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This Terrifying Reddit Post Exposes The Dark Side Of Catcalling

There seems to be a cultural divide when it comes to weighing the severity of the mistreatment of women in modern culture. There is perhaps no better example than the… 288 more words


“Provocative” dressing and the female body

CN: Burkini ban, racism, rape, transphobia, street harassment 

A few months ago, I bought a new top. It’s a denim crop top, lace on the sides, Hollister, second hand for £4. 821 more words

A Man's Encounter with Street Harassment

‘I wrote on the chalkboard inside my mind a thousand times, “Women are not objects placed here for my pleasure.” …

‘As a guy, this doesn’t really affect me, but as a human being, it does.’ 18 more words

A Open Letter To You By: Lisa Kivell

“I’m not afraid of heights, you know.”

I remember exactly when you said it. I remember exactly how you made me feel. I remember it painfully, even when I wish I didn’t.

894 more words
Social Justice

Let’s Start!

There is not a single woman who a I know, who has NEVER been harassed in her life. Be it the constant glare of that uncle at your chest when you were a teenager, or that whistles and name callings that the guys gave whenever you walked on the street, let’s admit it-we’ve all been there. 449 more words

How to Ward Off Catcalling | Tales of a Hairy Vagina

One notably distressing time when I got catcalled occurred when I was a junior in college. I was returning to my apartment after a stressful day of classes and exams. 409 more words


I want my cake with a side of feminism, hold the street harassment

**Trigger warning for sweary ‘feminist zealot’ ranting (Philip Davies MP take note and maybe skip to the end for a helpful lesson on that cake analogy and feminism)** 1,644 more words