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Ask anything 

Hi girls myself and 4 of the girls are lounging about in various states of undress drinking coffee and it would be our pleasure if you would take 2 minutes out of your time to ask us anything

Good day

Hi girls it’s been a good day so far being naked been seen by lots apart from slapping my full length of the door it still aches anyway If you read my last post there was a tag called Edinburgh this is because I’m going there on Saturday to meet up with some new girls if you want to join us and see my huge monster for your self keep reading or comment and I’ll tell you the pub.

A Trip to London

The architecture in London is spectacular and something I had never fully appreciated before, until I took my camera around with me. We went on a little river cruise – it was very cute and made me realise just how little I knew of the geography of London itself. 59 more words