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Harlem nocturne

He drew in some air

Lifted the horn to his lips

The music played out

Like an innocent soul

Playing against the night sky.

Notes drifting on the breeze… 37 more words


Royal decree, number 1

Two streets away, the thumping annoyed. One street away it reached intolerable. Once the source was in plain view it got no louder until I was close enough to understand; the backing track for a steel drummer standing outside Boots. 208 more words


Galway sightseeing

The last few days I spent in Galway, walking around town or along the water, visiting the museum and the cathedral and saw many other sights. 88 more words


One Man Band, Progression, 2 Months In

One thing I feel I’ve been doing recently is overthinking things, in a negative and nonconstructive way. I feel I haven’t given myself time to look at the progression I’ve made and congratulate myself for it. 1,119 more words


My favorite Griselda Record's songs to date

Buffalo New York home of the Buffalo Bills, and the second largest city in the state of New York. A city that’s more genetically connected to midwestern cities like Cleveland and Detroit. 418 more words

Saturday reflections

Saturday afternoon reflections

It’s carnival time in Freiburg – and it’s quite something. The kids are let off school for a week, half the population is dressed up in colourfully gawkish medieval robes, there’s face-paint everywhere, and age is absolutely no barrier to participation. 721 more words

For Pennies and Passion

Old man sits on the corner
Accordion strapped to his being.
Fingers dancing lightly upon the keys
The squeeze box sings,
The bellows pumping.
As if for the old man… 22 more words