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One Day in Amsterdam East

On Saturday, when the weather was extremely summerish and pleasant, I felt like spending time in the neighbourhood – that is, I didn’t want to adventure to other corners of the city. 425 more words


Damn It, Jesus

A Reflection in Response to Proper 17, 15th Sunday after Pentecost, Year C
(focusing on Luke 14 and Proverbs 25)

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Revised Common Lectionary

ঘর নাই বাড়ি নাই, শুধু দেশ আছে! 

সেদিন সকালে, মনে হয় এগারোর মতো বাজে, রিকশায় ছিলাম। মোহাম্মদপুরের ছোট এই রাস্তা আর ফুটপাতে চোখ ছিল, তাই এই সহায় সম্বলহীন নারীকে সহজেই দেখতে পেয়েছিলাম। জানিনা তিনি কাঁদছিলেন নাকি গুনগুন করে গান গাইছিলেন।


Jailed Over Court Fines

“Little Jake asked, “Did you hear what happened to me? I was panning in front of the pharmacy. This fat woman panhandler told me to move. 182 more words


Landmarkt, Between Sunshine and Showers

When you lived in Amsterdam long enough, it becomes harder and harder to convince yourself to go out in the center or in the trendy neighbourhoods, especially during the weekend. 344 more words


Weekend Stroll in Oud-West

The weather was surprisingly good yesterday, so it seemed like a good idea to (re)explore the streets of Oud-West – more specifically, those of Helmersbuurt – in the company of… 163 more words


Out on the Streets

Juxtaposed priorities on the side of a MUNI bus. San Francisco Mission Street, #14 route. Help the homeless find a home, support and offer hope. Rent apartments by the lake. 304 more words

San Francisco