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There are times when what I don’t know bothers me: my lack of experience, and naivety. All I can do is knit scarves for the homeless, give to the foodbank … make others aware … write about what I imagine … 78 more words


One Day in Amsterdam Is Not Enough

I sometimes wonder what Amsterdam looks like in the eyes of its travelers, especially when they don`t get to stay in the city more than a couple of days. 454 more words


Celebrating My Birthday (I)

I truly believe in celebrating each day as if it`s our birthday: spending time with people we like, treating ouselves with whatever it`s best for us and feeling grateful for this. 523 more words


Broken By Living

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Broken by living

An old man lies fetally

Praying for his death

Torturous life on the street

Trades its mercy for your soul

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Summer Nights in Amsterdam

I am so determined to avoid the crowds in the touristic center of Amsterdam, that I sometimes forget that, in doing so, I am also missing out on this: 34 more words


Never Underestimate a Fox

for the man who gave himself
the street-name “Tonto”

At a loss for everything
but words,
I’m writing in the sunlight
of a sidewalk cafe… 448 more words


Opinion: Street people I have known in passing

The recent news reports about Montreal’s census of the homeless got me thinking back to a man I used to see almost every evening. It was decades ago, when a glass of beer cost 15 cents in Windsor, Ont., not much even then.  589 more words

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