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Goodbye Dave

I found this attached to a park bench. I guess it’s been there a while now…

Street Photography

Reading The News in Vadgam

Hmmm, I have been calling this place Vadgam, but can’t be completely certain that I’m correct. I remember the route that we took from Rann Riders in Dasada, going north on country roads and when I looked at the satellite images of the area, I thought that I recognised the junction where we entered the village, and on the map it was named as being Vadgam. 49 more words



Passed these guys ready to go diving in a lake near me, had no idea you could even do that at this location.

 Nikon D5200, Nikkor 35mm DX, ISO 400, f8, 1/800th sec.


20160925: Close up Basilica San Juan church

The other day yes, I did wander up close to the doors, the south side entry.

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