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Giant belly = please engage me on any level you'd like

33 weeks pregnant. Seven weeks to go. Ish. Nothing like being pregnant in the Spring/Summer to showcase my pregnancy.

Temperature wise, I’m a hot sweaty pregnant lady. 472 more words


Sexism in Cambridge

TW: Mention of sexual violence, victim blaming, sexual harassment, homophobia, sexism, mental health mention

I’ve thought a lot about this blog post in the last few days. 1,055 more words

Don't Call Me Something That Is Not My Name

I get catcalled all the time. I don’t get why I always do since I don’t wear anything skimpy. I never wear revealing clothes to work. 506 more words

Nice tail!

Walking home from my sisters at this time of night and some dude kisses his lips at me as I walk by.

“What was that for?!” I confront him. 185 more words


gabjection of the day. (5.12.16)

what’s up dudes and dudettes. i’m back with another gabjection (this will actually be my second one because ya girl is a slacker sometimes okay) but just a reminder of what a gabjection is; it’s basically me 1) ranting spontaneously 2) projecting my feelings 3) and I’m most likely typing it on my phone because I can’t get my hands near my thought book 4) it’s a quick post. 480 more words


Changing the World One Swearword at a Time

I’m first to write a snarky post in response to harassing emails. Writing satire about douche-canoes is one of my favourite modes of entertainment on this site, but I’ve stopped replying to them via my inbox… unless <ahem> I’m in the mood for exchanging bullshit messages. 419 more words



May started out strong . . . and then I went on a four-day writing hiatus.

Tuesday, May 3rd:
My landlord had the bed bug detective dog come back to my apartment for a follow-up inspection after heat-treating my place back in March. 900 more words