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Street Harassment

I was driving to my boyfriend’s house during the summer before we moved in together. I was stopped at a red light, when a man in the next vehicles yelled through our windows: “Have you ever had a black dick inside you?” 197 more words


Watch This! Badass Cyclist Gets Revenge On Catcalling Van Drivers

For all of us women who have experienced street harassment, this is sweet revenge.

Rape Culture

An Interview With A Man Who Rubs His Penis Against Women on Trains

According to a recent report, every single woman who’s used Parisian public transport has been sexually harassed in some way or another. The report is quite detailed in their definitions of assault but for some reasons it doesn’t list frotters. 309 more words

Rape Culture

How to deal with catcallers – a step by step guide

The ultimate list of how to deal with day to day catcalling and street harassment.

When I look back on the trauma of secondary school, a few things come to mind… unrequited love, sweating consistently for five years, being vaguely disgruntled at all times…But more horrifying than all of that is the memory of my walks to school, in my uniform, armed with strawberry laces and my flip-up phone, being catcalled at least twice a day, for five years. 854 more words

That's What She Said

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When I first started taking the bus, I wondered why my mother – in her modest teacher’s saree – kept her pota wrapped around her and excessively alert. 1,622 more words

Sri Lanka

You Hella Pretty

She was hella pretty so I told her. I wasn’t trying to harass her or make her feel less than what she is. I didn’t want her phone number and I didn’t want to send her pictures of me aroused in her DM’s. 338 more words


Catcalling and Man-Spreading

Catcalling is something I see at least once a week to either myself or friends. It’s something that makes most women feel disrespected, objectified and self-conscious. 787 more words