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Street Harassment Is a Problem—No Doubt—but Here’s Why That Video Didn’t Help the Debate

If the instantly notorious street-harassment video was intended to make men more sympathetic to the horrors women deal with on a daily basis, it didn’t succeed. 804 more words


Harassed on the Street | I Could Have Choked Him!

I don’t condone violence, but in certain instances, a woman has to defend herself.

I never got involved when the street harassment debate took over the Internet late last year. 869 more words

Personal Stories

Casual Reminder about Street Harassment in Edmonton

This is a casual reminder for folks that live in Edmonton–but particularly those than identify as men–that street harassment occurs frequently in this city. It is endemic. 189 more words

Observations On Life Outside Of Academia

"99.9% Love This"

I strongly doubt it, but I’m skipping ahead a little.

Several Ottawa women are warning others to be on the lookout for a self-proclaimed “pickup artist” who talks up women on the street and tries to get their phone numbers — all while wearing a hidden camera to record videos he later posts online.

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It's called "Street Harassment" for a reason

Some men love to use the word ‘feminist’ for any woman that

demands women be treated with respect. I have news for you.

I am not a feminist. 2,509 more words

Single Women

The 6ix: Ran With Your Woes? More at 11.

“Runnin’ through the 6 with my woes/ Countin’ money, you know how it goes” –Drake, Know Yourself

Yesterday, Laura (affectionally nicknamed Lola) and I girded our loins and tackled Toronto (affectionately nicknamed the 6ix). 699 more words

The Consequences of Bringing Your Whole Self: The White and Black of anti-Street Harassment Organizingkkk

By Jess Lee

The racist dynamics of the anti-street harassment movement have been well documented. Many Black women and people of color have taken the organization Hollaback! 1,418 more words