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After our bicycle rickshaw ride through the Chandni Chowk Market we load into a bus for our next destination. Street hawkers persistently pursue tourists with their wares for sale. 779 more words

A new book!

Many of you will know that I have been contemplating publishing a book of poetic verse for some time now. Well, the decision has been made, and it is now going through “the process”! 196 more words

Just Thinking

Re-digging Wells

Genesis 26:15(Now the Philistines had stopped and filled with earth all the wells that his father’s servants had dug in the days of Abraham his father.) 591 more words

The Healing Touch of Animals

I live in a large city fraught with homelessness. Many years ago, when I first moved to Portland, Oregon, those living in destitute conditions stationed themselves along one main street called Burnside. 500 more words

Mental Illness


In these days, there are many who go door to door in neighbourhoods, giving out false “religious” information. Some are in various malls, or just outside the doors, attempting to persuade people that the words they speak, and the pamphlets they attempt to give out are truth. 395 more words


It is so cold.  With a heart for the hurting, I am re-posting from April, 2015.


She seemed like a misfit in that room of misfits—clean and well groomed in decent clothing, almost regal, tall, thin, with beautiful gray hair arranged neatly in a coiled bun on top of her head. 532 more words


I used to work in Pacific Heights, in San Francisco, a wealthier part of SF at the hospital there. I taught Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) to priests and ministers who wanted to become Chaplains or who needed to take CPE as a requirement for their ordination. 637 more words