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From 10-17-16

A man alone near me in the library: “Excuse me. If I may say, you are so beautiful.”

I know you don’t think what you’re saying is frightening, but it is. 43 more words

From 10-15-16

A man on the street shouted at me, “Hey, I like those boots!” which at first made me happy because I like my boots too, but then he added, in a creepy voice, “And I like that smile!” Ugh.

Standing Up to Street Harassment

I acted on impulse. I normally ignore it when I see it but I couldn’t this time. She was 17 and he was visibly much older. 479 more words


Yes, street harrassment sucks.. so what?

I’m also a victim of street harassment. A lot of people are (it’s not just girls anymore). Usually while:

Using public transport

Walking down the street… 301 more words

To All The Cat Callers I Ignore...

Call me a bitch?

Oh, I’ll show you a bitch.

A German Shepard Doberman mix.

That’ll do more damage than a plastic surgeon can fix. 218 more words


Street harassment, and silence

This week at school, we had a talk from Laura Bates, who runs everydaysexism.com. She was asked in to talk to our year 11 boys, and some other students and quite a few members of staff went along, too. 858 more words


The Danger of "No"

My brother has often criticized me for not directly saying “no” to men who bother me, asking me for my number, or name, or out to dinner. 334 more words