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NYC Sounds Good | Video

A short film of NYC through its music and streets.

Saturday, June 9th

street sounds

Dario Rossi (percussion), Amsterdam, 2015



random sights

last night, Oak Park, Ill.

Music Clip Of The Day

Vienna Video

So, we leave Vienna. I had to fight the temptation to title this post ‘Goodnight, Vienna’. We’re going to have enough clichés in posts to come as it is; there are only so many synonyms for ‘quaint’, ‘mediaeval’ etc. 54 more words


It's Almost Memorial Day, And I Can Remember Not Being Here

     Saturday was low-key as well, for reasons I mentioned in my last post. Coming along the street, I saw a middle-aged bald guy sitting on the bench, starting at the sidewalk. 1,302 more words

The Quiet Nights of Lunacy

     As I’ve written before, Memorial Day is often a break for the nightlife and street music scene in Fargo. The college students are gone, presumably broke and humbled, but will return in September. 1,462 more words

London Blogger

I found it difficult to sleep on G’s sofa. It took until daylight to fall asleep. I could feel the pulse in my ear pumping away, its pressure causing the cushion beneath my head to push back. 690 more words

In Which I Lied, Played Again, And Discover Lyrics Are Important

     Reluctantly, I tried busking again. I wasn’t rushing to do so, but the days had been warm (following an unusually cold winter and spring), and crowds were out. 910 more words

Street Music