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Christmas List

As I grew older, my wish list became shorter,

because the things I want, can´t be bought.

No Inflation

After nearly 35 years of shunning its victims, homelessness in Toronto is becoming institutionalized as media tell of government fashioning quieter, more polite words to depict “street people”, of impending frost and the locations of warming centers and safe injection sites.


Street Dance

I love street musicians, their confidence, willingness to make light
of an ordinary morning, bring an element of fun to the day. And sometimes
someone will move to the music, sway, tap, or dance … 83 more words


One Chilly Morning

Every day when I arrived at work I would park my car near the newspaper recycle bin. I would take a minute or two to clean up stray papers that had missed their target namely the paper recycle dumpster. 201 more words

Just Wondering

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All American From Head to Toe!

Metro 1905: another Moscow street person

This babushka, or grandma, or older lady, is another Moscow street person (1, 2). She takes up the same place, as in , she always sits in the same place by the Benetton / Sisley, and is there all day. 126 more words