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More Miscellaneous Photos

It’s time for another installment of miscellaneous photos I’ve accumulated over the last few months. I carry a camera most of the time, a camera phone or a small point and shoot, so it’s a challenge to get high quality photos on the spot. 568 more words


Street "Preachers" at Asbury University: A Reflection

An antsy crowd huddled around the crosswalk near the apartments on Asbury University’s campus could have only meant one thing: Campus Ministry USA was back. This group consists of street “preachers” who use antagonistic tactics, such as yelling about how girls are whores damned to hell if they wear yoga pants, as their preferred method of “evangelism”.   660 more words


Salem, Preachers, and Red Cups

I’ve heard it said that the famous “Witch City” of Salem, MA has five seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter, and October. As a witch from the opposite end of the country, I’ve always wanted to experience that October goodness in Salem. 1,141 more words


Damned Long Hair: Cursed by a Street Preacher

“You’re effeminate! You’re going to Hell. You need to repent, you effeminate man!” The street preacher kept yelling in my face at a distance of about 6 inches. 680 more words

Burning Religion

Catholic Street Preachers Leave the Fire and Brimstone Behind

There’s a British alternative rock band called “Manic Street Preachers” that reminds me of some of the fundamentalist street preachers I used to know in my Protestant days. 817 more words


Believer's Arrogance

Many so-called Christians believe that they have salvation and that they can speak judgment over non-believers. Many street preachers have that attitude. They speak to other people as though they themselves are God, as though they can bring judgment on the world. 186 more words

Episode #11: Wiener Schnitzel and Hindu Street Preachers

On this installment of Angel Repair Juice: Matthew and Henry discuss future changes to the show and introduce the new “2015 Fall Season Spoiler/Recap Segment!” Henry talks about seeing Adam West at the Cincinnati Comic Expo. 66 more words