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Street Preaching: A Call to Arms

If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you might remember my friend Michael Coughlin, who’s written some great guest posts for me. Recently, Michael alerted me to a fantastic little series of videos about open air (or “street”) preaching. 170 more words


Why do Calvinists Witness at All? Jesse Morrell

It’s true that there are some Calvinists street preachers but does their theology justify their efforts? Can their perspective on the issue of salvation account for the necessity for urgency in evangelism? 271 more words

ServantHOODs at Toronto Pride Parade 2016

(Parental Advisory: EXPLICIT CONTENT) Local street preachers the ServantHOODs contend with haughty spirits on the streets of Toronto, Witness a peaceful tolerant polite community or uncensored profanity nudity sin and sorrow as the new world order comes to Yonge-Dundas square for the annual Pride Parade. 106 more words

Have you as an atheist ever defended a theist who was being personally attacked for their religion?

First Example:

Every Halloween several street preachers come to Salem, MA with their bullhorns. For the most part they amuse me. However, when one had the gall to say that Catholics and Jehovah’s Witnesses were not Christians, I got irate. 215 more words

My Thoughts And Feelings

The not-so-manic street preachers

Journalist Heather Tomlinson writes in the June issue of Christianity magazine:

‘Once upon a time, street evangelism meant shouting about son. But there’s a new wave of evangelists who are taking a very different approach.’

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Street Preachers Discriminated Against and Arrested for Preaching at Princeton Train Station

Reported by John WhiteheadApril 11, 2016

URL of the original posting site: http://freedomoutpost.com/street-preachers-discriminated-against-and-arrested-for-preaching-at-princeton-train-station

Attorneys for The Rutherford Institute are planning to appeal the dismissal of a First Amendment lawsuit involving two street preachers who were charged with trespass and obstruction of justice and arrested for allegedly refusing police orders to cease proselytizing at a Princeton train station.

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Sundays in Sin City

When I was a child, I loved carnivals. The excitement whenever one would set up in my hometown to help celebrate some of the major spring and summer holidays was almost palpable. 2,693 more words