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Why do some men assume I want to be spoken to like a piece of meat?

I saw a video recently that went viral about how women overreact when men try to be gentlemanly in the street by saying “Goodmorning” or “hi” or “how are you doing today” to a lady that’s passing by, claiming that we instantly deem it harassment and ignore them. 642 more words

General Thoughts

#YouOKSis is More Than A Social Media Hashtag

Black Twitter isn’t always about mocking or ridiculing and #YouOKSis is a testament to that. Started by feminist activist Feminista Jones, the hashtag underscores  grave tribulations faced by women such as street harassment. 177 more words


Is ‘Street Harassment’ Ever Acceptable?

Some time ago, Ebony Magazine’s Jamilah Lemieux started a doozy of a trending topic with#BlackPowerIsForBlackMen. The hashtag addressed black male privilege and the ways some black men can be ignorant of the difficulties that sometimes come with being both black, and a woman in America. 656 more words


6 Reasons To Still Fight For Yourself

#1: The statistics are too bleak.

Two women a week are murdered through domestic violence.  Finding statistics for street harassment is hard. There’s the “old” saying: not all men harass women but all women have been, at one point in their lives, been sexually harassed by men. 437 more words


Is That All You've Got?

No doubt you’ve heard about the video that attempted to make a point about women being harassed by men while they go about their own business. 476 more words

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