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What It Means to Run

I have always loved to run. I can remember loving it as a child for the pure joy of it—bounding off one foot and feeling nothing but air beneath me, pretending I was a powerful animal or a fantastical creature. 618 more words

Peace Corps Nicaragua

The Mira Project: A safe space for women's stories

A new digital platform where women can share their experiences of street harassment through various forms of writing.

by Portia Ladrido

In 2016, End Violence Against Women, a nonprofit organisation in the UK that seeks to protect the welfare of females of all ages, … 1,605 more words



Leila Ghandi is a French/Moroccan journalist, reporter and a photographer. She is known by working as a reporter in 2M’s Voyages avec Leila Ghandi (Travels with Leila Ghandi). 867 more words

guest blog: fifty year old white guy version

By Simone LeClaire

I need to point out this slow-burn version of street harassment, before I explode from not being able to express what is wrong with it, because it goes on endlessly, The-50-Year-Old-White-Guy-Version: 861 more words


I will not smile for you

To the moron driving past telling me to smile, I will not do it. I will not do it for you.

Why should I?

Because I present as female, and am in a public space, I must be pleasing to the eye and  98 more words


Spring Time Blues

It’s Monday which means I’m sharing some of my older poetry! This is another one in my series about sexual harassment.

* * *

It’s that time of the year once again… 532 more words


Resting Bitch Face Syndrome

“Why don’t you smile?” ,“Ain’t nothing that bad, smile pretty”, “Smile, it hasn’t happened yet”

Statements flung at me by strangers on a regular basis. Unsolicited commentary owing to the fact that my face more than likely looks like this…. 480 more words