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Tooth Ache

The sun had set and an all-pervasive inky blackness had descended over Delhi. Vehicles inched through the chaotic traffic, their headlamps piercing the darkness with their bright yellow-orange lights. 135 more words

On the Streets of Manila

​Streets and slums of the Developing World..

There is a new book out now about life on the streets of Manila; the world through the eyes of the poorest of the poor, the beggars and street people of the Developing World, giving witness to their hidden beauty and dignity. 198 more words

Food & Coffee on the Kerkstraat

Lavina Good Food is one of those hidden gems in Amsterdam, where the food is so delicious (and healthy) that it’s almost impossible to find a free table at their cosy location on Kerkstraat. 178 more words


IN THE SUMMER TIME...........New Yorkers take to the streets

It takes all kinds…….and thats why New Yorkers live here.

And tomorrow his curly locks will be PINK.

CLICK ON.………… your favorite New Yorker……………


Two Days in Amsterdam with My Sister (II)

After enjoying the East and the South of Amsterdam on Saturday, Sunday it was about time to go West!

We started the day at home, with some delicious buckwheat pancakes with fruits and maple syrup, made by my boyfriend. 240 more words


June Poem 17

Mr. Trump said,

They would seek guidance

From as many people

On the street

As could name their nominee.


Time to Stop and Smell the Roses

Amsterdam`s beauty becomes almost unbearable in summer, when the roses are in full bloom. White, red, yellow, pink… their soft, colourful petals are a nice contrast to the city`s brick walls they`re climbing on, inviting you to slow down, and admire their beauty. 53 more words