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I want to punch you, bro. An open letter to the FHRITP defenders.

Yeah, you. You over there thinking that #FHRITP is HILARIOUS.

Or whatever the fuck you’re thinking. Because seriously, what are you thinking?

Seriously. What world do you live in that it’s fine to surround a woman and harass her and that’s funny and that shouldn’t have any consequences and that’s “boys will be boys” or some bullshit? 520 more words


When 'hello' becomes harassment

Many people are unaware that what they’ve faced or what they’ve done is a form of street harassment. Almost every woman or member of the LGBTQIQA community has a drawerful of street harassment stories. 524 more words


Young Women Shot in East Oakland For Not Giving a Man Her Number

Another one of our beautiful sisters shot over something so stupid.

There are too many stories similar to hers of black guys feeling entitled to a black woman’s being, and harming her when he doesn’t get his way. 108 more words

Black Women

News Article: April 20, 2015, Take a Stand Against Street Harrassment


Take stand against street harassment, Larson Binzer, Senior Editor, April 19, 2015

Every day, women around the world share stories about being harassed on the street. 485 more words

Stop Telling Women To Smile | FILMS FOR ACTION


Stop Telling Women to Smile is an art series by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh. The work attempts to address gender based street harassment by placing drawn portraits of women, composed with captions that speak directly to offenders, outside in public spaces.  50 more words


The Sexist's Alphabet. Catcall.

A friend and I were speaking about this today. We were saying how men will never have to think about what clothes they can wear that will bring the least attention to them. 89 more words