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Another Moscow Street Person but not

This guy isn’t so much a street person in Moscow, as he is a fixture in a certain area. And, unlike the others, he actually has a job. 239 more words


Moscow street people

Walk around Moscow enough, and you start to see the same street people, doing their thing.

I’m going to try to post some of the more visible ones, as I come across them. 87 more words


Food Requiring Serious Thought

From “Escape The Coming Night” by Dr. David Jeremiah
Hell is not a place where good ol’ boys sit around and drink beer and play poker to pass the time. 138 more words

Sharing Faith

As Apostle Paul, inspired by Holy Spirit, wrote to Philemon, this passage was preserved for each of us to read and be encouraged also.As we share our faith with one another, and with others, our faith will get stronger, will become more powerful in sharing the Love, Good News of the Salvation message of our Lord Jesus. 212 more words

Another Call To Prayer For Our Canadian Government

This is another post calling Christ Followers to pray for our Government of Canada specifically, and seriously.
Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has caused a law to be passed, effective July 2018, that marijuana will be legal in this country. 648 more words


Street people sing the change cups full.

They dance without care, laughing

wide and loud.  They search for the weak,

catching their eyes, reeling them in; 47 more words