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Jam Session

One of the perks of being friends with street musicians: you’re often treated to impromptu concerts and jam sessions. Here three members of the Illegal Boys, a Polish group performing around Berlin, rapper Kool Kasai and Malte on accordion got together for a little fun. 47 more words


Days of Art: Buskers, Set 1

Contrary to what YouTwitFace commenters have asked, no, this isn’t Jesus. Okay, he used to be Jesus, but y’all didn’t listen, so this time he quit to play the guitar. 35 more words


When in...

It wasn’t the Coliseum nor the Vatican that had caught my eye. The ancient monuments that have withstood hundreds of years aren’t as eternally satisfying to me as does the fleeting flesh and blood. 187 more words

Because we are your friends, you'll never be alone again

REN KÆRLIGHED TIL KØBENHAVN/ Pure love for Copenhagen, music and wild youth. Fun fact of the day: the total annual sunshine in Copenhagen is approximately 1603 hours or 66 days, so every hour is golden. 444 more words