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Beautiful House Entrances of Amsterdam

Five years of living in Amsterdam and still I cannot get enough of the beauty this city has to offer! Whenever I walk down the streets, I have to stop and gaze at the details that catch my attention. 51 more words


June 13.

There is a much larger story behind this image than you would imagine.


How Much Charity Is Enough?


Jesus was very specific in saying that His followers need to provide for and protect those who can’t take care of themselves. And He also pointed out that whoever does something good for someone else in His name is effectively doing it for Him. 626 more words

Roger E. Bruner

Boat Ride Along Amsterdam`s Canals

Cruising on a boat along Amsterdam`s beautiful canals is one of the most pleasurable things to do in the city. Add some friends, cocktails and a fair amount of sunshine and it starts to sound like happiness to me! 172 more words


Amsterdam In Bloom

Amsterdam is a delight to the eyes right now! All flowers are in bloom, which makes it impossible to walk down the streets of the city without stopping to gaze at their beautiful colours and shapes. 21 more words


Throw-away People

On the northwest side of Wichita, just as you are leaving the city is a site known by the natives as “Mount Wichita”.     It has several “peaks” and on one side of the highway it is covered with grass, with pipes sticking out in various places to vent the gas.   579 more words

Pastoral Concerns

surcease from sorrow (multi-lingual)


surcease from sorrow

what more can
i ask
what more?

what else
in addition to
a quiet scenic spot?
enough drinking water?
a comfortable bed? 131 more words

BMM Photopoetry