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"Lean and elegant": The poetics of freeway building

“Our proposal starts”, said one of the Foreshore bids “by re-arranging and completing the elevated freeways in a lean and elegant way, thereby resolving the key traffic bottlenecks and improving traffic flows all across the surrounding road network.” 283 more words

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Freeways: who decides what's re-presented?

The Foreshore Freeways have been controversial from the outset. As the Long Street extension to Culemborg section was being built in the early 1970s the National Monuments Council unleashed an attack on the City of Cape Town for ‘indiscriminate development’. 205 more words

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#Accountable communities 

Mobilizing a community is a lot more complex than community organizers have admitted.

Stepping into a community, a change agent has to be careful not to take sides or show favour to particular stakeholders. 98 more words

Parents, pangs and walking to school

There’s something aching beautiful about the sight of young children walking, cycling or scooting to school. Hair flaying, rosy cheeks, eager faces…there are few parents whose heart doesn’t melt at the sight. 248 more words

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'Unfinished' Foreshore Freeways - Let's start with a clear brief

The morning of Tuesday 21 June – I’m listening intently to the Mayor and Mayco Member for Transport, Councillor Brett Herron talking about proposals for the foreshore precinct. 346 more words

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Four truths about roads and ‘unfinished’ freeways

Some years ago exasperated Professor of Transport Policy, Phil Goodwin took to the stage for his inaugural lecture at the University College London, with a lecture memorably titled,  522 more words

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