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Why I'm Proud of My Inner Bitch

Last week, I was waiting at the front of a supermarket queue when a dudebro twice my size squashed his entire wobbly self against me, lodging me between the counter and his penis. 343 more words

A Hint Of Vanilla

Toxic Masculinity Example #4,080

This morning I present the above screenshot as another example of the kind of crap many women go through on a daily basis. I saw this floating around Facebook the past week, and I thought it looked familiar. 1,137 more words

Life The Universe And Everything

13. My Life is Like a Movie.

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Why the fuck are you in my home, Brent? I want my key back!

“I was in the neighborhood and I got hungry. 589 more words

From 9-11-17

A male on the street in my suburban neighborhood cat-called me when I walked by him.

From 8-27-17

A story from a female friend:

“I saw a man who was falling down drunk outside the train station and glanced over to see if he was okay. 44 more words

Unsafe in the Streets

Testimonio: Catcalling


The sun has set and the evening sky started to envelop the horizon. This is what I hate the most, going home at dusk. 725 more words

Abby Zimet: Miss Peru Beauty Queens Go Rogue

Talk about resistance in unlikely places. Facing horrific rates of violence against women – the week before, the hashtag #PeruPaisdeVioladores (Peru Country of Rapists) was trending – the contestants for Sunday’s Miss Peru beauty pageant flipped the script in their introductions, with each replacing the usual grotesque reciting of her measurements with grim statistics on domestic violence. 352 more words

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