Livid Bitch Finally Speaks Out Against Street Harassment

Los Angeles, C.A. – Tinkerbell Howley, a Labrador from the suburbs of Los Angeles, wanted to show the world how much harassment she endures while trying to walk anonymously with her owner in the street, so she went on a walk with a GoPro on her back. 398 more words



Let me start by saying how much I love Colombia. This is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people. I love how kind people are to each other. 1,411 more words

Street harassment sucks

A year ago, I went out for a run.

Female, curvy, wearing tight-fitting running clothes to keep out the January chill.

I passed two young men on the street. 164 more words

What It Means to Run

I have always loved to run. I can remember loving it as a child for the pure joy of it—bounding off one foot and feeling nothing but air beneath me, pretending I was a powerful animal or a fantastical creature. 618 more words

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